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Because I Said So Part 1 - 2012


Now in its fifth year, Because I Said So is the only game of the year awards you should care about...because I said so. Each year I select my favourite game, along with a few others in categories such as favourite unwrapped, most dissapointing and prettiest Final Fantasy costume. If you're interested what I chose last year, you can check it out here.


Games in this category don't necessarily suck. They either didn't live up to my hype or I felt they could have been so much more.


I couldn't even guess how many hours I sank into the original 1993 classic strategy version. It was such an accomplishment at the time and still holds up as an excellent game today. I didn't mind too much that this reboot was taking a different direction, mostly because it had a look similar to my 2011 GOTY, Deus Ex Human Rev. Unfortunately, the weak story made it difficult to fully enjoy what was an amazing looking game.



The prospect of the full Assassin's Creed experience on a handheld was exciting, but ultimately let down by a few seemingly minor issues. It looked great and handled well, but an uninteresting story and horrible sound meant I was unable to fully immerse myself in the experience.


The winner of this category is either still shrinkwrapped or awaiting download on Steam. I know it's good, as many people tell me so, but I just haven't had the time to kick it off yet.


With such a large unplayed shame pile, I now try to avoid buying games until I've finished whatever I've got going. However, at AU$28 for a new digital version from Ubisoft, I couldn't pass this over. I don't expect to kick it off until around the Xmas holidays, but I know I'm in for a treat.



I'm pretty sure Persona 4 was on this list last year or the year before as one of my favourite unplayed PS2 games - and this remains true as I'm still finishing off Persona 3. Anyway, I decided I'd probably have more luck finding time if I picked up the portable version, so I'm waiting on slow shipping from the UK to bring me a Vita version.


We don't all have the time to play each and every new game released within the year, so here I give you the top game I played for the first time, but came out before 2012.


Being the massive Final Fantasy fan I am, this one is a little embarrassing. I picked this game up brand new when it was first released on the PS1 in early 2001. However, I think Metal Gear Solid 2 got in the way and I never finished it off. It wasn't until recently that I decided to start from scratch and wrap it up. It's a true classic and one that should be played by all RPG fans.



I'm a big Tim Schafer and Double Fine fan and I feel guilty I put this one off for so long. It was such a great little game, I only wish I had played it closer around Halloween than earlier this year.

That's all for now, but keep an eye out for Part 2 and be sure to share in the comments if you've started posting your own GOTY selections!