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Because I Said So - 2012 GOTY

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Because I Said So is the only game of the year awards you should care about...because I said so.

Part 1 - Most disappointing, favourite unplayed and top old game.

Part 2 - Favourite HD remake, best range of costumes and top virgin sacrifice.

Part 3 - Platform awards.

Now for Part 4, my GOTY, or GOTPFMSICRTWY, which stands for my game of the past few months since I can't remember the whole year...

In third spot - The Unfinished Swan (PS3)

I loved the fairy tale story, I loved the unique gameplay and I loved the creative visual presentation. For some, it may even be one of those games that strikes an emotional chord, everyone else will probably say it sucks.


Runner up - The Walking Dead Series (Mac)

I've purchased many of the Telltale episodic games, but none had me waiting so eagerly for the next installment, or in fits of rage when an installment was delayed...


THE WINNER - Gravity Rush (Vita)

Atmospheric, beautiful, exciting, challenging, emotional and refreshingly original, especially in a year full of so many sequels and remakes. I know there's some complaints about the controls and combat, but I think it just takes a little more practice to appreciate.


One of the most impressive things about Gravity Rush is the amazing world it is set in. It's beautiful, detailed, busy with activity and easy to get sucked into.




As I said above, once you get used to the controls, you'll have a blast with Kat's ability to shift gravity. It makes exploring the world and combating enemies a blast.




That's it from me. Thanks for those who read and commented. Be sure to share your favourite game of the year as well, but remember only my choices count ... because I said so!