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Aussie Gaming Bargain Thread

NOTE: Until the AU Discussion Forum is resurrected, I will leave our beloved bargain thread on my blog. Feel free to contribute to it in the comments. Thanks!

This is the place to tell us about a bargain you may have spotted or an online store you've had a good experience with. Please note that personal listings and referral links are not allowed, all listings should be gaming or home entertainment related and all bargain discussion should be kept to this sticky. Below is a list of some popular online game stores. Feel free to post any others you recommend. Keep in mind regional compatibility restrictions when buying from online stores and check with the site if you are unsure. The accuracy of the information provided in this link can't be guaranteed and to avoid possible disappointment it is always recommended you purchase your games, movies and content from the region in which you are based.

Want the cheapest?

Game Cafe lets you search the price of a game at over 50 online stores in one click.

Savemi is similar to Game Cafe, but focuses predominantly on the biggest upcoming and recent releases.

Want local suppliers?

JB HiFi 99c Shipping, up to 3 working days.

Beat the Bomb $2.50 Shipping, up to 5 working days.

EB Games $4.95 Shipping, up to 3 working days.

Game Head $5.95 Shipping, up to 3 working days.

Games Men $4.90 Shipping, up to 5 working days.

Mighty Ape $4.90 Shipping, 3-6 working days.

Want international region free games?

Oz Gameshop Free Shipping, 4-12 working days.

365 Games ~75c Shipping, 4-12 working days.

The Hut ~$1.50 Shipping, up to 15 working days.

Zavvi ~$1.50 Shipping, up to 20 working days.

GameSeek ~$7.80 Shipping, up to 15 working days.

EzyDVD $2 Shipping, 3-10 working days.

Want digital downloads?


Green Man Gaming

Gamers Gate


Good Old Games

Other online stores (check region restrictions)

My Memory ~$3.00 Shipping, 7-10 working days.

Play-Asia ~$4.00 Shipping, 5-14 working days.

Currency conversion & other support sites

XE is a popular currency converter site.

Xbox 360 Wikia has a list of region free Xbox 360 games