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Happy Early New Year

Oh and I won't be on this site much now if my previous blog is anything to go by so don't be surprised if you don't see me much anymore, so, um, here's a pic of my X1 and PS4 together, I'll come by whenever I feel like it, and happy early new year!!!

mitu's future on Gamespot

Oh wait, what future? It surely isn't going to be one where I would be on the site more because I'm on the site far, far less now. Between the redesign with it's problems and the fact I simply want off here more to begin with...

The mitu123 you knew is dead.

My activity is dead as I won't go over 50 posts in a day, or even 10 in most cases, expect tons of 0s for years to come.

This user that once cared about this site won't care anymore about what goes on as it's not important to him.

I will make rare appearances(like once in a blue moon) and decide to leave permanently sometime in the future.

So there you have it, a changed mitu123 that's for the better for him but worse for the site.

In positive news, I have not only paid off the PS4 but also the X1, costing me around 955 bucks in total. And since it's October it's time to watch some horror movies, at least 10 hopefully.

Beaten GTA V's story today/New TOU on Gamespot

So last Tuesday GTA V was in my house and I said I would play it a lot, and I sure did as I beaten the story today! While I have lots more to do for side stuff like activities along with replaying missions for better stats(though I certainly won't waste time on stats) beating the story is what matter to me the most, and wow, this is what GTA IV should had been! In fact here are 10 reasons why I think it's better than GTA IV:

On foot controls and shooting mechanics are better.

3 person change mechanic during missions make the gameplay more dynamic.

Missions have more variety.

Replayable missions to get better stats on them.

Lots of more activties to do.

Each character can have their stats upgraded and even use special ablities.

Cops are more ruthless.

Random side missions.

Better customization for characters and cars.

It's everything GTA IV should had been.

There are actually many other reasons, but those are what's important. And yes, the annoying constant phone calls is gone and you can now save anywhere instead of just in your house.

Bring us GTA Online on October 1st!!! Same day as BF4 Beta though...


Turns out GS is changing the TOU, read the important stuff:

"The gaming industry strives in partaking of past exploits in fantasy worlds and individual experiences that evoke emotional responses. Weve all come together to talk about the latest game releases or to recall the good old days in gaming, its the very reason so many of you participate in our forums and comment sections. Not only do we encourage it, we cant thank you enough for doing so on a daily basis. Unfortunately, some of you have decided to abuse our communal space with uncalled for levels of abusive and offensive language. We aim to fix that.

It is my pleasure to announce that we will be changing our Terms of Use along with revising how we moderate the site. If we are to grow as a community, we must hold some level of respect towards each other and in doing so we must be able to communicate like proper human beings. Hate speech and threats have no place in any community that hopes to be welcoming and engaging towards anyone who simply wants to talk to likeminded individuals. I realize that simply saying we are changing things isnt enough so starting today anyone with moderating powers on the site will enforce our existing guidelines (and continue to do so once new ones are in place) in the following way.

First offense: User will receive a warning.
Second offense: Seven-day suspension from the site.
Third offense: Permanent Ban from GameSpot

For the sake of clarity, this will include forums, comment sections, and blogs. The ban will be imposed to those that violate our guidelines within a span of 60 days of each offense. If no further incidents occur within the 60 day period, the user will be cycled back to good standing all is right in the world."

Now here's an update of why they were changing it:


So basically they weren't going to change it until last week when comments in this site's GTA V review got out of hands.

Now for the record, I have 62 moderations under the old TOU and 3 under the new TOU, if it's anything close to the old TOU, then, well...

So I just got GTA V...

And it's going to be the game I'll spend the rest of September on for gaming, I have it on 360 BTW.

As you all should know I've been a fan since GTA III and they seem to improve on the gameplay in each entry(even if some end up being a bit less fun than others) and from what I've seen GTA 5 will be the best one yet. So that pretty much means my time on here is decreased now though I'll post some screenshots in certain threads thanks to my Roxio HD Capture Card, so peace out.

Here's pics I took!

1st mission is in spoiler




My thoughts on Season 1 of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012

In September 2012, one year ago, a new TMNT show was out, and with the 2nd Season supposed to start this month, might as well talk about it. The turtles were in 3D, April is a teenager, Splinter is tall, Krang talks weird, and more random things happened. But the question is, was it a good show? Well, I'll get back to you on that, but lets just say it wasn't what I hoped...

Now let me get this out of the way: I am a TMNT fan. Been a fan since the 1987 show, played the 2D and 3D games, watched the live action movies(yes, even the terrible TMNT 3), watched the 2003 show, and now this. When I found out about, I was a bit excited about it and just had to watch it, I mean, it's the freaking turtles!!! So the 1st episode I watched was the 5th episode of the season, and sucked hard!!! It was a load of garbage of questionable morality of the turtles and Baxter Stockman being evil was the most forced thing I've seen since Anakin turned to the Dark Side in Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. And when I'm referencing a Star Wars prequel movie, you know something is wrong.

It was so bad that it lead me to think it could be a bad show. Well, I decided to watch the 1st 4, and while all better than the 5th episode, they were nothing special, in fact episode 4 is just another terrible episode that doesn't have much going on, a twist that could had worked if it wasn't spoiled at the beginning, and making a Mikey focused episode was the worst idea ever. Now how can that be, I mean, Mikey is awesome, definitely in the 1987 and 2003 shows, but here he just sucks.

Now Mikey is one of my fav turtles, and the 2012 one decided to make him the dumbest character in existence by making him a punchline of bad jokes. Lacking wit and creativity, his stupidity is forced to make you laugh but without any thought put into them nearly all of his jokes come out as flat, annoying and painful to endure. For comparison sake, for every one good Mikey joke, there's 10 or more bad ones. I am shocked at what happened to him in this show.

After a rough start of 5 not worth a crap episodes besides some moments in the 1st 3, episode 6 has shined some light into the series. Finally, an episode to care about, it's a miracle! It was a Donatello episode and now he's my fav turtle. The way he tries to impress April is just hilarious and entertaining to watch. Then episodes 7 and 8 happened, while watchable, they weren't great, much better than the 1st 5 episodes. And then episode 9 happened, the one with Shredder, and...

Ok, this show is now taking itself seriously. It was episode 9 that really started the uprising of the quality of the episodes, it was just such a great episode. Unfortunately most episodes after 9 didn't match it, and some were not really all that good, like episodes 12, 16 and 19. I was hoping for the show to get better, but it did and didn't at the same time, if you get what I mean. Plots and characters ranged from great to terrible. Leonardo hanging out with Karai is one of the best things in the show. Unfortunately, Mikey babysitting Leatherhead is one of the most painful things in the show. The lack of consistency really bothered me and didn't give me hope that this show will be great, or even really good.

It's not until the 20s were we had episodes that could not only get near episode 9, but match and even exceed it. Of the 20s, episode 22 was the weakest and still better than quite a bit of episodes. Just about every episode in the 20s were worth it, and it lead me to believe that this show will be good, but it still is far way from being great, and that reminds me:

How is this a great show again to those who love it?

  1. Some episodes are terrible.

  2. Mikey is annoying as crap.

  3. Baxter Stockman is butchered as a character when it comes to being evil and such.

  4. Krang makes long and drawn out talk that's like a played out joke after a while.

  5. Villains aren't the greatest(besides a few) and are inferior to what we seen in the 1987 and 2003 show.

  6. The show is inconsistent after episode 9.

  7. Some of the logic in the characters don't make sense, leading to actions that are unwise.

  8. The humor is far from the best, at times it works, a lot of the time it doesn't that well.

  9. Some episodes are written without much thought and lead me to think that action is more important that everything else that makes a show good, as in, you know, everything!!!

  10. The show had a rough start.

    It would take forever for me to talk about them individually, but I don't got time to waste, so yeah! Not to mention, a great show has few flaws, not a lot of them that could take so much time to pick on! Please note that I'm not trying to attack your opinion, I'm just curious as to why you find it so great, then again you probably don't care about the flaws, so yeah.:P

Phew, now that's out of the way, here are things I liked about it.





Rat King



Episode 9

Late season episodes



Life lessons

Some storylines, characters and humor are actually good

See, I do like this show, despite all the crap I give it, because, well, it's better than most cartoons out there nowadays. It blows away crap like My Gym Partner's a Monkey and The Annoying Orange Show. But in all honesty, it does not compare to a classic 80s/90s cartoon like Batman:TAS, X-MEN, DarkWing Duck, Duck Tales, Ghostbusters, Animaniacs, etc, those all destroy TMNT 2012. But TMNT 2012 is still a good and solid show despite the flaws. So if you're curious about the show, give it a watch, just don't have high expectations and you'll be fine.

I really hope Season 2 is better, because it being worse would be an accomplishment. Here's hoping guys!

Once the new Gamespot hits...

It could most likely affect my activity here. Looking at these changes, I don't approve of any of them really, but the main one I would like to talk about are unions.

Yes, unions. For 7 years I spent almost half of my time in them, and it's a shame that most won't make it to the new site. In fact, any union imported to the new site when a leader wants it to happen will stop being a union. That's right, any union that comes to the new site will be a regular forum in the main forums, and since they aren't unions anymore, leaders, officers, etc., will be gone and anything can happen to them, like increase in trolls. I'm also an officer in unions so this sucks.

Funny enough, I go to them to avoid trolls and have convos with the people there. And now they would have it due to not being unions anymore, a shame really. Unions were great for containing a community in private boards, and now that they're in a public forum along with losing union features, they aren't close to being the same.

Since they aren't unions anymore, I would just lost the urge to post as much in them due to what made them so unique from one another, not to mention against other forums. They're more "me too" now than "holy crap, this is pretty well thought of" like in the past when GS cared about unions.

I just wonder why can't we create our own forums. They're pretty much limiting us and removing features, being more like other sites than standing out. This is not improving the site, it's nerfing what made it so good. Gamespot just wants everyone in the main forums and be like other sites, come on, you're better than that GS.

Oh well, time will tell, but I certainly want to be on the site less. As for blogs, they'll still come, whenever I feel up to them of course.

7th year Anniversary blog!!!


It's been 7 years.

I repeat, it's been 7 years, since I been on this site. Isn't that amazing?

Man, that's a long time, and the longest I been on a site, with 2nd place going to yoyogames for 5 years(don't really count Giant Bomb because despite having an account there for 5 years I never really used the site).

And there's going to be a new Gamespot with a redesign, I wonder how that'll turn out. It's in beta right now for lucky people that got into it recently.

I'm going to celebrate today by watching Gamescom(mainly for Sony) and just go out in general. I should update this blog when Sony announces the PS4 release date. So I'll be gone now, and oh, some women as well, it's not an anniversary blog without them:



















Whoa, I finally made another blog?

It's been so long man, since February of this year. I'm not sure what happened there. It's like I was sucked out of the blogging spirit. I really should get back to blogging, but with so much time on other things I never seem to have a chance, despite having a lot of things to blog about. Well lets just say I do have a lot to blog about and whenever I get the chance to I'll certainly get to work on them. But within the time I have I seem to have to plan them way in advance, more so than usual. So who knows what would happen from now on, but lets just say anything goes at this rate.

So I'll end the blog showing my recently purchased Vita and preorders of the PS4 and X1:





Level 64, thoughts on blocking used games and next gen rumors

Well I've been on Level 64 since early last week and then decided to test how long it would take to gain percentages, so I maxed capped like like everyday since and gained only 2%...yep this is going to be painful.

Since Sony is going to possibly announce the PS4 this Wednesday and I hear about 720 rumors I might as well talk about them.

PS4 to have streaming for PS3 games

Looks like PS4 will allow you to play PS3 games after all...through streaming. You need to be online at all times to play PS3 games on it. Might as well own a PS3 in that case for full control and avoid connection issues though it's more convenient to play them on PS4.

PS4 might have a screen on controller

There have been prototypes of the PS4 controller to have a screen on it. I wouldn't mind it as long as it's done well.

PS4 to be 400 bucks

I'm fine with that, though I don't buy consoles at launch, only later.

PS4 to make you pay an online pass when buying used games

Eh, as long as I can play the game used...

720 to have 500GB hard drive, Blu Ray and Kinect

I'm fine with the 1st 2 but they need to improve Kinect for games, Kinect is mainly a success in sales, not in high quality games though.

720 to block used games

Probably the most insane rumor of them all. I don't see it happening and if they go for it I would be shocked. There's so many things wrong with it, like:

Can't find that rare game new since used copies don't exist

Makes renting games impossible with not enough copies

This will make it so games won't drop as fast, longer to wait to get that game you want for a reasonable price

Allows devs to exploit their practices

Killing the used game market

Yeah I don't see this happening. Can't wait until Wednesday though!