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been a while

so its been a while since i've posted a blog so ts time to post something. well I've a got late start day at school tomorrow so thats good. I hope you all have been doing good and living life. Cause lifes been good to me just enjoying it to my fullest and working hard for my future. It nice to get enough time to post something on gamespot now. also one last thing I want to add more songs to my ipod that isn't rock type music got any song suggestion?

merry christmas everyone.

It's that time again where we relax and love your family. So i want to say to all my friends merry christmas I hope you guys get good stuff and have fun.

Lets celebrate!

One of the worst levels to past is level 20 and today is the day I finally past it. I'm so dang glad that I got that over with.

Bye Bye old reviews

I've decided to delete all my reviews and rewrite them (one by one). I won't delete my link cross bow, brain age 2, and Ghds reviews since they are my best reviews.

Ouch thats weak.

Okay so this blog is about music:

So here in colorado the foofighters are coming to play red rocks (one of my favorite bands in one of my favorite venues togather at last). And I'm a huge fan of them. What happened though is something was up with one of the members (a sickness ofr little cold not sure) and they moved it to SEPTEMBER 9TH (wait what? no No NNNNNOOOOOO!!). So now I have to wait like two months to see them (it would've been better on a summer night in july).

E3 just hours away.

So E3 is like christmas for nerds and gamers all around and right now i'm stocking up on snacks and sodas for E3. I'm charging my ipod and ds so i can occupy my time while I wait for E3 to arrive (yes i'm not gonna deny it. My nerd moment). We wait for our most wanted games like for me rock band 2 and spore. i will be online until I edit this blog confirming that its time for me to log off.

Edit:bye every one I going to get some shut eye (if any). see you in 10 hours.