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Oh hey, I missed by a few day posting about 5th year here.

Really though, I'm never on here anymore though. So 5th year of having my account?

More or less.

As might be bit obvious, I have changed over time. I still like to be idiotic and what not to amuse people, it's still enjoyable mostly.

I'm currently spending weekends at my friends house and it's helped a lot for other things. She is also aiding me to get what I need and get in college. Hopefully I'll be moved out of here soon. It'd be worrisome being out of a stable certain thing, but gotta start life sometime right? I want a phoniex tattoo when that happens as a sort of symbolism thing. Starting a new and hopefully better life.

Other than that, there really isn't much to say. I rarely go to family things ever, rarely leave house up till recently on weekends, and everything is all over.

I do have various xbox 360 games yet to play and such. Obsessed with Batman Arkham game series. You heard about Batman Arkham Origins right? I really want to get it when it comes out~ I'm sorta stuck on Dark Souls, I got sick of dying constantly so taking a break. Beat Arkham Asylum and City, Fable 3, Alice Madness Returns, DMC 1-4, Resident Evil 5, and all the main things in Skyrim. Still need to play Oblivion, Dragon Age Origins, and Fable 2... at some point .3.

Not getting 3DS ever. No. Not even for Pokeon since it's ONLY reason I'd get it. That and Maybe DreamDropDistance because Riku and Josh. Yes.

But no, that's it I think.

So yeah, 5 and less years ago was fun minus some things I'll never forget but learned from. Those of you I once spoke to almost everyday, those I nicknamed (I remember quite a few of the nicknames too), those who may or may not have had opinions of me. Regardless who you are, take care and all that good stuff.

Peace out for another forever most likely. Months maybe? Who knows.

~missanimefan (a.k.a. What even- I dunno~)

I forgot to post here :U



I passed the ged. I had to get 410 out of 800 on all the test with average of like 450? Yeah. My scores were all between 530 and 610 :U

So I have my GED now.

Now that I have that I can babble more.

I want to see about going to a university my friend goes to maybe. Or something and get some useful degree :U

Also, I'm gonna look into jobs near where she's going so we could try getting an apartment together.

So yeah, I wasn't gonna say "I took the test" until I got the scores since if I didn't pass I felt it wasn't worth talking about. But I passed so now I'm posting here :U I already posted a couple days ago about it on tumblr and DA. But I guess forgot here since I have taken up an ask/RPing tumblr for an 07-Ghost character and me and my RP partner have been RPing my OTP (One True Pairing) for the past couple days. We keep seeing who can make the other fangirl most XD

Oh, I read up to the most current chapter of 07-Ghost in a matter of 3 days :U I'm so in love with that series.

Finished Yu-Gi-Oh GX a while back :U My friend and me were fangirling over it a lot~

I've been drawing a lot lately :U

I also wrote a fanfic for my OTP. There was no smut .w. I've written 2 fics for 07-Ghost now... That series actually sparked my desire to write fanfiction :U That is a feat since if anything I would write 1 fic for a series in any so my muse for fan based stuff has been kinda re-lit.


Me and a few of my closest friends plan to hang out next week. I hope it works since I miss them ;w;

Oh, and all the fangirling on Skype xD I even got to talk about fanfiction at one point with my friend ^^ It's fun :U Though most here probably don't really know but yeah, most of them are in a group and it's friends I made on FB with RP characters though I never serious rped like I do on tumblr :I

But yeah, I'm alive and stuff. That's basically what I have been up to.

4 years here and update with some babble

Since April 4th 2008 :I Well it was yesterday.

Yaaaaaay *waves nonchalantly*

Anyway, Recent news.

I got an iphone not too long ago, I play sims freeplay on it a lot.

Last night a RP friend in the group chat I'm in on skype post a trailer thing for The Dark Meadow or whatever: See here

Though I downloaded it, I'm likely to just watch the play through since that kinda game I would rather play using a controller. I like controllers, do you like controllers? I do. Yeah.

That aside, tried to register for GED test this week, but the lady was like "LOLNO."

More accurately, the site said 9am they open. She got there at 8 and registered everyone and PRE-REGISTERED people for next week so this and next week are FULL.

Yet we got there at 8:30 and she wouldn't register me for the LAST week of testing till the NEXT school year.

Mom was super pissed. I was just kinda mellow annoyed. In the sense I was irritated I had been studying till then and panicking/freaking out about "I MUST PASS NO MATTER WHAT".

Anyway, it better not screw up my plans. I want to get my ged and by august get into UNT where my friend goes and take an art cIass(why does it censor cIass geez) with her. I also plan to take something like psychology for a major since I may want to be an author or artist, BUT I need a logical back up job.

And since I've always been fascinated with psychological things and theories to the point I often psychologically analyze everything a person may be thinking or having reason for doing based on what I know and observing the little changes in there behavior, it seems a good choice.

Granted, I would definitely need student loans or such :'D

Funny, I have a mental "problem" yet I'm still fascinated by this stuff. I even analyze myself and make sure I'm aware of reason I feel such and what not... though that's probably a bad thing since over analyzing myself often results in me not wanting to admit certain 'emotions' I sometimes have :I That's where drawing and writing helps, I just vent it there.

I may take philosiphy. I dunno,

I like stuff with psychology, drawing, writing, stuff where I speculate actual reasons for things, my beliefs in all equal even supernatural stuff in some way, why people do something, all possibilities, etc.

Anyway, that's that.

I found out recently some my fave fem rpers that rp guys in a relationship are with the person the character is with in real life. I had a mini episode over that. Yeah, I "threw up words" all over the place and drew two mildly "depressing" drawings.

OH, my friend Alo and I fangirl over the RPers on tumblr. I recently drew this because I like this pairing thanks to her:

I decided to just shade in pencil instead of line again over the inked lines in sai then color it. Since I felt like it.

What else.

I'm babbling a lot.

Haha, opps.


Anyway, the plan is on Saturday to go to this club because a friends band is playing. Of course gotta have id. I do. Yay for being 18 :'D

I'm probably going to be pointing out cute girls to my friend and me and her talking about which ones we prefer :I

Lawl, so anyway, GED plan is be there at 5am since she gets there at 8am so we can stand in front of the center of the doors.

I will sit in front of those damn doors and not let anyone through until I'm registered if need be. Not kidding, that's how hell bent I am on taking this damn thing.

Oh, I went to the Hunger Games premire. It was cool. I liked it. A girl brought a bow in when her and her stupid little group were doing chants. Didn't see her after she brought the bow. After that one someone realized and asked loudly "Did that girl have a bow!?" My friend had a headache and was kinda down, me and the friend on the other side of her talked for a while since we got there at like 9pm.

That's about it for now. So yeah.

4th year or whatever as of yesterday.

Obviously I'm still alive.

I only really update this when I have enough interesting stuff that happened since last blog to post.


Mini A-Kon = Mostly a bust

So after standing in the rain for an hour for a damn bus and it soaking through my jacket, I think I've had enough of rain and cold for a life time...

I'd probably do it again. The freezing and suffering wasn't fun at the time but thinking about it now it was kinda fun with all the commentary my friends and I were making about it. Horrible humor mind you. Much consisting of how if I stood in the middle of the road and got hit I wouldn't feel it since I went numb and my three friends could hitch a ride in the ambulance.

Mind you that was only one of the three. I don't mind joking at my expense, I like it cause I'm weird like that.

But anyway here's how it went, start to end:

Woke up like 4am. Couldn't go back to sleep. Had conversation through me using the ask on tumblr and responding to her that way. Read non-useful stuff. Ate 2 donuts and a cup of coffee. Thought things would go great. Man was I wrong.

Moms van the back break pads are basically shot, plus due to tension I refuse to ask her for anything. So about 8 I walked in rain to friends, my shoes are soaked so stick them in spare back in my backpack and put on crappy flats. Wear them rest of day. Go to other friends house with other 2 friends.

Friends mom driving us to train station ignoring most stop signs and barely stopping AFTER passing them, *runs light entire front of car is blown off and person has dent in their rental. Me and 3 friends walk a block and a half to the public transport train thing. Buy tickets though they dont seem to EVER check on that system so why bother... Get on the blue line.

Stop at mcdonalds since I'm whining about needing to go to bathroom and friends are hungry, McDonalds is the worst we've been to. Go to near by 7-11 since friend needed headache medicine and I conveiently notice a stamina pill and go "we should get this-wait, nvm" since it's a sex pill and condoms... So I move away from there since my humor would start cracking lame jokes >.> Waiting for train and guy ask for quarter, we all go to get a quarter but I get to it first and thus give him quarter, we switch to next train the green line.

Switch again to the A-Train.

At Denton, buy bus pass for $6 and wait in cold for 30 mins to hour. But under shelter so okay. Get to Mini Akon about 2 pm. It ends 4 pm. walk in and find friend who is in same Durarara RP group as me and we awkwardly hug then part ways. My friend who tagged along but isn't an anime fan looked for "doctors" from Doctor who and found one who she proceeded to give her "do you have a tumblr? you should follow me at ____" line. She gets on laptop *killjoy!* so me and one friend wander a bit. I eat the two slices of left over digiorno from the previous night I had packed and the two juicy-juice juice boxes.

So check bus schedule since the stop is a requested stop. Says 3:15 so we go out about 3:09 and wait.

For like an hour.

About 4:30 we finally get picked up and stop at little coffee shop a block *short walk* from train station. Lucky me, had spare shirt so switched. My boobs and backpack prevented my pants from being totally soaked. Stuff soaked jacket and shirt in the walmart bag with shoes. I buy nothing though this point kinda hungry since haven't eaten much. But ignore it and wait. We go to catch train which said it leave about 5:15 so we wait in cold since we walked there about 5:13 for an hour till 6:10pm-ish when it arrives.

Head home and once home, find out moms friend and idiot brat son are here. Sister is cooking for all including them... EXCEPT for me... no one thought I'd actually, you know, COME HOME.

So angry, tired, wet, cold and flat out bad mood from the day I pile stuff in front of door. sis pushes it out so after some "GET THE (f-word) OUT" on my part and giving her stupid friend a hug so they would all just f off, I rearrange stuff to create a more efficent door blockade.

Go to sleep listening to vocaloids after getting online to complain and check stuff. Body is so hot yet freezing so thought I may be sick but I seem fine now minus headache...

Yet I wouldn't have changed anything. I never did stuff like being forced to wait in rain for public transport, ride the public transport trains, and such so it was kinda fun in a masochistic way. Plus the company was fun.

So I thing that is everything major. Wreck, rain for hour, cold for hour. Yeah, that should be everything.

I feel kinda sick to stomach and throbbing migrane so back to sleep.

Mini akon thing P:

So plans right now for mini akon thing would be(I'll be refering to people by nicknames I call them)

Friday once Princess gets to Princes go to Firewheel where Fez works. Once she gets off we will go to Barnes and Noble to turn in our (mine and Princes) job app.

Stay at Fezs place and around/after 9am head to dart train thing.

Get tickets to Denton go to mini akon thing, at some point eat, head back home.

I want the free stuff I heard people can get there(totallynotabadmotiveforgoing) plus I get to hang out with friends :|

Fez and Prince were here about a full day and I completely ignored valentines day after going to sleep about 6am till 6pm. After contributing a couple dark/anti valentine stuff P:

So yeah. I'm taking my Grell cosplay with me since wearing it on the train is a bad idea. Don't wanna draw attention to self on there D: I'd rather not get killed for standing out on a train in cosplay :I


My best friend Prince let me borrow it. I'm now borrowing both her Tales of Symphonia games xD

She said I can borrow Resident Evil 4 once she beats it~!

I LOOOOOOVE Ratatosk voice. And the Ain Soph Aur move x3

So fun~

Tenebrae is epic too.

Emil and Marta annoy me though ._.

I squealed when Zelos appeared~

SECOND DEJA VU TODAY. ^That was a deja vu...


OH! SAW WOMAN IN BLACK, THAT WAS AWESOME. Jumped a few times. A scary film without gore~! WHO KNEW IT WAS POSSIBLE XD Sarcasm dear, I knew it was possible.

Passing time~ (mainly update on my yu-gi-oh watching progress~)

I won't bother with details, but I've been getting sick a lot recently. I'm fine currently.

Moving on~

I'm about to start Season 5 of good old Yu-Gi-Oh!~

Note to self:

Season 1: Duelist Kingdom. Creepy old man in love with toons.

Season 2: 2/3's of Battle City. Egyptian hotties and more shadow games. Plus tons of pychos.

Season 3: 1/2 Noahs Arc. Annoying brat. 1/2 Final part of Battle City. More Egyptian hotties~

Season 4: The Seal of Ori-crack-oes (its actually "orichalcos" and yes, I enjoy making fun of it) Valon rocks, others are meh.

Season 5: 1/3-1/2 Kaiba Corp Tourney. 1/4-1/3 Monster Capsules. 1/4-1/3 Egyptain past, Zorc, and ending.

Seto Kaiba is still my top fave~ Also like Valon, Mai, Bakura, Marik (so close to my name xD), Ish!zu (Y U NO SEE IT NAME AND NO NEED TO BE CENSORED!?), etc.

After I finish this. I'm starting GX. Mainly since I saw parts on tv and tried watching it whenever on. But failed to keep up. I liked Jadens spunk and he was cool. Plus Chazz was also basically an "anti-hero" like Kaiba and had some of Seto's traits. Which I'm oddly fond of. Soooo I'm curious to see it~ Plus accidentally clicked an episode and found it interesting what I saw. The other Yugioh's in the franchise don't interest me.

After which I start/finish stuff friends recommended like Rurouni Kenshin.

I claim to be a Potato.


Pffff, yeah, whatever~ *chuckles*

Anyway, I just wanted to update on my Yu-Gi-Oh! progress but I've already spammed my deviantart journal with a ton of stuff and I've over fanned and given quotes throughout watching it.

In other words, I fan/update here since I think I've spammed the other places I write this stuff xD

Anywho, if I made any actual sense, then good~

Ta dearies~ ... That totally reminded me, one my newer nicknames is Grell (Grell Sutcliff to be precise).

Okay, ta nooooow~

~missanimefan (aka Miss/Rika/Grell)

Happy start of a new 365 days-wait, I think it's leap year so 366 days?

You get the point. This is far nicer than my deviantart way of saying happy new years xD

So yup, I'm alive. I mainly hang out on facebook and deviantart though.

Still no job or GED but I'm finally getting myself fixed up per say.

By which I mean a couple days ago I went to hang out at the mall in a city or so over with friends.

I learned 4 things:

1. How to put on concealer and eye shadow.

2. Apparently the 3 sizes of stuff I wear.

3. I found a beautiful red dress that my inner Grell Sutcliff is screaming to buy. (I plan to use last of my Christmas money and go get it Monday.

4. Various things on correct manners. Such as not burping in public or when people are laughing loud at the register to shout half way across the store "HA HA HA" :'D (Which I did on purpose for the heck of it.)

Also, my friend would totally let me wear a tux to her wedding unless she finds an amazing dress for me to wear. I also bought this awesome dragon necklace from spencers~ SEE!


I also gave up on an xbox, and spent most my money with some help from my friend on some basic make-up and interview clothes. So I look like I could work at a clothing store now :D See, If I get a job, I can afford an xbox sooner and a computer at some point *squee* Plus, I can move out sooner.

So, I got like 100 for xmas. spent 8 on frozen yogurts since it was buy one get one free so got four. One for me and 1 for each my 3 friends~

Then spent $60 on new slightly heeled yet not shoes. A black button up, and pretty purple shirt. Concealer and purple eye shadow. That was painful since it was a moment of "taking action finally and doing something to help myself since mom wouldn't buy any that stuff, shes unemployed right now.

I have like... 32 left. That dang red dress has my eyes and is like 24-34. This one is what my Inner Grell wants(I blame inner Grell for the Red obsession I have):

Ewwww, girly stuff! But they are pretty. Doesn't mean I'm gonna get girly though. I still wanna play video games, but if I get a job I can afford said games and game systems. Plus a new computer.

I do have a steam, though you probably cant see the games on my wish list and see the ones I want. But I do want Skyrim, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Alice: Madness Returns, Portal 2*got the first during a free promotion thing*, and others.

So, hoping I get a job.

My New Years Resolution isssssssss

To not have a new years resolution... I'm doing great so far :D

Also at the end of the night me and two friends stood in the McDonalds drive thru flailing to decide what to get and trying to get the drive thru to register us. But ended up going back to the car and the friend waiting there drove through instead.

That was awesome xD

To quote my friend: "*puts on glasses*

We were going to go to Tijuana, but we needed nine chickens and then we weren't heavy enough so we flailed, swore, and went back to the car."

I blame the same one who said that (I call her Prince) for my recent Florence and the Machine obsession x'D

Only thing that sucked about that day was, long story short, I hate the atmosphere here at "home" and an accusation my gram made resulted in me actually crying *which almost never happens anymore*

Anything I forget?

I don't think so.

So yeah, that's what I've been up to.

Some ups and downs. Mostly downs, but the ups make up for it usually.

I can't wait till Monday. I plan to go buy that dress~ (GAHHH, GIRLYNESS GO AWAY D: )

~missanimefan (aka Grell or Rika)


*poof* Pardon the following outburst~


No one is awake for me to go "OMG GUESS WHAT!" "what?" "I'M ON POTTERMORE!"

So anyway... It's 10 minutes till midnight... I'm going to post my username and house once I get there~

------------- Leaves this up to go do that ------------------

You can choose an Owl, Cat, or Toad as a pet to take with you x3

Owls are pretty... though I love cats *heart* But I like frogs tooo....

Whichever you choose becomes your avatar... hmmm.

Siamese it is~

Now wand selection, theres 7 questions P= *begins*





I'm a freaking ravenclaw...


Ravenclaw like being different, wearing what you want, and saying what they feel... so I guess it's not too bad~ I still have to find somewhere else to sleep though ='D Maybe in the Hufflepuffs commonroom, surely they wouldn't mind?

ANYWAY, This has been up sometime, I got distracted.I'll just post it now.

Nothing about life, no real change. Put in apps for jobs and no replies.