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How Sweet it is..

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I've been filled with joy for two days straight now..what a week this has been. I feel like this country is headed in a better direction, a new direction, and I haven't felt this way in quite a while....

360 finally RROD'd

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It was just a matter of time I was guessing, and I'm glad it happened now and not this Fall after I buy a new game I'm hoping to get the unit back before Too Human, but that can wait...

GIantBomb.com Launches, here I am...

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If any of you are going to be hanging around the Gianbomb, I've set up an account. If they have decent PC coverage on top of the usual console coverage, I might just be making this site my new gaming home. I hope they pick up someone similar to Jason Ocampo for the PC section, maybe even a return of Greg Kasavin? Hey, there's nothing wrong with wishful thinking :P

Here's my page, feel free to add me to your friends list :)


The site is already impressive and I like the way it looks and feels. The question now, how will the boards work out? Hopefully they put up some decent sections, similar to what we're all accustomed too over here. Ok, back to WC3...

The Witcher

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Besides playing the heck out of Hellgate London, which I've just finished this week, I'm playing the Witcher. Sadly it will go mostly unnoticed compared to other blockbuster titles here in the States but it's taken Europe by fire, being that the game is based on a popular Polish Writer's work. The writing and adult nature of the story is really compelling and to any adult gamer, this is a real treat. I'm waiting on the English Translations of the books, which are due out in the near future.

The main character who you play as, Geralt, is one of those memorable characters that really grows on you as you progress through the game. I'm barely into the Witcher too, and I already feel attached to the Main Character. I'm taking my time with this game though, making sure not to rush through it, as this is one for the "Best of" column this year and for the foreseeable future. There is just so much content in the game it's simply outstanding. As much as I like CoD4, it pales in comparison to the fun I'm having with The Witcher, not to mention, there's a good 40 hours of RGP content too, as other games are over with a blink of the eye compared to this game. With The Witcher there are three major branches in the story that are good enough to warrant a completely new play through. The great thing is, the game shows you in flashbacks as to what you chose and how it affects what's going on in the present.

I was originally planning on getting Mass Effect on the day it came out, but if I'm still playing the Witcher, which it looks like I will be, every other game is gonna have to wait. With RPG's, there's only so many hours in a day you can play and playing more than one deep RPG at a time just doesn't cut it for me. While Mass Effect has the hollywood budget and marketing, I highly doubt it will have the content of The Witcher, with it's amazing plot and deep RPG buiding stats. I think it's safe to say the The Witcher is for the hardcore, and for the adult gamer.

If you're into RPG's, and would like a mature themed game, check out The Witcher. The game scales very well too, as it's based of of Bioware's Aurora Engine, heavily modified for shaders and lighting, and you can tell, as the game looks and feels beautiful. The only shame is that games like The Witcher only come out every once in a great while....

Orange Box Baby

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FYI, If you pre-ordered the Orange Box on STEAM, it's unlocking tonight at 12:00 AM Pacific and 3:00 AM Eastern. Looks like us East Coast peeps will have to wait until tomorrow, as I need to work in the morning! Although, there's nothing wrong with leaving work a bit early :P

The first thing I'm playing? Episode 2 of course. I'm really looking forward to the next chapter in the best FPS franchise of all time. Team Fortress and Portal is simply icing on the best tasting cake of all time. The sad part is? Episode 2 will most likely only last me a few hours before I'll be waiting for anther year to get my Half Life fix. According to GFW Podcast's Shawn Elliot, who was at Valve's headquarters reviewing the games in Orange Box, stated recently that Episode 2 is the best in series by far. This is music to my ears, as Shawn's a very good judge of FPS goodness.

Fall around the corner!!

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As a gamer, the summer time is a great time to get out of the house and take a vacation. But, that's about all I like about the summer time, as here in the northeast part of the US, the humidity just plain sucks. The one thing I love about living in the northeast is the changing of the seasons, as Fall is my favorite time of the year. For one, it's the start of Hockey and Football season, so that's an automatic plus, but now as a gamer, the Fall time is really the finale of gaming releases, year in and year out. This poses a strange situation for me, as there's a good excuse to wish Summer away. With all these games being released in one short time frame this Fall, time becomes of the essence, and time is something you unfortunately can't make, only manage.

It's one thing to buy all the games you want, but it's another to find the time to play them all. It's ironic though, as people will wish for a release date to hurry up and get here, all the while, valuable time is wasting away waiting for that particular game. As gamers, we need to manage our time wisely, picking and choosing when and what to play ever more wisely, especially with everything else going on in life.

Where will we find the time to play them all? Well, for one, most of my games I'm looking forward to are most likely going to get played in 2008, as there just isn't enough hours in a day to play them all. Plus, I don't want to rush through my games, I like to enjoy them , the single player experiences that is.

As far as multiplayer games are concerned, I'm really looking forward to jumping into UT3, as I've always been a huge UT fan since the the original back in 1999. This poses a problem with Quake Wars, another MP shooter on the way to release as well, which I was really looking forward to, but now it's just becoming more of an afterthough with all the delays. I'm just not as eager to play it as I once was.

Games on My Radar

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Well, there is no denying that there are some amazing titles on the horizon for the PC and of course next-gen consoles. I'm mostly a PC Gamer at heart, but I'm open to other platforms as well. As far as shooters go, I will be playing them on my rig, as nothing beats the control scheme of the mouse and keyboard plus the option of user created mods.

Here's a list of titles coming in the next few months that are must haves for the PC in my opinion. I will update the release dates as they become more evident. Along with release dates is a link to pre-order many of these titles.

Crysis ---- 11/16/07

Crysis Pre-order

Need I say more? FPS of the year, so long as Crytek delivers on everything they say they are. I'm really looking forward to this, so much that I've had dreams about it, anyone else? :P

World In Conflict ---- 09/18/07

WiC Pre-order

Looks like RTS of the year, at least from my likings. Nothing beats a game setting in the Cold War, yes, I'm a sucker for it. If you pre-order, you get access to the July beta, and after playing the beta in June, it's well worth it. You also get a documentary from the History Channel and a chunk of the berlin wall..hehe..There is simply nothing like the nuke in this game, breathtaking.

Hellgate: London ---- 10/30/2007

Hellgate Pre-order

Extremely anticipated RPG in 3rd and 1st person view from Flagship Studios. A great reason to update your PC!

Half Life 2: Episode 2 + Portal + Team Fortress 2!! ---- 10/09/2007

STEAM, the best PC online distribution service by far:


The Witcher ---- 10/30/2007

Very Anticipated RPG from CD Projekt. Looks like something that will keep me very busy over the winter months to come.

Bioshock ---- 08/21/2007

Bioshock Pre-order

The spiritual successor to System Shock 2, a must have for anyone with a gaming PC. Bioshock's world seems very seductive, and the creepy 1940's atmosphere is all the more appealing. This seems to be the first must have title of this coming season of hot releases. The good news is, the PC version is getting special treatment as far as controls and interface go. Two thumbs up for that one. Pre-order comes with a Big Daddy figurine.

Unreal Tournament 3 ---- Q4 2007

Date is still tentative and being used by some e-tailers, as this game has taken forever it seems. Unfortunately, there is also a good chance this game will get delayed. Multi-platform development seems to be the culprit, but Epic has made their decision. It would be nice to get ahold of the PC version, since it's the platform in which this series has flourished, but a simultaneous release it is. As a huge fan since the days of the original UT back in 1999, this is a no brainer.

Left4Dead ---- Q4 2007

Official Site

This is the perfect Source mod, Co-op Zombie survival action, all out bonanza! This should be excellent playing along other games, and looks to provide massive amounts of fun come later this year.

Skydiving Pug....

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Guy Goes skydiving with his best friend...Coolest video I've seen in a while...especially for all pug owners like myself!! Check out the Doggles!!

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