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Achievements are really stupid........

Achievements are cool, because they make you want to do something special in the game, also now you get to use achievement points to win new things in real life.

 But my point is that so many games have the most useless achievements ever. I have them split up in categories.

"already taken care of" achievements.

these i hate the most because you were gonna do them anyway!! these are the ones where the game tells you to finish a level, or save that person..........which you were supposed to do anyway.  how does that warrant an achievement?

"online achievements"

these i really hate because some people outthere might really like achievements and collecting them. But then some big shot game out there has 3/4 of their achiements be online only, like play this many deathmatch games.

 "rediculous achievements"

these are achievements that are either really hard to get, really impossible to get, etc.  These achiements include ones like , get 1st place on the leaderboards.........that might be easy if you were the first person to get the game.  Another one is like get 100,000 kills in multiplayer..............sure some people can do it, but not everyone is that dedicated to one achievement right?


achievements are supposed to show your skill at gaming, if someone sees your gamerscore being really high, they should say, wow they got all of those achievements??!!

 nope, instead they think to themselves, oh they probably just played all of the sports games and gotten their easy achievements or all the games that they did play, actually all the games period, have those friggin pointless achievements that are bs and they dont show any challenge.


the only game right know whose achievements im actually trying to get is guitar hero, but it still has those stupid already taken care of ones...... and most of the achievements i want require 2 people, hmm.........am i really gonna go and buy a 50 dollar gh controller? and then wait for one of my newbie friends to get good at it?? i highly doubt that.......


anyways, these game developers need to stop making useless achievements or rediculous achievements.

if were up to me, i would make every achiement in my game, an achievement that shows off some skill.

maybe one in a fighting game that says, defeat 15 opponents in a row.

or one in a game that says, kill all enemies in one giant battle field, and the battle field might have some hidden enemies, etc.


anyways, achievements are crap and they prove nothing. 


Moving on from rap music...........

sigh............i have been listening to rap music for over 8 years.

I loved(and still love) tupac, nas, BIG, snoop dogg(old not new), and dr dre.

But now the radio has gotten out of control by releasing unoriginal, uninteresting, repetetive, cliched crap, over and over and over again.

And what annoys me is that people are dilusional enough to like it.  No wonder people say rap sucks, because its the same stuff over and over again.

Sure some one will come around and say that underground rap is what really matters, which is really absurd seeing as how underground rap is never on the radio, never even talked about in rolling stones mag(etc), or even talked about in school or other places.

I started realizing this when the rap lyrics had a pattern.

This is how it goes

first it started off by saying 18 inch rims.  Then it progressed to songs saying 20 inch rims, then to 22s, then to 24s...............and now we got 30s.

another pattern

first it starts of with  hennesy, then cristol, then patron.....

i honestly have never heard of these liquors before.......And i bet even hard drinkers have heard of these only after they listen to rap.

another pattern

it always involves being in a bar, drinking, being better than anyone because theyre rich, shorties.

demeaning women is just ridiculous in rap.

another pattern

lots of rappers always have to make references to other rappers, or even themselves.

one thing that annoyed me was a song that was a remix, and the whole song was about how it was the remix to the original(kind of like the remix to ignition...........he just talks about how its a remix, thats so stupid)

but seriously rap is just dying down.  Anyone can rap now................seriously the songs are repetetive and cliche.

Artists usually gloat that theyre song has been the #1 billboard song, or one of the top ten, for about longer than 2 weeks.

Thats kind of sad seeing as how a lot of blues legends(bb king), zz top, eric clapton, and other rock stars have had songs on the "best songs lists" for over 30 years..................

which also gets me to another point on how rap songs get "boring"............ya thats right, when you listen to a rap song more than 10 times.........it becomes boring..............

can you believe that?? how can anyone take that crap??

i demand an artist to make a great song that will last a long time before he is on the radio............


rap is dying inside me

and i have taken old rock and old blues

non of that emo, scream metal stuff for me

and it has gotten me to realize that an artist or band needs to make a song all on their own, with out using specialists making their instrumentals or anything.

I guess the only people involved in rap that actually have talent are the synthesizers.

Gears has gotten really dull

I am really dissapointed in gears of war.  Now I regret what i gave it in my review.

Gears of war was supposed to be an awesome experience.  But it turns out to be  a short, storyless game that isnt that fun to play again after wards.  So once you play the campaign once or twice.........it just gets boring after that.

Then comes the multiplayer, which has been butchered from the start.

The game is very one sided.  If you are on the host's team, you will definitely win.  Usually once or twice will the other team win the round, but only when you are ahead 7 rounds.

Another thing is that the developers do not want you to play with your friends.  Thats odd, a game that requires teamwork, wants you to play with strangers that you would never talk to............

Me and my friends never play ranked games anymore. 

Then theres the fact that teamwork becomes very stale.  You end up usually doing the same things everytime to win.

The game also gets very unfair at times.  In a game were theres only 8 players maximum, it really should  not lag or give a host advantage.  Some times people will randomly get shot and blown up with a shot gun from far away, or not be able to kill the host.  If you notice, the host is always the guy who never dies(or barely) and kills everyone, even as his team is gone.

This game really had nothing to offer in my opinion.  It had great graphics, but those went to waste seeing as how levels are ground based, meaning you'll never be able to fly over the levels, blow buildings down, or go into any building you want(just the ones that you have too), theyre just there to look at.  If it should have been very open ended in terms of how you get through a level.

I'm still astonished how so many reviewers were so blind.

The game's story is crap.........seriously i mean you can find more story in the strategy guide than in the game itself.

the campaign was short............and it didnt have much too offer but some lousy boss fights(.....corpser....easiest boss ever?)

coop was fun for the first few times.

the multiplayer is forgettable...........it was all the rage a few months ago, but now its just become an equal fight with nothing new to do.  2 new maps.......one that is so small and wasnt meant for team based actions......pass

weapons.......this game had the least amount of weapons, and the some of the weapons they had were utter crap.

you got the hammer of dawn which is a pain to use.  You got the magnum pistol which is really unnecessary.  You got the burst shot which is annoying to use.  You got troika machine gun which is useless.  You got  the boom shot which can only kill people if it hits them right on the body.  You got the pistol which actually is useful.  You got the lancer which is cool, but chainsawing was fun the first time, now its just a nuisance.  You got the shot gun which has lost  its touch since the update.  then the torque bow which is only useful if you actually hit someone, no blast radius what so ever.  Then you got the sniper which is cool.

there..........ten weapons and only like 4 of them are useful.  Can you believe that? only ten weapons and barely any of them are anything we havent seen before..................................

so those 4 weapons(including grenades) are all people use in multiplayer.

this game will die down soon.  Me and my friends are really bored with it..........

First Blog post ever......

Ya im not much of a blogger.  I am still not sure what a blog is actually.  Im just going to assume its what i read and is a little of what i do every week or something.

Well, my birthday is coming up in march 5th and i want to get an amplifier for my guitar.  I have been playing guitar(acoustic and electric) for abouth 7 months total.  Doesn't seem like a lot of time but i am teaching myself and am doing really great(in my opinion). 

People say "no stairway!!" but i ignore them because its simple to play and it sounds good............do they honestly expect me to play eruption, or free bird?? give me a break.

Well so far i have been picking up new ways to play on youtube.  Youtube is really awesome

You can add me if you find kmish213.

I love watching music performances or solos.  Also the laugh that comes in when another stupid movie comes across.