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I backed a Kickstarter for the first time the other day!

I finally found a kickstarter worth backing just a couple of days ago... if you guessed Dreamfall Chapters, you would be correct! I looooove The Longest Journey and I'm looking forward to Chapters. Most, if not all, other Kickstarters I've seen haven't really appealed to me until now. Now that I have backed one, it's a pretty nice feeling. I'm glad I'm supporting something I care about, and it now feels like I'm a part of its creation, simply because I contributed to its creation.

I can't remember the last time I've legitimately had a feeling of excitement towards a forthcoming game, but it's definately a great feeling huh. I'll try not to overhype it, but if it's anything like The Longest Journey was, I'm sure I will love it. That game was godsend, if you haven't played it before; please do.

On an unrelated topic I just completed a review of Far Cry 2... you know... the one that left most people with a bad taste. If this is the case with you, I recommend you watch my review; I want you to try it again with permadeath. It becomes amazing, trust me :D

Far Cry 2 single player review for PC

Thanks for reading! Minimme out.