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Hotline Miami review! ...and is Xbox Live Worth it?

Hello again Gamespot!

I just completed my review of Hotline Miami, which is put simply a phenomenal game. I put a lot more effort into this one then usual actually, I felt I had to do this game justice by going unusually deep into why this game is so fun, so I actually broke three pages in notes before recording this review.

Hotline Miami review for PC

Anyhoo I've been wondering, is paying for Xbox Live (in my case) worth it? I was gifted a 360 a few days ago, and I don't really have any friends who play the console anymore. Most of my gaming friends play Steam and I've got a decent gaming PC, also if I want my online console fix I can boot up my PS3.

But still; Halo! I'm gonna get the anniversary edition because I'd love to play through it again in HD, and I know HD remakes are lazy and controversial, I think this one is by all means worth the money. I'd love to play some more Blood Gulch with some online buddies, although Xbox Live seems unnecesarily expensive; PSN and Steam are free, why can XBL be free? Help me make up my mind Gamespot! Is it worth the money (mainly for for Halo)?