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A New Game!

Ok, theres been a game in the local EB Games that has cought my eye everytime I've been there for the last two years. Naturally, I go look up some reviews, it's at around 6/7 out of 10 on most reviews, which is a little meh. Alas, like most games, there are people who like it, a lot too. I've always looked at it in the store, and thought... ehhhhh not today. Today I saw it, and thought, screw it, I'm gonna buy it. It wouldn't have stopped bugging me until I bought it.

So here I am now, just taken a bunch of pictures of it with my crappy webcam, and I'm sharing them with you. Yes, I got the special edition, and at the counter I asked, how much was it when it came out? It was $130 when it came out, I got it for $40 ^^, new. Even if the game sucks, I stil get all this awesome merchandise, and it looks like it has a good art style to it aswell.








What are your opinions on this game? Weather you've played it or not..

More miniature reviews.

AVG decided it should Auto scan my computer, without even asking me. I was gonna cancel it, but I felt that writing a blog was the appropriate thing to do. I have no idea what I'm going to write about, so AVG is the reason it might be boring ^^

It's school holidays! (YAAY!!) I'm temporarily out of the hellhole, which means more time to think, game and relax. During these holidays, I've bought Uncharted, Wheelman and Minecraft, for about $60 AU all up. From best to worst it goes; Minecraft, Uncharted then Wheelman. That being said, Wheelman isn't a particularly bad game, it's just that the other two are downright awesome. Just a little tip for GS, I can't add Wheelman for PC to my games list, as it apparently hasn't been released O.o

Just like a blog I wrote about a month ago, I'm going to do three miniature reviews for these games, as I have nothing better to write about. Lets start with Wheelman, which I finished.. Wheelman is the very definition of an 'alright' game, although it tries a few new things, it really feels like a last-gen game, and it feels like there is nothing special about it. The driving is pretty fun, with some awesome stunts to pull off like jumping from car to car and 180ing into reverse to shoot your persuers, but the core driving mechanic is a bit dull. The on foot sequences of this game downright suck, Milo (Vin) is hard to control, and he can barely aim at anything. It plays like your usual 3PS, except it has an emphasis on cover, and no cover system... and you can't jump. Another negative is that the story is hard to follow, and downright sucks, but it has some action packed cinematic cutscenes as you may expect. You never really know what you're doing or why your doing it. That being said, parts of the game are extremely awesomely fun, and the rest of the game brings it down, those moments are what got me through the game.

If you haven't played Uncharted, it's a platforming third person shooter reminiscent of Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and Indiana Jones. It does nothing new, but what it does, it does very, very well. Brilliant story, great graphics, great gunplay, awesome characters and solid platforming result in a downright brilliant game, I highly reccomend it. Like Wheelman, this game has an emphasis on cover, except it actually has a good cover system.

...and finally Minecraft. This game has shot up in popularity so much recently, that I thought that I myself should give it a shot. Bare in mind, this game hasn't even made to Beta, so there is a lot to be expected from updates. It's made by a fellow named Notch, yes it's an indie game, and liking the graphics is a matter of taste. It goes for a retro feel, it's in the first person perspective and looks a lot less fun than it is. You start on an island, a randomly generated island which randomly generates as you move, deeming the map of an unlimited size. Theres no tutorial, so your going to want to look one up on the web, but the goal is to survive the night. As the game goes through a day-night cycle. Bad things come out at night, so you need to build yourself a shelter to stay in. You mine materials, and then use them to build your shelter, build whatever the hell you want, or craft tools like swords, pickaxes, shovels and bows.. Ofcoarse you can just dig a hold and hide in it for the night. This game is awesome, you feel free, it's storyless, and theres no way to win, but its so addictive. There's a lot to talk about in this game, and it's not even half finished, so I'm not going to write a full review. Check it out! It's only 9 Euros and you can buy it here.

...and that's it for now. If you're wondering why I've left basically all your unions, it's because I don't actually post in any of them! At the moment I think I'm only in two unions, and I post in them because they're awesome. Check them out! Add me on Steam or PSN, the name is minimme, as usual. Thanks for actually reading this, and AVG has finished scanning, so I guess I'll go.


Saints Row 2 Review!

Saints Row 2 is, simply put, an outrageously brilliant game. It's the best use of an open world I've ever experienced, that lets you do what you feel like doing.

It's developed by Volition, who made Descent and Red Faction, in partnership with THQ Asia Pacific, based in St. Kilda, down here in Australia, which may explain why there are so many Aussie songs in it.

Starting off lightly, the soundtrack to the game is brilliant, and I can guarantee you there will be a song in there you will like. It gathers songs from every genre into the game; like 80's, hip hop, rap, electronic, rock, classical and more.

It keeps you playing brilliantly, with the options to go car surfing, take over gang hideouts, enter a destruction derby, go base jumping, hurt yourself for insurance, pretend to be a cop; and abuse your power, rampage, chainsaw people, ride a flaming go-kart in a hazmat suit, street racing, fist fighting, invest in property, hold people up, ride a bike with a samurai while listening to classical music and much, much more. Doing all of this is extremely rewarding.

Perhaps it's too rewarding at times, for example, in the police missions, it sometime encourages you to chainsaw down innocent pedestrians (like I said, abuse of power), and then rewards you with extra time for your mission, along with money, respect and maybe even a new fight style or perks. This is hardcore, but bearable.

It feels like the whole game has one simple purpose, to make you happy. It's never punishing, quite the opposite really. You can change difficulty in-game, regenerate health; along with food you can find, buy and eat for health, GPS shortcuts are added to your GPS as you find them, police are easy; and fun, there are no load times once you're in the world and it follows one of three sub-storylines throughout most of the game, which you can do at your leisure.

This brings me to the storyline; the game takes place five years after the original (which I didn't play) where you wake up from a coma, in jail. You escape in the prologue missions, only to find out that your gang, 'The Saints', doesn't exist anymore. Throughout the game, you take back territory in Stilwater and bring back The Saints.

Doing so, you have a choice of three sub-storylines, as I mentioned before, to do at your leisure. These storylines are based around three different gangs, which are fighting over territory in Stilwater. The Brotherhood, The Ronin and The Sons of Samedi; all have different personality traits, fighting style and leaders, which added to the story being so interesting.

The story was surprisingly interesting, it's extremely simplistic, but told very well in great cutscenes that I've watched back after I finished the game. I'm not going to spoil more than I have, although I only talked about the start. The story is partly interesting because of how your character, who you customised, is seamlessly integrated into them, which may result in some extremely strange cutscenes, depending on your character.

At the start, when you come out of your coma, it gives you the excuse to customise your nameless character. From your age, to your weight, to your accent... your character can be customised. I liked my character a fair bit, and really didn't change him much from start to finish, with the obvious exception of clothing.

Clothing is acquired at shops throughout Stilwater, which are very common, and sell different clothes, which encourages travelling. You can go nuts with your clothing, from wearing nothing, to wearing a ninja suit. In fact you can go nuts with customisation in general.

This game literally has the most customisation I've seen since The Sims, and probably even more in terms of character customisation. You can customise yourself, your clothes, your hideouts, your homies (I made them look like ninjas), your gang vehicles, your cars, your gang's cars and even your graffitti tags.

The combat is great, both in melee, thrown weapons and with firearms. In melee, with your bare hands, you have two main attacking styles, with left click and right click. Hold them both to block, and hold one for a few seconds to do a more powerful attack, mostly bringing the enemy down with that single blow. That in itself is great, but there's more! You can pick up basically anything that looks like it can be picked up, from office chairs to street signs, and you can swing or throw your item wherever you want. You can also take people as hostage, to use them as a human shield, and you can shoot any of your weapons over their shoulder, even the RPG. After you're done with your shield, you can shoot them off, break their neck or throw them, which is great fun. There is nothing like the thrill of throwing someone into speeding traffic… am I evil?

With all that, you can use swords, baseball bats, sledgehammers, pepper spray, machetes, chainsaws, butterfly knives, combat knives, samurai swords and probably more. Not to mention you can hit people with all your weapons.

Gunplay is the usual third person shooter game, being able to zoom over the shoulder and all. The game doesn't have a cover system, nor does it need one. It's not that kind of game. Enemies have the perfect amount of health, and you never really run into any problems with the gunplay; it's mostly smooth. You can shoot out of your car or over someone's shoulder if you don't like the usual stuff. There is a great variety in firearms, with the usual things like UZI's and glocks, accompanied by more reckless, outrageous things like flamethrowers, mini-guns and lock-on RPG's. Thrown weapons act just like your guns, except you throw them this time… there is also a large variety of thrown weapons, like molotovs, flashbangs and grenades. Most weapons can be bought in stores around Stilwater.

There's a wide range of vehicles in Saints Row 2, some of which nicely have mounted weapons for you to fire around the place. These include tanks, jet skis, boats, planes, helicopters, cars, trucks and SUV's. All of which are easy and straightforward to drive, but the driving is never particularly fun until you get a fast or aerial vehicle.

My one and only real complaint to be found in Saints Row 2 is it being a cr@ppy PC port, which is unfortunate as it is a really good game. There are a fair few visual glitches to be seen, a lot of pop-in, and it seems to lag quite a bit when travelling in land vehicles, because it fails at loading things in from a distance. My PC isn't the best you will find, but it surpasses the recommended requirements, which is one of the reasons I bought it, other being it's quite cheap on Steam.

Overall Saints Row 2 is a downright brilliant game, I highly recommend it. I would recommend getting it on a console however, as the PC port of the game is of low quality. That being said, the PC version of the game is not ruined, and you will find a lot of enjoyment in it, especially for it's price.

Saint's Row 2 Review

By minimme

20 Sep. 10


...and there it is! The review you requested! Also, I'm back, as I said and you noticed. You can also see this review here for the score and here for no real reason. Thanks for the support!


I'm not dead.

This is a tiny little blog to confirm I'm not dead, I'm not on much for a personal reason. I'll be back to normal by Sunday/Monday... look forward to it! I'm still working on a SR2 review and that list of blogs I was doing, so you can look forward to that to!


An Update.

Here's an update of whats going on, I finished my 6 minute presentation for Monday, afterwards I remembered I had another assignment due that same day, along with the two due the next day, and a maths test x.x

Anyhoo, I'm surprisingly relaxed considering I have so much cr@p to do. I really shouldn't be blogging, but I like blogging, so I'm blogging... lolwut. If you read my last post you would've noticed I did miniature reviews on three games, and I'm willing to do a full review on one of them, so which game are you more interested in? Saints Row 2, Medal of Hono(u)r: Airbo(u)rne or Far Cry 2?

Also, click here to see the Veteran Shooters Union, it's a really awesome place, and needs more posters... check it out. Thanks for the support, and have a nice day ^^


About that thing I was doing.

I've decided to do it (it is a list of the best games of every year for the last 15 years or so), but I'm not going to start working on it until Tuesday, as I have a six minute presentation on Monday about polio, a maths test on Tuesday, and two assignments due that same day. On top of that I have a butload of maths homework, although it's not much of a fuss because it doesn't matter much, and theres no point doing pointless things. Wish me luck!

In other news, I've finished Saints Row 2, it's a great game, I've played 33.6 hours of it, according to Steam. It was a pretty dodgy PC port, but quite fun nevertheless, I really enjoyed just about everything from that game, it really did feel like it's world was only limited by your imagination, as it said in it's description on Steam. I'm not playing atm, but I can see myself going back to it sometime soon.

After finishing it, I remembered I had MoH Airborne, and played through that, the campaign was way too short, although it was immersive, looked surprisingly good and had quite solid gunplay. I couldn't get online, my EA account hates me, but the single player was quite fun, look for it in a bargain bin.

After that I bought Far Cry 2 off a friend for $10 AU with it's expansion, good buy huh. I'm not sure if I would call it a good game or not. What it does well, it does really well, and what it does bad, it does really bad. It's not terribly addictive simply because there is way too much travelling, but it's satisfyingly fun sneaking through or sniping an enemy camp killing every last one of them. Sniping is the best thing about it, simply because of how the AI re-act to eachother when being shot at, watch this video, you'll see what I mean.

Thanks for reading about my life, and my mini-reviews/impressions. If you want a song to listen too, here is one I found in Driver PL, that I've liked listening too.


My life.

So your probably wondering, I wonder how that minimme guy is going? Well to be frank, it's same old, same old. I still hate school, and I still love games, my most recent being Saints Row 2. It's a lot of fun. And that's about as much as I'm going to say about that.

The reason I made this blog is to hear your opinion on me making a heap of 'Best games of *insert year here*' blogs, I just have a strange intention to do that, but not sure if I can be bothered... would you randoms like that? Yeah this is the end of my blog, it's short and barely beneficial, but I haven't blogged in months...


Games to play.

This list is more for me than you, but you can tell me which one(s) to play next. It's just a list of games I've bought but haven't played, in no order.

MOH: Pacific Assault

MOH: AA: Spearhead + Breakthrough (I played the original)

MOH: Airbourne

NFS: Underground 2

Fallout Tactics

Some Rally DOS game

Some Star Wars DOS game

Star Wars: KOTOR 2

Star Wars: Online

Codname: Outbreak

FIFA: 2002

Soldier of Fortune

They're off the top of my head, I could bet you I have more; so I will update this list if/when I find out.

(PC Review)Driver: Parallel Lines

Driver: Parallel Lines... I didn't know what to expect from this game. I kept myself from installing it thinking it would be mediocre but after time, and boredom, I installed it. I was impressed!

You start off as TK (The Kid, creative huh?) in the late 70's, at first sight I thought he was some dork and wanted Tanner back, as I played on I found my self liking TK, surprisingly enough. He is a 'Wheelman' (like Tanner, without the 'undercover cop'ness) and aparently he is the best their is. You manage to find yourself a group of friends who send you on missions throughout the first half of the game. It's hard to review this game without ruining anything, so if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read the next paragraph.

Your 'friends' set you up, betray you and put you in gaol (this is the Australian spelling, get over it) for over 20 years, in which you are let out in 2006 and get revenge. Simplistic story yeah, but it was told very well with incredible voice acting and great CGI cutscenes. I found TK wasn't as cool in '06, which is reasonable, but I WAS playing as him. Pretty much EVERYTHING changes when you step into 2006, such as the NPC's, TK, the heads-up display, weapons, vehicles and environment. To be frank, the 70's were way more awesome than '06, the colour scheme and soundtrack is just... more awesome! I don't want rap in a Driver game, it's a simple as that. The two different timelines is why the game is called parallel lines.

You can read again now if you hate spoilers... I noticed the game focused on Driving this time around, again. Shooting was still there, it just wasn't used very much (which is a good thing by the way). Shooting on foot was focused on in some missions, which wasn't actually a bad thing this time around IMO, I mean, it would be better if there was no shooting at all (excluding the drive-by system, I'll explain later), but the missions added to variety and were no where near as frustrating as D3 ones were. I guess Reflections learnt from their mistakes in Driver 3 (which I thought was great unlike most did).

Although I wouldn't say it beats the driving mechanic from the original Driver game, the driving in this is still top-notch. It still has that awesome movie-like driving too it, and it's still the best at the 'I only just made that!' feeling, which is what Driver does best.

It's extremely easy to notice that the developers were trying to make it feel like a driver game, from the colour scheme to the smashing cones through a dirty alleyway, it's just all very... Driver, without Tanner...

There are welcome additions in the gameplay of PL, drive-by's for one, are awesome. You can stick you're arm out the window and shoot at things with almost every weapon in the game (in fact, the only one you can't use is the minigun... yes, there is a minigun). It's easily the best system I've ever used in terms of drive-bys, simply because you can lock on. A little trick I liked to use in this game was to handbrake, 180 turn, shoot my persuer while reversing, then 180 back around. Think of the game 'Wheelman' except with skill involved, it took a while to get right, but once I got it, it was awesome.

Another welcome addition was the vehicle customisation, which is good fun. You do it at a garage called 'Rays' owned by Ray who is a somewhat major character in the game. It costs ingame money, which is gained in a strange way.

Unlike Grand Theft Auto (which this game is being compared to too much), the main missions don't actually give you any ingame money, the side missions do. These involve chases, escapes, taxi missions, races and a survival type thing that you activate by smashing donut stands. The others are activated by getting in a car with a rotating minigame icon above it.

This game is full of unscripted memorable moments, like that time I landed on a cop car and it blew up only to see me do a frontflip to a land. Or that time I threw someone out of their car into a bus. Heh, good times.

The on-foot sequences have been improved quite a lot too, TK doesn't always face away from the camera, like Tanner did, using a keyboard and mouse prevents TK from walking, which I wasn't fond of. TK can lock on and he even has an over the shoulder view for more precise shots, it still isn't great, but it is good.Problems with on foot controls are; you can't jump! Every game needs a jump button! Even if it's uneeded (which it isn't in this game... meaning it is needed), you can't swim, and ducking (or crouching... whatever) is extremely awkward. You can't shoot or move while inbetween ducking and standing, and he moves really slowly while ducking. If I gave the on-foot sequences a rating out of 10 it would be 6.5.

There is no more take-a-ride or side missions that you select from a menu, like GTA, it mashes everything into one story-mode thing, which I think works quite well, you can start missions from the map by hitting 'T' while they are highlighted, or you can simply drive to them. I didn't like the 'T' button in the game, I found it much more fun to drive to each one, I also thought it ruined immersion a little.

Speaking of immersion, TK, and the peds, have gameplay dialog! That's about as much as I can say, and it is a step up from previous Driver games.

The biggest disappointment I had from this game is the fact that there is no more Film Editor! Like seriously?! A Driver game without the Film-Editor! That's simply lame.

This game is compared to GTA simply too much, when it's not. It focuses on Driving, GTA focuses on being bada$$, and that's why the critics have given it negative reviews in my opinion.

I won't say anything about the graphics because... well... just look at a gameplay video or something, pictures are worth a thousand words right? I will comment on the cutscenes, they are the usual Drivers CGI cutscenes, which are great! I particularly liked the voice acting and narration of TK, it was brilliant!

All up, Driver: Parallel Lines doesn't stay completely true to the Driver series, but what it does, it does well. In this review I have found all the negatives in the game I can think of, and no where near all the positives, this is one of the best games I have played in quite a while, surprisingly. I highly reccommend it!

Written by minimme on Thursday the 1st of July 2010.

You can also see the review here to see my score and give it a thumbs up (or down, but if you do that I will kill you), or here and comment there, if for some stupid reason you won't comment here.