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LA Noire Review

Best packed third-action and mystery to date.

Its been long time I not play mystery or solve puzzle games. I'm not type that will sit long hour just to playing games. LA Noire is exception.

Since first mission make inspection on crime scene it really great atmosphere to find every piece clue of victim, find suspect and solve the mystery. I feel that never find any experience like this in any games before, semi-sandbox packed with action mixed with mystery like NCIS game surprisingly makes a great game.

The case problem-solving mostly repeated pattern, you came to crime scene, ask question from every witness, clue will lead into other information until you get the suspect but its not simply like that, it mixed with plenty of action or surprise moment that makes this game so addictive, like first you think it just hit-n-run felony that accidentally but lately you found another clue that its maybe planned murder, or why the witness lie so badly and other, that makes me want to repeat mission if clue was not perfect found.

Rest of all, if you want to play great detective games with balance pack of action and some of intuition to solve problem then this is the best thing to spend your time.

Following Sim City 5

If someone ask me what is the best game in decade from simulation I will said Sim City,

no one can ever replace this city simulation ever, CityXL after weeks played I throw it to corner, Societies is garbage, I never accept the Sim City name on it. What can I say every series of Sim City takes it to next level and guess what I still play SimCity 4 with the expansion.

Now I hear absolutely great news in 2012 that Maxis developed Sim City 5 and it not just rumor or hoax, wow I'm pumped.

I will analyzed this screenshot, seems like we can decide theme of city, its like in Sim City 3000 where we can choose Asian theme building with rice farm field or Europe but in Sim City 5 I think there will be timeline where if we build cities in '90 there will be building like screenshot below.

Sim City 5

In future theme building love it, I want build more skycraper :D

Sim City 5

Sim City 5

It must be sure that we can decide the fate of our city become industrial icon or tourist destination icon, and surely it will affect polution, jobs, city income etc. Can't wait Sim City 5 !! :cry:

Sim City 5

Freelancer Type

I miss Space Sim like Freelancer or other space sim that same gameplay like that. I hope Microsoft Game Studios make progress with Freelancer 2 soon.

Tom Clancy Splinter Cell Chaos Theory

TCSCCT yeah... just finish it today. Maybe someone asking "Where have you been ?! In B.C era ??", its too over... maybe Anno lil bit better LOL. I always play great games even that oldist to play, like this Splinter Cell CT, not too past i think. This game give me great expreience, actually pleasure in that, almost a week i play it, sadly it finished too soon. Now i'll be ready to start or continue... Double Agent, check the requirement first... Meet ? No, well can someone give me a new Memory or VGA for a while please... I need extra plan for this.

Call of Duty 4

Theres nothing to look here, nothing response too, EXCEPT Infinity Ward self. COD 4 Graphics, gameplay, story, all component visual are great, not have to explain too much, all FPS lover already know it. I just finish to complete all mission, play multiplayer half hour per day, but DAMN IT !! I still want feel the intense of single player mission ! It sucks me into deep modern battlefield that i never felt before... I played COD 1 (Love it), 2 (Love too), 3 (Never try it before, WHERES THE DAMN PC Version !?, i hope i can play even just a bit, any plan to release collector edition, Ward ?), and the last is The Four. Not many next-gen game can played in my Low Spec CPU, you can count by finger but COD 4 can play in my CPU, every single misson play smoothly, almost but sometimes lagging, but it still impressive. All that i need is Expansion Pack COD 4 ... This the news i waiting for... I just need positive answer, negative is forbidden... :twisted: