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Gamespot, you have to wake up.

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seems I'm not really into this blogging thingy at Gamespot.

Gamespot seriously has to improve the way they design and engineer user-interfaces for their members. I mean come on, its so conflated, messy and did I mention messy? Its really all over the place, gamespot seriously has to revamp its user profile interface, if not this will be my last 'blog' post ever.

my last post had a 2 year gap in between... so this will be eternal.

Cheers (and good riddance?)

Deus Ex

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Apparently, my state of existential condition supercedes that of any form of technologically deterministic biographical narrative. Put simply, I am not exactly thrilled about my state of self after playing games such as Deus Ex which plays around with all-things technologically advanced that gives impressions of surrealism of impossibilities.

Well, the game immerses me in a sorta like, techno-capitalistic world, where human limbs are easily replaced with far superior mechanical contraptions, and the action is almost like the Fallout series. However, a few hours into the game, somehow depreciated my interest in it, as the gold-black dominant colors often constrain my vision into what Dunhill envisioned their masculine jewellery with.

Overall, it was kinda fun, but honestly, the replayability of the game, pales in comparison with other RPG games such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, or even Baldurs Gate (yay!).

Oh wells, I like staring at analog watches anyways..

Anno 1404 First Impressions

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I just pre-ordered my copy of Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery. It had a quick installation procedure, but as soon as the game loaded, I noticed that there was no multiplayer. Yeap, you heard me. Regardless, I ran the game at 1920x1200 resolution with graphics setting on 'superior'. I felt the game's graphics was captivating, along with a complimentary musical score that subtlely accomodates itself with the gameplay changes. Also, the game was very meticulous with a sort of a "micro-management" style interface that involved trading over the ocean among several islands one of its most fundamental aspect. For me, I find that interesting but the learning curve takes a while to settle in. The campaign was good - though I only played 2 prior to writing this - and the interface is customizable to a degree where the player could choose his/her own shortcuts on the action bar. I think that this is important as games should give customizability options to the player instead of forcing the player to adapt to the game's interface. Notifications and quest log is neatly kept at the sides via small icons and the gameplay camera is immersive.

Overall I think its a good game amidst the other RPG/Action games I have, and it gives a good break from the hustle & bustle of spontaneous FPS modes.

Dragonshard... just bought it! muahaha, here's my first impression

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The game however seems brilliant in terms of graphics and sound. But, it's the first generation of RTS+RPG game combined together that I've seen so far. As far as the RTS element is concerned, well, hands-down it rocks. Good RTS combat and micro-managing aspects as well as deployment of strategy in view of weaknesses and damage type. Other than that, the RPG department is lacking major aspects. I agree that the D&D rules are applied approriately but the individual 'backpack' system is kinda like the ultra-simplified version of the inventory system in most RPG faculties. Apart from that, the Item basis lacks depth and invention. As the real RPG item system makes users anticipate their character leveling up to a certain extent whereby an Item can be used in that level. This makes the users have that 'motivation to look forward' syndrome. Dragonshard really could use this. Weapon classes could spice up the RPG aspect even more. The camera is locked to a 180degree angle with a 90degree +y axis and 38degree -y axis. This really hampens the gameplay when rotating the screen to view enemies etc. Furthermore the keys on the numpad 4 & 6 allows that function which slowsdown the gameplay and combat issues alot. If that is not applied, the PAUSE feature is completely static which does not make up for the locked camera in Dragonshard. a more dynamic and flexible PAUSE feature will allow the player to view the weakneses and damage type of units before going in to battle. This is an important aspect and I hope they might (very unlikely) apply the feature in a new patch. Other than that, a lot of love went in making this game, and for RTS fans out there who wants a little zest on the game, this game totally kick a$$. Cheers, Min (Hail Budweiser@!)