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Heart Smasher

Heart represents the true feelings of love. Here is an opportunity to play like a Cupid, the god of love . Your job is matching the hearts and sending it into the real world. Use your godly touch and plan for disappearing the hearts from heaven and send it back to the human world. Match the hearts according the colors of love and complete all the levels. The more you match, the more you get points. You will get different kinds of challenge to make the levels complete. Make sure to use your brain and complete all the love puzzles. Best of luck CUPID.


Fushh is very innovative game for Android and Iphone. The game based on the ability to visualize randomly moving object. In this game we use Balloon as a moving object. You have to blast balloon by touching. The more time will pass the balloons will slowly speed up their movements. So the more challenge you will get to stay on the pace. So guys check your ability. Show it to the world that how fast your senses are. Best of luck guys