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My PS3 won't turn on, I press the button in the front and the red light becomes green for a second or two and then it goes yellow and blue. Then it's back to red and the PS3 won't start.

What's the deal? Is my PlayStation a goner?

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Please guys, I'm really looking forward to an answer/help!

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Alright, I think I had the same problem over a year ago and it resulted in my getting a new PS3. But I can't remember if it's the same case like then

The problem is, I turned on the PS3 and it gave me a message about "the Hard Drive needs to be rebuilt" or something like that. After that happened, I inserted a disc and it won't read it. This happens with all my discs, it's not a problem of just 1 or 2 of my discs.

Why won't it read my discs? How is this fixable? Should I format the PS3 or something?

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Man, my PS3 is making me nervous. The fan in the back is making a lot of noise.

Here it became very hot the last few days. Is this why or should i clean it?

I already cleaned it with a rag but it doesn't seem to have made a difference.

Any advices?

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I've been having the same problem. All the noise is getting annoying...

So I just should clean th dust out? How exactly do I do this? And also, what is this fan check I read above?


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Yeah, I already asked for three days off from work!
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I could really use some help!

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I really want to connect to PS Store but can't because of current location.

If I create a new user and then Sign up for Playstasion Network and put another location that has access, will it work?

Also if I download a game or something with my second User, will I be able to play the game with my first User?

Thanks in advance!

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Since you don't have online, I'll say Ratchet which was an amazingly great game I played and Resistance. Resistance has a great story and the online part is not neccesary in my opinion, since I got the game and don't bother playing it online now that we have CoD4 for that.
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[QUOTE="miltiadous"]I will say it again, I don't have access to the Store. Because of my region. Any new info about getting around this?Krigon

You could make another psn account with a fake address for a different country. Though then you wouldn't be able to buy games (i think), until the psn prepaid cards are out.

To make a fake PSN account, do I need to create a second User on my PS3?