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My id is milomell

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Ps3 move and Xbox360 Kinect Comparison

Hello gamers today we gonna talk about the ps3 move and the xbox 360 kinect base on my knowledge of watching videos of the two i found this topic very interesting and i must say i am a fan of all gaming console so this is for you as a gamer who have experience of playing the two devices to judge not because you think you have the best gaming console and which is why the device is better because you are a fanboy am talking about what is suitable for more mature type of games and which is more comfortable to play.Ok lets get started the ps3 move have killzone 3 coming up for it and other fps games for it which is compatible to use motion by playing these type of games and this is why sony make the move with actual buttons for the move to play these games as well and now xbox 360 have the project natal aka the kinect which is also a motion device but different it's just a camera that capture your body frame in the game itself which make this intersting as well but what about using the kinect to play fps games how would you pull the trigger of a gun if you don't have a button to push well gamers i want to hear your answers between the two.

call of duty black ops vs call of duty modern warfare 2

Well first of all am gonna make it clear that i don't own call of duty black ops as yet i only have mw2 but base on my online experience with mw2 on the ps3 is that i hardley see any log with it don't get me wrong it logged but not that often and it will logged base on the strength of your internet.Anyway what i wanna talk about is the comparrison between the two and i watch alot of gameplays on youtube and videos of gameplay from a friends on black ops they say that the story line is one of the best story line of all time for the call of duty series but i heard that it logged alot online i dont't know if it's because of internet signal strength but i heard alot of complain about it so i wanna know whats your comparison between the two.

the worst set of game ive seen and played

GI JOE RISE OF COBRA- This game is an embarrassment to next gen console it is poorly developed NEED FOR SPEED UNDERCOVER- I am a fan of nfs and i must say this is one of the worst nfs i ever played this game shouldn't even be on ps3 and xbox 360 it full of glitches and the graphics is terrible when u play this game some part is so bright and some part is so dark and it is poorly developed HAZE- In my opinion this could be a great game base on the story line but the graphics is terrible as well and they need more ideas for this game u fight the same enemy in this game until the end of it which makes it really boring and for this game to be a ps3 exclusive it should have more to it and it's time they make more exclusive game for ps3 that will take advantage of the ps3 cell processor