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Question 1) How do you use a Majin's "Land's Demise" skill. It is grayed out. I am stuck in a dark world stage unable to reach an enemy and unable to die. It is my only hope of not having to quit game and lose progress.


Question 2) If a mage wears a puppy paw stick and casts magic will the stealing effect still trigger?



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I have several grinding tips. One of the biggest tips I have for you is A) Magichange and B) tower attack. These methods level multiple people at once. And of course abuse the Honor students club! Also utilize stronger enemy bills as needed.


1) UBER LOW LEVEL GRINDING. Strongest Cross Road


With this we go to strongest cross road in chapter 1. Just fight the prinnies or tower attack with a strong guy on the bottom.


2) Mid low level (Rotten Grude lv 60-200 recommended for the bottom of the tower.

There are two ways to deal with this. 

1: dig out a ditch and throw the zombies onto an island all alone where they can't reach anyone. This allows you to combo on them over and over till your standstill bonus is high enough.  This is especially useful for mages to level up fast to get those tera spells. The +50% mana helps too.

2: Have a guy who is around lv 60 with the hospital gifts on tbe the bottom of a 10 person tower.  The thing with towers is the DM hieght gets so high that the enemy cannot use special skills (Which could give you lethal poison ) Because of this they have to regular attack you over and over. A warrior or armor knight would work wonders. Anyway this lets you level up 10 people at once.

3) Higher low levels 200-500  (House of Ordeal 2) This one can be done with mages who are good enough or a tower leading into the center. 

For the tower you lead your tank into the middle the chain leads all the way back to the attack+ 50 which you throw then pick up the thrower and make the chain.

4)  High level 500-9999 (LOC if you have the right stuff) House of Oredeal 3.

No funny business here. By now you probably have Big Bang or decently leveled mages. Gang Bang with big bang and +8 FIRE until the mage is high enough in power to 1 shot the group. Then leech exp with the honor students club and mana with the robbers or true robbers shops. This is great for unlocking tiers of characters and can have everything unlocked within a few hours. It'll also get you some powerful mages as a fail safe. Once they can take care of themselves other people can use big bang or 9 block magic to level themselves.

If you have the right gear you can repeat this process in the Land of Carnage for faster results.




If you feel you have the patience you can go to STRONGEST OVERLORD and challenge the mighty Overlord. Using my techniques you cannot lose no matter how low level you are. I defeated him with max enemy bills passed. (he was almost lv 7000) with a group of 100-400ish characters. Here's how.


As mentioned before there is a standstill bonus. Also mentioned before towers that are tall enough disable the use of enemy skills on you. Well the Strongest Overlord is fingers stuck through a floor. He cannot move. So if you keep your tower 1 space beyond his reach (which is 1 space) He cannot defend himself and you cannot lose. When moving a tower around in the fight never throw further than the thrower can walk and you can just treadmill around the room as a rotating tower with no threat of dying. Pointers for general tower leveling. 

1) If you have people with the girl samurai evilty Euthanasia  somewhere towards the top you can kill off  enemies much faster. This is especially helpful  for the Strongest Overlord as he has a lot of HP. I got my millions of damage trophy with a lv 100 samurai when she did his max life in damage after he reached 25% hp.

2) Bow users. The more bow users in your tower the higher chance you will spawn a treassure box when killing an enemy. Despite the added bonus of getting extra treasure in the House of Ordeal 2 it actually serves a stratigical purpose. if the 4 martial artists surrounding you turn into treasure boxes the remaining martial artists will just stand there and take your punishment with no threat of losing your tank.


This is basically all you need to know about leveling in Disgaea 3. 

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Hard to say really, I did most of my cycling BEFORE  getting any of the former DLC characters.  If I recall in the PS3 ver you kept them. 

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Well most likely the problem is they grew up on too much processed food. That can happen you know. Eat stuff with so much preservatives that you start to dislike the taste of real meats and breads and stuff. (McDonald's fries are nasty btw and they don't decompose..)

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I like the baconator


I have boycotted Wendy's till they bring back the Spicy Baconator. The regular one just doesnt do it for me. I want jalapenios and peperjack!

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Whopper! McDonald's burgers are like laxatives for me.


Same here. I only eat chicken at McDonalds. Big Mac should be called "The big bread sandwitch." I don't believe McDonalds uses 100% beef. I just dont taste it. With BK I can. BTW the "Big King" doesn't exsist anymore because when someone goes to BK they don't want a Big Mac they want something else. XD I worked at BK during the Big King's final days.

And I'll have to say this. People I know who have worked at McDonalds say they'd never eat there again.... Reason being the food is low quality and handled poorly. BK has some faults for not making sure everything is absolutely fresh. But they won't give you an hour old sandwitch like McDonalds will. (And in the case of some of their other less ordered sandwitches, SEVERAL hours old.)

I worked at BK for over a year and the only thing I'd probably stay away from, is the mayo. Believe me, go light on the mayo...

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I think so. Thats what I'm hoping at least.

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you cant. and there is no reason to go back to an older firmware because some games require the latest firmware for trophy support and other stuff. and older games like burnout paradise have updated their game to v1.7 so i believe it will require the latest firmware.boybrushdred

Actually there IS a reason to go backwards, if your firmware corrupts your PS3 doesn't work right. If I could go back it'd give me the ability to reinstall the update and hopefully it wouldn't go wrong this time. Get it? lol I AM waiting till 2.70 comes out before I pay sony 150$ to fix the issue.

However you're also wrong about it being impossible to roll back, because it is, you just need to know what the heck you're doing. This video will show you that it's possible.

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My 60GB PS3 stopped reading PS3 games properly shortly after updating to 2.60. Reads everything else fine though. I've done resets, full refreshes, full formats, used every option in the system recovery, Sprayed it out with duster (although it wasn't really dusty to begin with), And even swapped out the HDD. I was going to open it up and check if the blue ray lens was being obstructed by any means. But when I peeled the warranty sticker half way off I realised they used a fairly small size of star bit screw-driver, which I don't possess. This stuff happens apperantly, your firmware CAN potentially corrupt, which is either the fault of your internet, or the Playstation Network. My suggestion is download the updates to a USB flash drive, this should reduce the chance of failure.

I know this error can happen fairly commonly, because I ordered a PS3 off of Ebay and it had this issue right when I got it. Played PS2/1 games but freezes up while playing PS3 games, or wont load them at all. I believe it's called error 80010514. I returned it to the seller in exhange for another 60GB model, it's been working without fail for several months but shortly after 2.60 it stopped reading PS3 games correctly. Exact same issue.

What I'm doing now, is waiting for firmware update 2.70, in hopes that when I download it and it overwrites 2.60 that it'll restore functionality and save me the hassle of sending my PS3 into Sony, paying them 150$, and potentially getting back a system that isn't the 60GB model.

But if it must be done, it must be done.

I see this as a technical issue that Sony is at fault at. Because they dont allow you to revert your firmware back to an earlier firmware and try to redownload. Nor will they man up and replace the units for free out of warranty, (Most of the time when issues happen it's RIGHT outside of the warranty. LoL uncool.)

But then again, it took a cla$$-action lawsiut to force Microsoft to deal with the Xbox 360's red ring of death. So I doubt anything short of that would make Sony fix their faulty product for free. Likely all they are going to do is re-flash the firmware. Which may or may not be a complicated process, I have no idea. All I know is my PS3 hasn't been able to play PS3 games (other than downloaded ones) for over a month now.

It's very discouraging,

Here's the break down. Because of the nature of the firmware and how it's NONREVERSABLE it is potential that you will kill your system on ANY firmware update. However not all that likely. In the rare cases that it happens though, it really sucks. But you'll PROBABLY be fine.

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Man this thing is incredibly outdated. Any word on when the next update past 2.60 is?

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