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I'm offroad again!!! Please add me to your...

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I have created new account and i want to start over!!! Please every one who read this find user called Nano_Assassin(thats my new account) and add me to your friend list!!! TTTTTTTTTTTHHHNNX!!!

Back on the road again!!!

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Oh man this was very long time whit out gamespot!! i just studied studied and studied! Didn;t even have a time to play ps2 or pc! But i'm back I had some time to make banner ,... So how are you guys whats up here!?

Should I do this?

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I want to change username, but iknow that it is imposible so i wrote a message to gamespot nad it says that it is not sumbited! So i want to delete this account and create new account. I'm not shure so what do you think, i think that i should do this because i have 1 year account!?

Would this work...? (plz read)

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I have Guitar Hero 1,2 and 3 and USB Wireless guitar KRAMER (from guitar hero 3), and SingStar Microphones

and i want to buy rock band 1 & 2 will these gadgets ( guitar and mics) work on rock band and can i play without drums?!

Which one is better Nintendo DS or Playstation Portable?!

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Once again, i want to ask you what is your opinion:

Nintendo DS Lite


PlayStation Portable Slim

Personaly i Preffer DS! I watched competision about these two guys and on one wins psp and one other wins ds! I think that DS is better, but lets just ask you what do you think (your opinion is important to me)!!!!

Its time to blow your mind!!!

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I cant wait to be releassed Star wars Force Unleashed! My father was in germany while there was congres in lipzieg and he gave me a bunch of gamer magazines but they are on german!:P