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Happy New Year

Wow. I haven't posted here in over a year. I have been checking the site every once and a while. I am now here to wish all my friends a happy new year. Also its a new decade too. Well in the time i was abscent from the site i got tickets to the olympics. The tickets are for Speed Skating. Tell me what you've been up to


Happy thanksgiving everyone!! Sorry i haven't talked to any of you in a while. Oh and if you thaught i was crazy or joking or something it actually is thanksgiving in canada.

on vacation

Well today im leaving to go to mount rushmore. Ill be back in a week. if theres a computer at the hotel ill try to talk to you guys. bye

Away for the week

Tommorrow I leave to Calagary to go to ss camp. Please do not defriend me. I will be there for the week. My camp will be at the U of C. They accually had the 1988 olyimpics there. So I get taught by olimpians for a week. I wil be living at my uncle's house for a week, So I might be able to talk to you. But his intenet is very slow. See you guys in a week.

sorry + finals

Sorry i havent been on lately. It's because of finals. it is now summer vacation here. On the last day of school we went watersliding at kanosse. I got major sunburn. I'm bored now. Also if you have facebook add me. I'm the only miles hearn on facebook. also send me a message telling me who you are on face book ( or gamespot name).

Best weekend ever

This weekend was awsome. First my friend thompson had a birthday. we went watersliding. Then me and my friends mohart, thomson, and josh (AKA ginger kid) slept over at josh's house. We slept outside in a tent and it rained. We played fugitive with some grade 11's untill 6:00. Than the next day me and my dad went to Regina to see rush live in concert. That was awsome.