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My Review Score for The Hunger Games

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote a blog.:shock: Anyway, Here is my QUICK Review:


+The Casting was great especially Jennifer Lawrence *Claps*

+Good Storyline with some Dramatic moments

+Outstanding Sound Effects and Motion Effects

-/+The Music wasn't bad

-The Organizers were Trolling:P

SCORE: 8.7/10 (Great)

You should go watch it now!

My Most Wanted Wii Game is... (Part 3)


Metroid Other M

Genre: Action Adventure
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer(s): Project M (Nintendo SPD Production Group 1, Team Ninja, D-Rockets)
Release Date: TBA/2010

Metroid: Other M is in development by Team Ninja and Nintendo SPD Production
Group 1 (collectively called "Project M")
for the Wii. The game features both 2D
and 3D gameplay in both first and third-person perspectives. Metroid: Other M
would "take you deeper into Samus'' story, Set between Super Metroid and
Metroid Fusion, Other M will involve Samus' commanding officer, Adam
, who dies sometime prior to Fusion. Malkovich was seen briefly
in the trailer released for the game at E3 2009, speaking the line "Any
objections, Lady?"
. the trailer footage appeared with "anime-$tyle cut-scenes, large 3D arenas for boss battles, and surprisingly brutal deathblows."

Metroid: Other M Trailer:

Here (HQ)

Tagged for the 1st time + My Most Wanted Wii Games (Part 2)

nintendo_warrio tagged me

i will say 10 things about me and then tags 3 people.

1- I like my Wii:P

2- My Favorite Nintendo Characters is Samus

3- I have beaten all metroid games

4- I love Soccer:P

5- Miles (Tails) is my Favorite Character8)

6- My Favorite Movie Would Be Hancock:D

7- My Favorite SNES Game Would Be Super Metroid

8- Nintendo is Awesome:o

9- My Favorite Song Would Be Crank It Up - Ashley Tisdale

10- I Want Metroid Prime Trilogy!:x:P

I Will Now Tag Three People





Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate all Stars

Release Date: January /26/ 2010


No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle

Release Date: January /27/ 2010


Zelda Wii

Release Date: TBA/2010


Super Mario Galaxy 2

Release Date: TBA/2010

My Most Wanted Wii Games (Part 1)


Metroid Prime Trilogy

Release Date: Available Now


Tales of Graces

Release Date: TBA/2010


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles The Crystal Bearers

Release Date: December /26/ 2009


Red Steel 2

Release Date: February /16/ 2010


New Super Mario Bros. Wii

Release Date: November /15/ 2009

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