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The community I inherited....

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So, I've been off for a while, but now I think I'll start writing reviews again to keep my mind sharp.  I've also inherited a Union.  It was called "The Ultimate MK Union", but I've decided to zoom out to merely games with roots and start from there, Hoprefully, my first attempt at leadership shall be fruitfull.

My badge?

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Is this a glitch or do they take away top reviewer badges, if you stop reviewing for a while?

My last review really wasn't very popular...

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I stand behind all my reviews to date. All of them are written with enough in-game experience to competently review it and I will always try to do so. The game isn't that great. Stop looking at it as a Sonic game and realize that every time you race feels like pain. You only feel so happy to finish a race, because you're relieved to be done with just another race...

Racing games...

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There are three categories of racing games: realistic racing games, futuristic, high-speed racing games, and kart/miscellaneous racing games. My favorite racing games have to be F-Zero GX, F-Zero for the SNES, Mario Kart 64, and Super Mario Kart.  These are all fun, crazy, and never get boring. I'm just saying this because I just did two racing game reviews and am trying to promote these.  Read them and reccomend them, if you don't, then just leave them alone.  Thank you.  

So I bought Battlefield 1942...

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and I have yet to play it, since the computer at home is a piece of crap(Gamespot forces me to censor myself).  I'm just really hoping that the computer at my dorm can handle it.  I also hope that the game doesn't stray too far from what I loved about Battlefield 2.  If only I had a super computer, then I could just play Battlefield 2 at my leisure, than paying by the hour.

My reviews...

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I'm just a little worried. I really only own good games. I don't buy crap. I generally have a good sense for games that I'll like. I rent all games that I'm unsure of and buy games I know will be classics. Right now. I look at a lot of the games in my collection that I haven't reviewed and see a bunch of 9s, high-8s, and even a few 10s. What should I do? I want to throw in the mix a few bad ones, but I don't know what to start with. What bad games are really worth my attention? I sound like an ass, but I really rather prefer reviewing good games. Anyways, I hope someone listens to me and I get into this crap on a professional level.

Level 6...

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I can make union now, but I don't really want one. Ummmm... ok. Well at least I have a cooler name than tapper. Wait. Actually I like tapper more...
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