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New Blog and I'm back!

Alright, I've gone a long time sense I made a Blog. I'm now making anoither new blog! It's been almost a year sense the last blog. Well I quit Gamespot for a while, But I am back posting again now. Woo me!

Thats pretty much all now, Im active again.

Leaving for Texas.

Well Im leaving for Texas tomorrow I wil be gone for about 2 weeks or more It depends. So I will be gone for a while. So I just though I would make a blog and say I am leaving for a while.
Bye for a while now.

Jeff Hardy Returns!

For any Fan of Jeff Hardy if you dont know Jeff Hardy is returning to Raw next week.
So for the long while he has been gon ehe is now coming back!


I have been busy for a while and couldnt get on muhc so I though I would make a blog and tell everyone that I have been out alot working for the past week. Now my sisters up from Texas and shes staying here for 2 weeks so I will probably be out with her most of the day while shes here.
So I might not be as active for a while.

DX is back!

D-Generation X Has Returned to Raw!
Shawn Michaels and Triple H are together again as a team!

and now ECW is on the Scifi Channel!
I though I would make a blog and say so everyone knows now DX is back!

3,000 posts!

I donno when I got to 3,000 All I know is sometime today I didn't even notice it either I just posted and saw I was over 3,000 so now I got over 3K post!
it took me from May 15, till now June 2nd to get 1,000 post in.

2,000th Post!

Today (may 15th) I have gotten my 2000th post!
I have gotten 1000 May 1st and 2000 May 15th so in 15 days I got 1000 post. I will now try to get to 3000!
That is all.
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