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Well Hello Thar

I believe its time for a blog post... its been too long lol.

I know im rarely active with the community and what not but hey its good to say hello every now and then...

Gamertag : Mikemetroid add me on live if you want to play something

Where Have i Been..

Well its been over 6 months since my last post.
This is whats been happening to me

November- My dad passed away because of a Heart attack. He was 53 and i didn't see it coming at all
December- I Had a very small christmas in my new house..which is 1 floor.
January- I Turned 13 on the 4th and I get in my first fight and get charged with Disorderly Conduct
Feburary- Nothing really happened... i just was bored
March- Again Nothing really happened.. My grandma was in a Coma for 17 days.. but shes fine now.

I just summarized the last couple of months since my last blog post or last time i ever had contact with anyone (because i kinda forgot about gamespot)

I have a myspace now

And please... tell me what the hell has been going on with you guys

BRAWL CODE : 2578 2811 1820

Hey guys.

If you guys have not noticed. I have been absent for the past 3 weeks.
I am in the middle of moving and internet is out. I should be back in a couple of days.