The Quilt I won

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Are you ready for a testimony? :D

Anyway, I was at church a month ago, when an announcement was made about Fall Fest. While I was praying, a word came to me. "I want you there."

Okay Lord, I thought.

Here I thought it was for a photo op. I was only partially right.

I got there and got straight to work. I was taking pictures left and right. All told, I took 164 photos. I take joy in what I do.

Anyway, the time approached to buy some tickets. I figured since I don't win things anyway, that the Network of Hope is a good charity to give to. Strike that. It's a GREAT charity to give to. Included is a link to the stuff that they do:

Then I said to myself, Back to work. And I promptly forgot that I even filled the tickets out.

I was getting ready to go home. I got a ride from some friends. When took the van over to the church's secondary site. I got a phone call. It was really noisy in the van and couldn't hear what the caller was saying. I did hear this: "You won the quilt."

"What?" I actually said that. Then I said "I'll be right there."

I announced I won the quilt and I needed to get right back over there.

After I got out of the van, I looked Heavenward. "Thank You Lord."

His response was: See, I told you that you needed to be there.

God met my needs, even though I didn't even know that I had that particular need. But I did you see. The comforter I had was paper thin. It held no heat at all. In fact, it was giving it all away. In fact, last winter, I was freezing with it. Now this quilt is big, thick and heavy. Retains heat pretty well. In fact, I called it a Granny quilt.

To close: I have a picture of it in my image section. God bless you all. :D

Finally I got it.

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If you know me, it doesn't take much to make me happy.  I went out and bought a bunch of stuff:

1.  I downloaded some new music from iTunes.  I bought music from a group called NewsBoys.  I really like it, esp a song called "Amazing Love." And then, on top of that, I got Handel's Messiah, which I listened to this morning.

2.  I "upgraded" my my music from iTunes to Itunes Plus.  Sound wise, it does make a difference.  There are tonal qualities produced from a CD and another tonal qualities as produced by an LP album.  There is a difference.  the biggest difference was in the album "Celtic Woman"

3.  I saved the best for last.  I got a new limited edition DS.  The cover of this thing is crimson.  It's really pretty.  It also came with a carrying case that is also pretty.  And it came with BrainAge 2, which I haven't tried yet.  Too busy playing Pokemon.  Oh yeah, Pokemon.  I can now trade Pokemon with myself.  :D