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Long Time, No Blog Post

Hey to those who still remember me haha. I sure haven't been on the site for a while now but since I was bored I thought I'd spend some quality time in this site that sparks quite a lot of memories. A lot has happened ever since i went on a hiatus from here but I'd rather talk about that to those who care privately (again for those who care) rather than to post on a blog that I might not even come back to haha.

Will I stay on the site for long? Who knows. If the site and its people (particarly unions) keep me engaged in interested...sure. Speaing of unions if anyone recommends any GOOD ACTIVE AND INTERESTING unions (i hate unions that are dull with no rather interesting discussion with interesting people) i might sound demanding but it might as well keep me here since i somewhat have an attachment with this site.

Thanks for reading. It somewhat feels nice to post a blog here after such a long time now haha

tldr; Sup, whats new?


Eh Gamespot...

Well looky here, its mightychir writing another one of his blogs in like...idk.

Hi to all those I haven't seen in a LONG time (mostly everyone). Thought I would just say hello. If you wonder where the hell I have been well I just haven't been on GS (durr) and have been doing irl things that hold my attention. Mainly: PS3, One Piece, Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG.

PS3: Yes of course :3 Finally after the long wait I can play the PS3. I bought it with my own money and am enjoying it. Doesn't mean I will abandon Wii of course. Games I have are MGS4, SSFIV, BF 1943, MvsC2, MGS1, MW2 and Fat Princess. Also pre ordered MvsC3 already lul. PSN is almightychir for those who want to know ;3

One Piece: Yea, I thought it was stupid before but I got soooo bored, I started reading the manga and started liking. However, I had to start watching the anime since scans became illegal (well already were lol) and so sites started going down( although there are some that still do it lul) I love the anime now since I love how carefree the anime is. Yes there are some fillers [which anime doesn't?(except FMA Brotherhood thingy said by nintendo_warrio and maybe some I don't know of:P )] But yea, I enjoy One Piece much more than Naruto now (haven't read Naruto in a month lol) Just on episode 363 or so out of 470 I think lol. It still keeps on going but hopefully I'll catch up

Yu-Gi-Oh! No point of describing since people won't care...

Anyways I just wrote this blog since some guys were fixing the sink thingy and I couldn't use the PS3 so I did it out of boredom lul.


Update on the life of the mighty chief of the graceful dolphin riders.

How long has it been since I have written a blog? Some months huh. Probably the only reason I am writing so today is because I really have nothing else to do at the time and I wish I was home. But since I have written this far here on GS, I suppose I should update you doods/doodads about my stuff and other blog-ish stuff.

Smash stuff:

As some of you know, I am into Competetive Smash. That means I liek to play on neutral stages and items off. That doesn't mean though I don't like to play for the lulz, just that I been more into competetive since I want to get my name around here in Mississauga (some city close to Toronto). Well,as some of you might have seen in my sig, I was hyped up for a tournament called "Let's Brawl Toronto 2!" in which I actually went to. Well, it being my first OFFLINE tournament with actually interacting with people I was hella shy. I entered in Brawl Singles and I wanted to see what I could do offline wise since online doesn't really prove anything of skill (yes I am starting to sound one of those *****s but what?) So I played and heck, was I surprised. Offline does make everything better competetively since I don't have friend irl who like to play competetively and where I usually do play as so is online. So anyways I was in pools and stuff and I managed to get out of pools in which I was hoping for. Favorite part from pools however is when I was playing a Sawnik with DK and it was 5 seconds left. He has less % than I did so Ididn't want tolose due to him timingme out. So then, 2 seconds left in the clock, hefoward rolled and I fsmashed him.No where else have I experiencedsuch a close and heart wrenching match XD. Everyone was like LOLWTF.

So then comes the elimination brackets and I had to face this guy who was well known. Well his Peach was good and stuff and I managed to 1-1 him in a best out of 3 set with Snake. So then some guy I knew from AiB was like "GO MK" i'm like "lol". He eventually did and he beat me with MK =[. It was better than playing his ICs because he would have made a fool out of me (OMG his ICs were too good from what I saw from pools @_@). So then losers, and I faced something I hoped I wouldn't face...ICs. So from there hopefully some of you would know, just inifite me to a high % and then smash me. Unfortunately thats what happened and I got kicked out of brackets. Even though I was like =/ at first I soon realized I need to go to offline more and need to learn morethe MU (match up) of chars. I placed 25th out of 65 entries or so lol. Idk what to consider it as a local or regional tourney since some guys from Quebec came (Including Ally lawl). You can look here for the official Brawl results page. I did do some casuals/friendlies with ppl in which I had a lot of fun. That day was long but extremely fun for me and I wish I could do more of them. I am still willing to play anyone online if you would like however.

Personal stuff I guess >_>:

So now I changed semesters. Cla$$es I have now are Civics and Careers, Science (I really forget which kind but I know its 10th grade academic lmao), Food and Nutrition and Math (again, I just know its 10th grade academic). As of now, its been gewd other than me changing lunch with my previous friends and having to hang out with new ones. I of course will try to procrastinate less since it really affected me last semester. I also signed up for the school's weight room lol. I am going there after school everyday to work out and such since my dad wants me to and I sorta do to.

Moving on, some of you might have noticed my Yu-Gi-Oh! theme lately. I started watching the original anime involving the Pharoah and managed to finish all 5 seasons of it. Nostalgia is too good. Also I started watching Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and I am almost done with season 1. So I am planning to watch until I get to 5Ds since I don't know anything about it lololol. I have also started playing the TCG. I promised to myself I wouldn't play it again since I thought it was a waste of money but now, the show just influences me too much and I have some people whom I play with every week. I am makinga Koa'ki Meiru Deck if you curious. I even already have protective sleeves for my deck and a binder with 9 pocket holes for my trading cards lawl. I sometimes go to this hobby store to play/buy/trade. I have a lot more in Colombia and my mom said she would bring them once she gets here :3.

Other thing I would like to talk about is my recent huge involvement with Hard$tyle Gawd, I can't stand a day without listening to it. I am also having a fight on who is my fav DJ between DBSTF (D-Block & S-te-fan) and Noisecontrollers in which both are dutch. One thing is for sure, my fav song is Attack Again by Noisecontrollers

I have nothing to say in the gaming section since I will not include it and I haven't really been involved in gaming lately =/.

Thanks for reading my blog :3


Japan's Final Days in WWII PART 4!

Like I said" YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS... bla bla bla. You get the drill lol.


"I cannot endure the thought of letting my people suffer any longer"; if the war did not end "the whole nation would be reduced to ashes." Japan's mentality has always been to fight 'till the end. Surrendering is a disgrace. It was an honor to fight until the death for the name of the family. That was the mentality in Japan in WWII. Military leaders insisted to keep on fighting the Americans. However, Emperor Hirohito saw how devastating the 2 atomic bombings were and the Americans threatened on bombing even more if they didn't surrender unconditionally. Not wanting the nation to turn in to "ashes" if it kept on fighting, Emperor Hirohito insisted on surrender for the Japanese.

Emperor Hirohito

The only question remaining now was if Japan's military leaders would allow the emperor to surrender. Loyalty to the emperor was an absolute in the Japanese military, but so was the refusal to surrender. This created a conflict between the Emperor himself and military leaders. Military leaders tried to make "peace negotiations" with the Soviets to do them a favor on not fighting on 2 fronts by the world's superpowers. The Americans were eager to accept any form of surrender from the Japanese and if they didn't they threatened to bomb more cities with atomic bombs similar to those of Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The Minister of War, General Anami Korechika, personally supported continuing the war, but he also could not bring himself to openly rebel against his emperor. On August 15th, Hirohito made a nationwide radio broadcast announcing his will to surrender the the Allies for the sake of the nation. The emperor explained that "the war situation has developed not necessarily to Japan's advantage," and that "the enemy has begun to employ a new and most cruel bomb." Over some time, the Japanese and the Americans worked out on details of the surrender in which they signed on on September 2nd, 1945 on the U.S.S Missouri.


Japan surrending on the U.S.S Missouri

Now that that is out of the way, I can safely says WWII is now officially over. After 6 years of grueling fighting in the world, this bloodshed if finally over after the surrender of Japan. Now that the war is finally over, many argued on whether the 2 atomic bombings that led to thousands of deaths was necessary to end the war. Well that is a really good question if you ask me. Some might say YES since the Japanese wouldn't learn any other way other than experiencing huge losses. I myself, say NO. It was definitely not necessary to bomb these 2 cities where most of the victims were civilians. The US didn't look for another less violent alternate way of dealing with Japan. Some say the only reason they bombed Japan and thought of nothing else is because the US was trying to "show off" With having atomic bomb technology in their hands, they would immediately feel in the top of the world where no one can mess with them. Not giving any US hate (I was born in the US lol) They could have atleasted invaded homeland and make their way to Tokyo similar Germany's surrender where they were cornered in Berlin. That would have been a alternate way of dealing with it rather than killing thousands of civilians. The debate is still currently being debated this very day!

Well that goes for my Japan's final days in WWII series:P I am glad I am finished with it and now I can move onto other stuff. Not saying it was a pain, but I was interested on how Japan was and dealt with things in WWII while I was researching about this before blogging. I will make the atomic bomb model today maybe or tomorrow IDK.

Thanks for reading! (if you did x3)


Japan's Final days in WWII PART 3

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO READ THIS! This is for school purposes only:P But if you do however, are interested, go ahead and read. It is fine by me.


After the first bombing of Hiroshima, the United States of America were eagerly waiting for a sign of surrender from the Japanese Empire. If they did not, they promised on launching another atomic bomb in one of Japan's city. Surprisingly, Japan never announced a condition of surrender and President Truman another bombing in one of Japan's major cities. The new atomic bomb named "Fat Man" was more destructive than the previous bomb "Little Boy"

The new atomic bomb "Fat Man"

The main target of the bombing was Kokura with a secondary target being Nagasaki. The plan was very similar that to the Hiroshima one with the bomber being escorted by other aircraft. However, once they go to Japan, inclement weather disturbed the visual target making it harder to strike. Also, when they were approaching Kokura, they noticed a short supply of fuel and were forced to switch target to Nagasaki. Once the bomb was dropped at around 11:00 they dropped the bomb. "Fat Man" actually exploded above the air rather than contacting the ground and right in between 2 major targets: Mitsubishi Steel and Arms Works and the Mitsubishi-Urakami Torpedo Works. Nagasaki was one of Japan's largest sea ports in the south and was also a big industrial city making it a second option if they couldn't reach Kokura. The explosion of "Fat Man" was 40% stronger than of "Little Boy" (21 Kilotons!) and ironically it did less than damage! The geographical layout of the city and the target being an industrial part helped it be less deadly with radiation and heat effects to those of the Hiroshima bomb. If they would have struck more to the commercial part of the city, they would have done much more damage! The explosion was around 43 square miles.

File:Nagasaki 1945 - Before and after (adjusted).jpg

Nagasaki before and after the bombing...

Even though the bombing of Nagasaki is less known compared to the one to Hiroshima, it was still a very devastating bomb. Half mile long around the explosion was literally wiped off. According to some estimates, any living thing a kilometer away from the detonation point, was instantly dead. A U.S. Navy officer who visited the city in mid-September reported that, even over a month after the attack, "a smell of death and corruption pervades the place."As at Hiroshima, the psychological effects of the attack were undoubtedly considerable. As with the estimates of deaths at Hiroshima, it will never be known for certain how many people died as a result of the atomic attack on Nagasaki. The best estimate is 40,000 people died initially, with 60,000.

Aftermath of the bombing of Nagasaki

With the 2 massive bombings in homeland, and thousands of lost lives, the best thing to do is to surrender as so did Japan. Of which, I will discuss about next blog "Surrender of Japan" and I will talking a bit on if this devastating bombings were actually necessary to end the war. Sorry if I didn't do this yesterday since I didn't have enough time yesterday:P Also, I am doing a clay model of the atomic bomb :P I am like going to make the model, cut it in half, and like make the anatomy (or diagram thing) of it inside of the bomb.

That is about it and thanks for reading (if you did xP)


Japan's final days in WWII *PART 2*

YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS! It is just for school purposes only:P If you are however interested in reading, go ahead, it is fine by me.


Very early in the morning of August 6th 1945, the bomber named "Enola Gay flew off from the island of Tinian and flew towards the target, Japan. Inside the bomber, they were carrying the world's first ever made atomic bomb, named "Little Boy" (which is pretty ironic) Hiroshima was the prime target, being a military center and having more than around 43,000 personnel with over 300,000 civilians. The pilot of the commander, Colonel Paul Tibbets said it will go a much lower altitude once it approaches the target. Once the bomber got closer to the target, it went to a low altitude and released "Little Boy"

Could this bomb take away so many lives? I think so...

Once the bomb hit the ground, it made a explosion radius of about 1 mile. "The city was hidden by that awful cloud . . . boiling up, mushrooming, terrible and incredibly tall," Tibbets recalled. The yield of the explosion was later estimated at 15 kilotons (the equivalent of 15,000 tons of TNT). 15,000 TONS of TNT! Now that is just incredible to believe... The resulting fire of the explosion was estimated at a 4.4 square miles around the target. The Americans believe about 4.7 miles of the city was destroyed!Most of the buildings in the city of Hiroshima were completely wiped off by the explosion, with just a few just damaged.


Before the bombing..... After the bombing.....

Some estimates guess that around 30% of the population of the city of Hiroshima(around 70,000-80,000) were killed instantly with the severe explosion. That doesn't mean those that were hit but survived were safe and sound. Those who survived would have to suffer for a long time various radiation skin diseases. Those who witnessed the explosion in the city said it was literally a blinding light which where they were pushed back by a immense heat wave followed by a huge push. Those who were indoors were cut and burned by glass windows being shattered and other home utensils that were moved about. In just minutes, 9 out 10 people in ground zero were dead. The total death number isn't quite sure since maybe some other people might have died by long-lived cancer.

A victim of the Hiroshima bomb. I would have posted much more victims with worse symptoms, but looking at them is almost unbearable...

Some even predict 200,000! Just because Japanese officials weren't there to shoot the plane down before it released the bomb, it doesn't mean that they weren't aware of a air raid. What baffled them however is that when they looked in the radar, they saw a very small group of planes heading toward the city. But they never expected one of them to have such a huge and devastating bomb being shot at them. They tried to contact the military bases in Hiroshima but none of them answered. They just answered with a eerie silence... After the Hiroshima bombing, president Truman of the United States said: "If they do not now accept out terms, they may expect a rain of ruin from the air the likes of which has never been seen on the earth" Demanding the Japanese to surrender and if they don't they would launch a similar bomb in another location in Japan. Foolishly, Japan refused to surrender which led to even more innocent deaths...

Well that goes with my second blog on Japan's final days in WWII. I will just be making 2 more. So expect the next one tomorrow and the final one on Saturday. Feel free to comment on your thoughts on this event (if you read :lol: ) and any other sort of comments. I have to say myself looking at all the victims, I almost couldn't bear looking at them. It was incredibly saddening to see so many dead people over a war and most of them were civilians which is even more saddening. Was this bomb really necessary? I will discuss that on my final blog on Saturday ;)

Thanks for reading! (If you did :P )


Japan's final days in WWII *PART 1*

YOU DON'T HAVE TO READ THIS!. It is just for school purposes lol. If you are however interested in reading this, go ahead it's fine by me.

Japan's final days in WWII *PART 1*

As the war was closing to its finish in 1945, Japan was getting heavy losses. American aircraft were constantly bombing the Japanese. While the Air Force took care of that, the American Navy blocked Japan's supply lines to start them to starve. But knowing the Japanese reputation of fighting to the end, they would have to find another way to force Japan to surrender and the war that has cost millions of lives so far.

American Aircraft and Carriers in the Pacific

As strategies for Japan's surrender arose, the Soviet Union agreed to help the Americans on attacking Japan once they were done with Germany in Europe. With these 2 super powers, would you think Japan would stand a chance all by herself? Heck no! It is like Germany in WWI, they didn't want to fight a war on 2 fronts and then they ended up doing so which led to their defeat. So Japan of course did not want to fight the Russians from the Northwest and the Americans from the Pacific. Now going along: In late May 1945, a committee was formed on how to deal with nuclear weapons in war. At one of the meetings, one of the members called Ernest Lawrence, suggested the idea of using the atomic bomb to intimidate the Japanese!

Could this single bomb change the whole world as we know it?

While this could work, it might have some flaws of course. Not everything is perfect. The bomb itself might become a dud, or the Japanese might put POWs in the area (Prisoners of War) or they might shoot the plane down before it even arrives at the target! With that in mind, one wouldn't want to risk it and lose a ton of money! Even so, they still went with the idea of using the atomic bomb against Imperial Japan. With this plans coming forth, the world would see a history changing event in mankind.

Even though this was a short historical blog I will make the one for tomorrow hopefully longer. I was doing this in a rush so yea:P I am going to make one for 5 days in a row so I won't have to post a big wall of text in one day. Tomorrow's blog will be about the Hiroshima bomb, followed by the Nagasaki one, then Japan's surrender. Don't exactly know what to do with the 5th one but I will see.

Thanks for reading! (if you did read :lol: )


Late 1 year anniversary blog


Level: 26 (67%)

Rank: Cyber-Lip

Member since: Nov 2, 2008

Cool story bro^

So recently I just made my first year here in GS. I was a total n00b back then (who wouldn't be?) and I was extremely shy to even introduce myself in the forums in such. The first union I joined was Super Smash Brawlers. Well beinga n00b, I didn't know anything of stuff being active and such so I was posting in the union like an idiot when the last post was made months ago. I eventually made my own union which was known as The World Of Nintendo OnlineUnion. Ihad big dreams of it butunfortunately it just wasn't qute successful. I decided to change it toThe Online Meeting Central to focus more on all online gaming but eventually it is dead. I am still leader of it but I don't know what to dowith it. Maybe I might change thetheme of the union but sometime I am ready to do soso that means notnow. So then on and on I kept joining unions until I came across The Great Nintendo Union. That was the first active union I was in and one of the funnest I have ever been in. I was of course shy so I didn't talk much until I volunteered to host a Dr. Mario Online RX which thankfully was successful (although I didn't win:P) So I became less shy and eventually became an officer.As time went by I eventually joined the Nintendo All-Stars. At first, I was actually already memeber a long time ago but never posted and left, but decided to give it a try to see how it was. I also met pretty cool people there and I eventually became an officer there as well. I can't say what my fav union is, but it is between TGNGU and NAS since both hold memories which were lulzy. So here I am now, barely posting in unions cuz I am either busy or lazy lulz and I somehow continue to get union invites...

So as a part of my 1 year anniversary, I am gonna name a few people that have helped me and are gewdfriends to me :D (In noparticular order, pretty much going in alphabetical order)

Azure_Supernova: He was the first person I talked to in the NAS. He was a good friend and we often shared some Newground vids which were lol. Sadly he is banned:( I still talk time to time with him in MSN though.

bgres077: Amongst the first people who has ever sent me a PM. We usually played MKWII or Brawl online and he helped me create my union!

dbz987: Probably my smash buddy. We usually practice a lot together when we are both online. He has the best Ike I have probably played and continues to get better:DHaving friendlies with is always very fun aswell.He is very quiet and not much of a talking person but he is a really cool guy once you start talking to him. One of the few best friends I have on GS

despa1r_fact0r: One of the people to whom I used to talk alot at TGNGU with OICWUTUDIDTHAR(who I will mention later) and weusually had our late night posting sprees where outposting was not an option :lol: He has always been the rule follower which isn't bad and he is quite easy going. I can't believe his VG collection is still growing :lol:

GreenFire95: Although I don't exactly talk to him via writing, I usually talk to him via brawling XD I love brawling him since it always gives it a fun atmosphere which brings LOLOLOLOLWTF?! moments. He is pretty cool and such a good brawler overall.

mario_brawler: Leader of the NAS. I just started talking to him when I got his MSN for a brawl match that I wanted to play lol. Is a gewd friend whom I usually talk to everyday via MSN. We usually have our lulzy chats with some other GS peeps and we just wanna have a good time(which we eventually do):D What else can I say? Probably one of my few best friends on GS and the one who made my awesome banner!

mightylolz: No explanation needed

OICWUTUDIDTHAR: The name already tells he is funny, which in fact he is. Me, him and despa1r_fact0r would usually have our own "POSTING SPREES" were we posted and posted and posted to each others reply at TGNGU in just 3 threads :lol: Outposting was not an option lmao. He also has a great knowledge of videogames. Too bad he isn't here right now and I haven't talked to him in a while although he told me he was making his own website and he would tell me when its done. One of the best friends I have have ever had here in GS.

papermariofan57: A very good friend that I have in GS. Very funny and random which always gives me laugh at his randomness. He is probably one of the nicest personsI have as well and he is very patient. I talk to him on MSN frequently as well. One of the few best friends I have here

Phazon_Killer: One of the first people I have ever talked to. He is the first person who I have ever brawled with in GS and it was a very good experience.I don't talk to him much anymore although he did help out at my dead union lol.

Prydes: I actually never talked to him. I was just the one laughing his **** at the LMAO posts he made in SW. He was such a comedian I just needed to track him. Some of may have seen sometime in my sig I used to have one of his quotes "Killzone 2 is the best JRPG of this generation of course" LOLOLOL

roll450: A very nice person who I forget where I met. She is very nice and quiet but also can come up with some conversations. I sometimes talk to her in MSN and such.

Shy_Guy_Red: Us becoming friends was an odd one alright. At first I just added him on MSN for the lulz and for a month or I remember him hating me XD He just took too seriously what I said but soon we became very good friends with some good laughs. Easy going and easy to talk to as well.We both always tell each other when the nextepisode ofa manga we are currently reading will come out and we discuss it andother topics. One of the few best friends at GS

Sorry if I left out anyone but I just named the few who have impacted my GS life in just some way possible.

So what are my future plans in GS? Just be a bit more active. Nothing more nothing less. I will probably never leave this site since it has a very awesome community which is the only reason keeping me here lol.

Thats it for now really. I don't want to include nothing about my school life or anything just GS related things

Thanks for reading :D


NOTE: I made an avy saying that exact same thing!^^^ XD And some how GS didn't let me create links to the people's resepective profiles >_>


I recently got tagged by nintendo_warrio so here goes nothing:

1. I am 100% Full Colombian blood although I was born in East LA

2. Hardstyle is probably my fav genre in music.

3. Wii is the only next gen console I own and soon going to get a PS3.

4. I voted for Gordon Freeman since Mario usually wins these types of contests and wanted to see someone else win.

5. I am incredibly lazy. Like REALLY lazy. I do things fast though when I think its a high priority. I really procrastinate or however its said homework a lot but I still manage to get good grades:P

6. Recently moved (again) to Canada. If you wanna know my route its been like this: Born in LA, Moved to Miami, then Colombia, moved 3 times in Colombia, Moved to LA, Moved to another part of LA, Moved to Utah and now here... If you would like to know why just MSN me and I will probably explain

7. My MSN is gringo-marco@ you know what:P. But since GS isstupid its@hotmail for those too lazy to figure outDon't ask why I have that as my Email:P And I go to MSN everyday and usually hang there most of the time. And thats where I usually act myself;)

8. I am a competetive smasher so I actually play seriously. By that I mean is no items, and just neutral stages. Currently practicing online but of course I need to go to offline tourneys soon. I do of course also love to play fun matches with items and stuff and I get silly lol.

9. REALLY got into Street Fighter. I really want to get SFIV but I guess I should wait for SSIV and till I get my PS3. Blanka is gonna be my main of course.

10. I don't know what to say here so just PM me if you still have questions lawl.

Well I got over that. Now onto school...Getting very used to it of course. Progress reports came out this week but I only got 2 out of 4 @_@ Probably get the rest tomorrow. In French and English I am currently passing the **** And yea. Its been getting awfully cold out here in Canada. Can't wait for the snow! Oh yea I am also a 4.2 Survivor!!! I was so damn chicken to update but I got the ***** to update it and it worked. I was like FFFF throughout the whole time since I was hella nervous. I can wait to get my free NES game :D

One last thing before I finish make a recommendation of a top 10 countdown...I have asked it before but I believe no one said anything >_>

Thanks for your attention!



ShinDan_Cry.gif Shin Dan Hibiki Crying image by DANHIBIKI777

''Oyaji!''-Dan Hibiki

Recently I incredibly made my 10K posts :oI am still far behind people like papermariofan57 and bak that have like 50K posts LOL. Oh well something is something:P

On other news, I am moving on Thursday I believe. Well you might say ''WTF U R MOOVEEN AGEEN? U MUST HAB LYK A NOMAHDEEC WAY UF LIFE!'' Well i'm still gonna be in in Canada. I am just moving closer to my school since I am too far away and using someone elses address lawl. I am going to be moving to a new apartment and you know what that means? Inactivity for a while of course. Until I get internet I won't be on. Maybe I might use the school library for homework and some GS time idk lol.And of course I need a router so yea it might be a while for me being inactive on the internetz =[ Hopefully I get internet soon when I move.

And nothing I would like to issue is to congratulate shy_guy_red for being the new leader of The Nintendo All-Stars. Since the former leader ''mario_brawler'' was having trouble putting some time into NAS, he decided for someone else to be in charge and ultimately led to SGR being the new leader. He didn't resign because of the union being horrible or for any other thing since he was a gewd leader. It was mostly IRLissues like the ones I am facing and manyothers are facing as well. It took a while though for us to decide and the officers and the leader and discussed and decided that he was fit for the job. I guess as an officer, I should really help the new leader since he is a good friend and expect some good things from him. So good luck shy_guy_red :D

Incredibly this a short blog lol. I have nothing else to say really. And i'm not sure if I should rewrite my old reviews since they are very but very noobish. Read them and laugh all you like since I don't mind sicne its true lol.

Thanks for sparing time to read this :D