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in the new world with my xbox 360

playing grand theft auto 4 the ballad of gay tony. is hard to finish some mission at drug wars, i got 80 completed so far im not sure if 100 drugs wars to completed the all mission from drugs wars can someone tell me if there is over 100 drugs wars mission to completed or just a 100 please someone explain me thanks .......

i got my xbox 360 jasper

0.gif?1873634&101thanks of god for gave me an new life.well, i hope see some good friends online on mw3 or mw2 live later on.i will playing every sunday one of those games....thanks for read my blog have nice day.i would give you my youtube channel so you can checkout about grand theft auto and others games. please like, comments, and subscribes at my channel.http://wwww.youtube.com/ilonme9

not sure

0.gif?1873634&101can you guys please help me out with some tips about getting a new good game for xbox 360! cause im getting my new xbox 360 in couples week... so i want it make sure which game i should get when i purschase the xbox 360.


im moving out from playstation to xbox 360.

im moving out from sony to microsoft cause i want it experiment new friends new life and new style of games . cause i know almost everything from sony playstation. and the xbox not yet, i dont know about it to much, so thats why im moving out from playstation to xbox.

here is some of my top favorite feature of games that im going to be playing it in couples months.

Grand Theft Auto IV and V , Black ops 2 and Modern warfare 3