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Last Night

After a long shift i was too tired i slept at 6pm and woke up at 2am at night and i was talking to one of my old friend who is living with me for 2 months, he is the only person in this world who actually love watching me playing games and he love watching games than playing itand give conclusions about the game.

he reminded me of metal gear solid 3, it was without a doubt a technical acheivement.

so today i found this video, this video describe the game in lot of ways just have a look at it.


Red Dead Redemption first start

so finally i got RDR, this game has a slow start but wonderful.

played 3-4 missions and most of the time spent on hunting,traveling and exploring.

The terrain, land and sunrise and sunsetlook great, excellent graphics.

but i dont like horse riding , the horses dont have the feel and grip as i had with AGRO in SOTC, but that doesnt mean the horses in RDR are bad and complete tools, its just that they cangozig zag very easily and turn very sharply unlike real horses and unlike AGRO maybe its because the highbenchmark SOTC created by giving alot of personality to AGRO or maybe R* intentionalycouldnt give that feeling to RDR horses because they are totally different games and both have different pace and tempo.

also i felt like there are RPG elements present likecollecting and sellinganimal skins, heart, meat, feather.

will update soon.


Today I was playing GTA4 in a hope to finish it for once and for all, got stucked in last mission they made it in 5 parts it includes chasing - killing - chasing on boat - climbing - chasing on helicopter - chase on foot - killing.

but i couldn't finish the mission after failing for 9 times i gave up for today, the mission is tough and if you fail it start from the begining and i started to think that this last mission was made in a way so you fail atleast 5 times because it is divided in several parts.

in the mean while i am waiting for my order which is Red Dead Redemption and also discovering yahoo pulse, which seems pretty good attempt at social networking and internet profiling.

site: pulse.yahoo.com

you can create blogs, profile, wall posts, use yahoo anwsers.

and i am listening to HEART- STRAIGHT ON YOU. which is pretty kool song specially if its raining although there is no link between the song lyrics and raining and the song is not about rain or anything but it is the song which i would like to listen if its raining and in melbourne its rain every 2 days in a week.

IPHONE 4 will be my next upgrade for a mobile phone which will be for me in 3Q of next year..hopefully.

and i am also thinking to change my display picture which is now ISAAC from dead space. any suggestions?

Places i want to visit before i die.

My first top destination is:

EGYPT - Solely because i want to walk on the land where man made one of the largest structure in this world around 4500 years ago, i want to see pyramids of GIZA. those pyramids which i have always seen in pictures fascinate me in some weird way, and i like first two mummy movies too released in 1999 and 2001.

pyramids of ancient egypt


Located in central australia is a large sandstone rock formation, Uluru is notable for appearing to change colour as the different light strikes it at different times of the day and year, with sunset a particularly remarkable sight when it briefly glows red. this mountain is really a sacred one.


Listed by BBC as one the sites you have to visit before you die, a picture describes it all.

it was established in 4 bc.


on the mountain named Jabal Al-Nūr in the Hejaz region of present day Saudi Arabia. The cave itself is about 12ft (3.7 m) in length and 5ft3in (1.60 m) in width.

It is notable for being the location where Muslims believe Muhammad received his first revelations from God (Allah) through the angel Jibreel, also known as the angel Gabriel to Christians.

Two of the most influencial people ever existed on earth, recite gabriel or jibreel, something is very true about this cave.

Games that left a mark on your brain..

Alright, i know not many people read my blogs, evildself and meatbag do read though:P

there are games that are unforgetable when ever i start playing a new game i always say that there is something missing, they should have done it like that and that could have been better.

so from where i get these benchmarks? i am not in gaming industry i am not a critic i am not holding a graphics degree.

anyways there are few games that will always be in my mind no matter how massive they create new things and no matter how much they improve.

examples are GTA san andreas, DOOM 3, Thief deadly shadows, god of war.

these games remind me of my old good times, and i still play them often.

My girl and almost all other girls in this world.

Me and my girl whom i love alot met 3 years ago, and i fall in love with her just a few moments after we talked for a while and she was giving anwsers to my questions in YES/NO but was smiling and laughing alot.

i knew it she was giving some kind of signal but was not sure and finally told her after 2 weeks that i love her.

she laughed and said the same, during first year i was too much intrested in her wanted to know everything from her past , present and not future because i wanted to make our futures.

but after first year of so much talking over the phone and dating i slightly gradually slowly drifted apart and talked less than i used to. but she was consistent and fresh just like she was 1 year ago, she never showed me that she love me any less. she is truely one of the best in her kind.

after second year i decided to move to a different country in search of a good job and money.

she was with meon this decision and said when you will be all settle in your life then we will be toghether... as this was also my plan.

she wanted to talk to me daily for hours just like we used to talked in our first few months, but i was changed i dont know what happened to me i just couldnt give her all my time, i was busy , tired, rough and macho, she didnt stop , we had big fights some times i hung up , shouted but she was consistent with her promises and i found myself changed completely.

time gone past and after 3 years she gave up on me and said now i am also changing myself and you will not recieve the same love and care.

i was like she is just trying to ....

to be cont..

dead space 2



i have completed 6 chapters now, and this game is one hell of a night mare, outstanding horror game to date.

it has crossed the limits of horrors and sense of loneliness that were created by resident evil 4, suffering ties that bind, thief 3.

on mars there is no help comming fit true in this game.

Dead Space (awesome game)

so yesterday i traded my gears of war and assasins creed(without playing it, played it few hours and got bored, too much repitation and looks like they couldnt decide where to take the game further)

JB HI-FI gave me 18 $ for two games. and i think they are gonna sell it for 29$ each.

anyways dead space.

dead space is a totally kool and awesome game, really intresting and really playable although i have played it only 5 hours.

it is a renovated version of doom 3 and expanded version of suffering:ties that bind.

the best thing so far i have noticed is its sound effects, they have pushed the bar for sound effects too high that even hollywood movies will have to work harder in future.

another thing so far is the guns, they invented new guns,i was sick and tired of same guns again and again in fps and tps during the last 10 years, but guns in dead space are totally new.

good atmospheric game, play it in 3d surround system and hdtv and turn your lights off.

nokia 5800

This phone is amazing, i am glad i bought this phone, its better than most nokias and it is very high tech.

few things which arent as good as it should be are touch screen, which doent respond as quickly as iphone.

desktop could be more expandable, its very limited only contacts shortcuts and time and signals.

otherthan that its a awesome phone.

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