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Busted Vans and Summerteeth

Yosh! It's been almost half a year since by last blog. Guess I'll give you guys the weekend update. Junior year of college is officially over for me and now that I'm home, the job hunt goes on. I do have a second interview for a position at a local convenient store. It's not much but a summer job like that would be great. I'm also applying to be a Summer Rec consular which would have me dealing with kids and doing sports, arts and crafts, field trips, etc. with them. I probably won't get that job but it could be very useful and important experience for me as my future job well, includes dealing with kids hehe. Haven't gotten my grades back yet but I think it should be about a 4.0 (aka straight As).

There is one funny story I do have to share. April 24th, me and my roommate drove 2 hours from Oswego to Ithaca to see one of my favorite bands, The Apples in Stereo live at a bar there. We stopped at Syracuse to go to the local record shop, Soundgarden (if you live near Syracuse, NY or Baltimore, MD, check it out cause it's the greatest place on earth for CDS and vinyl) and I picked up their latest album, Travellers in Space and Time. That album is an absolute pop masterpiece even though most will never hear it. Great disco riffs, vocoders, techno beats, synthesisers, etc. Great funky, disco, new wave, pop music. As we drive from Syracuse to Itacha, we stop at my roommates house in Cortland to get some oatmeal raisin cookies his mom made. They were freaking amazing, had some cinnamon sugar on them to make them that much better. Anywho, we go to Ithaca and decided before the show, we would roam around the Commons which is like an outdoor mall except there are hippies abound, and I mean a lot of them. I loved it actually, so many different people with beards and explorer hats on like Sam Neil as Dr. Grant in Jurassic Park, it was just such a nice chill area where people hung out, ate and just relaxed. We went to a deli and got some iced herbal teas and some Rubens that were amazing. So after having our meal we decided to head to the bar where they were playing at, it was called Castaways. Looking from outside, the place was very uninspiring and dingey. It reminded me of a possible Mexican restaurant in Tuscon, AZ run by 3 people and their abuela. We walked around the waterfront before we went there admiring the river and the people meandering about. As we were about to head in, a guy with a lot of tatoos and a mohawk comes storming out of the bar all angry saying, "Shows canceled, Apples van broke down." I didn't believe what he said and I walked up to the door of the bar to see on a sheet of paper written in black marker that said this. That ended up leading me to do this. I was too upset and shocked to be angry. So on that note, we had to drive all the way back home with tears in our eyes and disappointment. Still haven't gotten my refund from this show which makes me really sad:(.

On that funny tale though, I am now back to being active here on the boards which means, I want YOU to be active at some of the unions I am a part of. Yes, at the Naruto Union we are currently holding a recruitment drive and we want all of you members to help partake in it and get more new members and not only that, become more active in helping the union grow. Yes I know Naruto has slowed down quite a bit but we should all try to help spread the good word of the fun, games, and discussions we have at the Naruto Union. Hell, if you help out, you get rewarded with NPs. It's a win/win for all those involved. Here's the thread to it: link. Not a lot of you guys have helped yet which is a damn shame. We're not an exculsive club ya know:shock:. So please, if it's even just one member, it'll help bring about some fresh blood to enjoy in our own brand of fun;)

That's it for now. I was too long on this blog to go into some of the anime, music and movies I've been checking out of late but do expect soon at the Anime Cafe a review on the first two seasons of Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I hope you guys will check that out and check out both the Naruto Union and the Anime Cafe. Look forward to seeing you guys around GS. Ja ne.

Friend of the Devil

Wow! Haven't done one of these in ages eh? Anywho I just want to say happy holidays to everyone. Hope you got the things you wanted and or needed during this holiday season. I don't know what I got yet (even though I usually ask for nothing because that's just how I am, I only asked for one thing because I'm broke) because my older sister won't be home till tomorrow so we're putting off Xmas till tomorrow.

I guess an brief update is needed with the spreading of good will also being apart of this blog. I finished my college semester last week and have been home for a week. Haven't found my grades out yet but hopefully they'll be good. A 3.6 is wanted but we'll just see how it all ends up. When I get back I'm moving from my old room into a 6 person suite with my 5 friends which will be nice. Also praying now that my practicum (which is me going to a school and observing and helping out) is closer than it was last semester. Those drives kill my gas and being a poor college student doesn't help. They really should compensate you some gas money for that:?

Been nothing but a lazy bum so far while home and my time has involved 360 (which hasn'[t been played in months) and some anime catching up. About to finish up my watching of Mobile Suit Victory Gundam, Darker than Black: Season 2 and my re-watch of Trigun. After that I plan on watching After War Gundam X, re-watch G Gundam, Gai-Rei Zero, School Days, Beck,, Ergo Proxy, Baccano! OVA, Lupin III: Part 2, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Granted most of it won't be touched or watched but wishful thinking is just that.

Other than that I can't think of anything else. Before I head out of this though, it'd be nice if you guys read the newest review and news at the Anime Cafe. Namely being now is the recent review asian_pride and I did on the epic Mobile Suit Gundam. Give it a read, some hard work was put into it and other recent reviews such as gr33n's Sky Girl's review and updates on sales and such. So drop by, read some latest info and leave a friendly comment. Not just for me but for everyone there that puts the hard work in;)

And members of the Naruto Union, be on the look out soon for 2 new events coming up very soon. Col's been busting her hump to organize these things so get ready to enjoy them. Besides that, happy holidays and have a happy new year because you probably won't see another blog from me till March

Link to Gundam review (aka Char Aznable's godlyness):

The Chapter In Your Life Entitled *Insert Destination Here*

Well the past few days have been days of firsts. This would be my first blog in months (sorry guys just don't find my life that interesting to update on a weekly or monthly basis hehe) I leveled up to 41 so I am now the awesome Thunder Force. I also broke the 11k post mark. And after five years of being here I finally changed my avatar from what I guess some like Imortal might describe as iconic from the The Traveling Wilburys Volume 1 album cover to that of the up and coming Live Anthology album coming out in November by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. So I'm sorry if the change of avatar scared the crap out of you and confused you like it did for Imortal. I can't wait for that to come out. 48 songs in the normal package and 65 in the deluxe which I will be sure to get because I'm a whore. It may not be the studio album i desperately want from the guys seeing as it's going on eight years without one but this will suffice for now.

I'm glad now summer is over. Better looking prospects, hanging out with college friends and just being busy and occupied is making things a lot better than the dull summer I ended up having.

I'm back at college now, week two of junior year and it's been going rather smoothly and lovely. Have had quite abit of reading and will have quite a few reflection and reaction essays to do but it shouldn't be too bad. If I can get past the linear algebra and some calculus that get's thrown my way in intermediate microeconomics then I should have another good GPA this semester but one can only hope. Won't worry about such things though for now because not at that road yet. But while at college and been hanging out in my friends' suite, I discovered Nazi Zombies and damn is it addicting. Highest we've gotten to as a team so far is level 19. Besides all those things, been looking for a job on campus and of course, nothing really available right now so being cheap right now is the way to go. But I did get refunded 330 dollars so that really helps seeing as before that all I had was 87 dollars to my name. But still need a job for some income so gonna keep looking. Tomorrow though I have orientation about my field placement for my Education major. I hope I found out what city and school I'll be placed at soon so I can start that and get the feel of what teaching will be like. But until then, I have free Fridays:)

Anime wise, right now, Canaan is almost done and so is Saki and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzuimiya Season 2 should be just about done. I watched Baccano! before I came back to school but still need to watch the 3 episode OVA. Baccano was better than I thought it would be seeing as the first episode was just too over the chart but that's what you get when a show has 18 main characters. I thought it'd be a anime about the Mafia of the 1930s which would've been cool but that takes a back seat and is more just background noise for the story of magic and alchemy. Nonetheless it worked out in th end. I finished both seasons of Ghost In The Shell:SAC and the movie as well with it. Both seasons were amazing and fantastic. Other stuff I watched over the summer includes more Gundam stuff, Higurashi season 1 and 2, rewatched Evangelion and Outlaw Star and stuff I can't recall right now. I did just start Hellsing and am 3 episodes and man did they screw up a tale about vampires. It's like a B movie, it's cheesy and funny but nothing close to being great.

Anyway that's all I can think of for now. If I have more I'll just edit it. Hope everyone that's back in school now does their damn work and doesn't complain about it too much goes it only gets worse? Maybe better, depends on your persepective.

O and the title of this blog comes off as weird but it's from a Lucksmiths song called The Chapter In Your Life Entitled San Fransisco. They just broke up so guess it's a nice little sentiment.

Camera Obscura

Well been quite awhile since I blogged but truth be told I really don't have a reason to do so now. Nothing truly exciting going on in my life. Still can't get a job no matter where I apply or search and at this point with only about a month left of summer break it probably isn't even worth keeping up the hunt. This is something that's just aggravated me to no end. Because of no job I haven't been spending money at all really, pinching pennies like no tomorrow but good thing about it is I'm a pro at that. I did manage to get a hold of 2 movies though for really cheap. Lupin III: Island of Assassins for 3 dollars at FYE and The End of Evangelion for 10 at FYE. Was really shocked to see them had it and even though I didn't want to buy anything except the gift for my friend for his B-day, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.

In the way of anime watching, I finished watching Haibane Renmei, K-ON, Eden of the East, ZZ Gundam, Char's Counterattack, several different Lupin specials, re-watching 0080 War In the Pocket, and Noir since my last blog. All had their moments but Char's Counterattack and Haibane were really good and so were some of the Lupin specials accept Return of Pycal. Taking one of the best Lupin villains ever and making a really bad one hour OVA made me kind of sick inside. Doesn't help that the episode that he's in from the original 1971 Lupin show happens to be one of the most memorable episodes in anything I've ever seen but this OVA just did so many things wrong that it would take too long to rant about to show why.

Other than that nothing much to say. I might go to the Wallflowers concert in Clifton Park this Tuesday God willing. And after that it might be the only highlight of summer. And of late I've got myself listening to this great Scottish Indie Folk group called Camera Obscura. Got a Belle and Sebastian style about them which is great to hear. I really right now just want to go back to college so I'm occupied and doing something productive because right now this boredom is killing me.

Anyway happy 4th of July to everyone out there, enjoy it. I will cause the rents aren't home for the weekend so who knows what I'll be up to

Together Through Life, Heiankyo Alien

Well I'm bored so I'll post a blog. So, I guess I reached level 37 so woot. Not too sure when it happened but must have been not too long ago. My spring semester is wrapping up with only 26 days left in it (woot). So with that in mind, I have quite a few research papers I have to have done soon so seeing me around might be even scarcer than late.

The good news. With summer coming up, baseball is here and I'll be having personal battles of happiness and anger as I watch the Yankees meander about for a good portion of the season trying to figure out who they really are. Also this means being able to meet up with my friends from back home and hanging out with them. It'll be nice to not have to not have to value free time for awhile and just be able to appreciate it for what it's worth. Nothing beats lounging in the sun, playing some soccer or baseball, campfires and listening to music out in the wild blue yonder. Who knows, maybe even a concert lies in the wake of summer as well. I'm just trying to be optomistic about it for now

The bad news. With the gauntlet hell known as my second spring semester here at college, the papers and projects and possible finals I have to do before wrapping this nice sophmore year up might leave me stressed, angered and just plain frustrated for awhile. I sense a prickly deamoer coming my way for awhile (lol). I also found out a week ago that the possible highlight of my summer was dashed and shot right in the forehead. I was trying to convince my friend to go to Otakon with me for the 3 days it's held in Baltimore. After much prodding and trying to convice his rents it'd be worth his time and money he agreeded but only to my shagrin to find out he can't go due to a family vacation he's going on then. Boo famalies. So with that, the money I have been saving up might as well be either burned or just spent on things, like more anime, running shoes, CDs, etc.

Coming up on the 28th is the release of Bob Dylan's 33rd album titled Together Through Life. I'll make damn sure to pick it up because Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench are playing on it. It should be a great album just like his past few. Sara Watkins first solo album just came out as well and that's something I'll have to find and buy as well. Wilco's new album and DVD should be out soon so it'll be something else to pick up. Finally, Neko Case's album has been out for quite sometime now and I have to remember to snag it next time I run into Borders.

In the way of anime, Kara no Kyoukai (1-3) has been the best thing I have watched in ages. I really enjoy them and suggest you check them out as well. Cryptic, gory, violent, beautiful. The first four movies (gonna watch the 4th this weekend hopefully) are all under an hour so it's quick and a great watch. Also I've been watching FMA: Brotherhood, Dragonball Kai, Eden of the East, Shangri-La and K-ON!. I'll have first impressions on them really soon at the Anime Cafe so be sure to check it out but overall I like all of them to varying degrees. Also when the Lupin III vs Detective Conan gets subbed, I'll have a review on it too also at the Anime Cafe so be sure to come by and enjoy the talks. Got a good one going on now about what if you were born in Japan and how your views of anime might be then.

Well if I think of anything else I'll edit this and add on but for now, ja ne. Hope you guys are having fun in this great spring weather. Always a pleasure to talk with you guys.

P.S. Ugly man say wha?

Michiko e Hatchin Review

We'll I just finished this series and as usual I watched it with gr33nhippo. As usual, a duel review was done on it. So go a head and support the cafe and our hard work by reading it and commenting on it. These are hard times don't cha know.


Now fair warning, if you do not like episodic type of narration, stay the hell away from this. The story is very loose with a a small plot that is tied together through a mish mash of things. Personally though, the s-t-y-l-e, art, music and characters make it a good enough series to possibly eventually buy but it is somewhat lacking in those departments. Overall the sum of the parts are greater than what you think your getting in my opinion. The story is loose but it's interesting, especially with the back drop of a fictional Brazilian like nation and the characters being diverse and different. But it is subtle when it tells developments and is like I said episodic so it will seem pretty sluggish at times. But have to take it for what it is with that kind of narration.

I hope you enjoy our reviews, sorry if mine is too damn long as usual. Gr33n is MUCH better at being nice and concise.

5 Years At Gamespot. Wow

Well today is the marking of my 5th year hear at GS. Doesn't seem like it was that long ago. I didn't start becoming a member of unions and forum activity till about 2 years ago when I stumbled across a Knights Of the Old Republic forum that was near death. When that basically died, I decided to join the Naruto Union for at the time my interest in Naruto was getting more optomistic than it had been previously and my love of anime rekindling again. There I continued to meet new people there and became an active part of the union joining it's ranks. I also joined a few other unions that I stay active in such as the Jedi Council Union, The Everything Baseball Union as well. After about a half year at the Naruto Union, I became an officer there which really shocked me and with the friends I made there, I was also able to help create one of my favorite unions with a good friend of mine here, The Anime Cafe. Since then I've been an active member in the Naruto Union and the Anime Cafe trying to help run things and what not.

Well it has been a fun 5 years here at GS. I've got to meet alot of good people here that I like to talk to and keep up with. I'd like to thank:

Alphawolf giving a job at the NU, keeps me busy there even though my interest in Naruto is fading.
Zemon for being a great guy and friend to me and helping me get that job. I love to talk baseball with him and nice to know a fellow New Yorker.
Inferno for all the funny things he's done and said and being a great friend as well
Col for dealing with all my crap at the NU and just being a overall nice person in general
Zervia and SasukeXXChidori for being two of my friends at the NU
Obiwan for well just being Obiwan
Code for being a great guy at the Cafe and a good friend. Come back soon man:cry:
Just about everyone I know at the NU and Cafe for just posting and being active and chipping around the union to make them as great as they are. (thanks for the chunin hell guys, made my Sunday a tough one:lol:

And especially want thank gr33n. Probably the closest friend I got on GS. A funny guy and really great friend. Can't thank him enough for dealing with all my crap and what not

Well that's the gist of it I guess. My thanks are done and what not. Probably be my last blog for awhile, really hate bloging but hey a few shout outs I guess would be nice once in awhile.

P.S. Happy early B-day Pedro, eat some cake and what not and enjoy a nice Saturday B-day:)

A Year of Tea

Well happy one year anniversary to the Anime Cafe! Thanks to gr33nhippo for offering me to be a charter member of the union where I have done by best to help out as an officer and get discussions going. I'd like to congratulate him on his efforts on the new banner, the work he puts into updates, reviews on shows and products and news about things going on in the anime world and having this amazing union to help keep discussions of anime going. Thanks to the members who help keep the union active. Also like to thank Code, Inferno and Mango for also doing their part in maintaing the union and being there for the union.

So come and celebrate the anniversary of the Anime Cafe Here


Cowboy Bebop Review

Well two days ago at 4:30 in the morning I was bored so I decided to revise my Bebop review from awhile back but it ended up being to long to fit the cafe archive so I'll just post it here for now:

It's hard to write a review about Bebop because so much could be said on it and how it helped change anime for the better. Out of all the series and animes I have watched over the 10 plus years of being into anime, none have captivated me and made me as excited about a series till Bebop. I guess I could say I view things from a Before Bebop (BB) and Bebop Despues (after Bebop BD). The story is compelling, the characters are amazing and well developed, and the music drives the insanely awesome action that keeps you begging for more. With a great mix of action and the great feel of a Clint Eastwood movie of old with a space feel, Bebop is renowned as one of the greatest series of all time for a good reason.

Right off the bat I'd like to say this show has a great influence from the 70s legendary anime Lupin III. From character design, action, sound and feel, it can be seen. From Spike's boots to Jet's design one can easily see how the two compare which it is not even done to a fault. The style fits amazingly well with Bebop.

The first thing I'd like to touch upon is the story. For a 26 episode miniseries, a lot of things happen in a short time but they flow well and the episodes are well written. The main plot point is about Spike, the main character, and his past with the Red Dragon and his current life as a bounty hunter aboard the Bebop. His past with the Red Dragon is a nice underlying plot for the majority of the series till the last 3 episodes where the past catches up with the present. Most of the episodes are side stories but slowly reveal more and more information about the characters and their journey throughout the galaxy. The story telling is episodic so those who argue over it not being a linear story like other animes need to calm down and take a deep breath. Think about it if the story was linear. It'd be about chasing one guy for 26 episodes with little development in plot. Having the story be episodic allows it a great deal of leniency to take different directions to explain the characters pasts, emotions and lives then a solid "we must catch this one bounty" plot. By the end of the series, you will appreciate the beauty of the story telling as it goes from action packed shows to more psychological thriller ****of explaining the current situation with the characters.

The setting is amazing and very well detailed. Set in the future of 2071 with colonization of planets and with crime abound, who better than to go and catch these people than bounty hunters. Every environment they set foot in is beautifully drawn and animated. It has a sorted faded look but adds character to the show that others lack.

The characters are well developed and have different personalities that add great flavor. From the crew of the Bebop of Spike, Jet, Faye, Ed and Ein the dog, to the criminals they hunt down such as Vicious, all have their own personal demons and things they need to overcome and conquer. All of the main characters have personal demons from the past to overcome and as the story unfolds, one can see how their views and battles they have waged makes them grow. Every episode of the series is able to show growth in the characters and how they feel toward another and how some of the bounties make them fight the demons in their past and have to overcome these obstacles. Not only is their great development in the characters, but by the end of the show, you feel as if you've known them for years. You grow such a deep attachment to them that you care whether they live or die, whether they leave the crew forever due to personal reasons among other things. They are all human. None of them are perfectly good and none are perfectly bad. Their judgment will come into question by the viewer at times which is should happen. Like us they are flawed and you will be able to see those flaws.

The story and characters may be well done but as any action show goes, it's all about the action here too. The fight scenes are well choreographed and crisp looking. The fluidity of the action is amazing as it all seems in place. There is not a single sequence within this show where you say well that did not look right or that was not too exciting because all of the action is. The angles used for such scenes and way it is shown is amazing as well. It gives to show a very cinematic feel as if it belonged on the silver screen or happening in front of you in real life.

What makes Bebop bebop is not just a compelling story, characters and action but it is defined by the music. The music fits so well and makes everything in an episode flow so well nothing ever seems out of place. The music is a great mix of jazz, rock and some good old fashioned blues music. The music also helps drive the action sequences and makes them flow so well and give them a characteristic that many series lack when a fight goes on. The usage of timed music in just about every scene is not just there for filler or ambiance but gives the show another layer of depth and character. The soundtrack is just overall a major highlight of Bebop and is still renowned by many as one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. If anything, this is the pinnacle for the work of Yoko Kanno.

Overall, Bebop will stand the test of time. It has every element a anime series should have, the story, characters, action and a soundtrack that would rival a film with the music of John Williams. If you are an anime fan of any kind, whether you love anime, hate it or just a average fan, this show is for everybody. It takes the western, the space drama and combines it into one and adds so many different **** and flavors that it creates it's own genre which will forever be known as Cowboy Bebop. Bebop will forever stand the test of time and be looked upon by others with the other great series such as Evangelion, Mobile Suit Gundam, Lupin III and others.

Score: 10/10 ~midgetman007

In other news, I have a week back till I go back to college and I'm gonna be busy with some more anime watching and Xbox playing before I have to go back and study and do other things. I just found Lupin III the first series online and I plan on marathon watching that right now. I haven't seen it in ages and well, it's a great freaking anime. I only wish they had a boxset of that and the second series which is nowhere to be found online in it's entirety. I also got modded yesterday and sent down a point, that last blog of mine seems like a waste now:(

Before I go I will have this little service announcement: If you like anime then come and join the Anime Cafe! All things anime are what we talk about and the occasional random things we also feel like talking about. Give it a look see and join if you think it's your cup of tea or coffee;)

Level 35

Guess I made level 35 today.

I haven't done a blog in ages so I'll catch you up to speed. I've been home for awhile now from college. Just found out I got a 4.0 GPA. Been doing alot of catching up on my anime watching. The most intresting anime I have seen since I got back was the movie Ghost in the Shell. It was really engaging and intriguing with it's philosphy and story. If you like to think and be enjoyed great action sequences and futuristic art, I would highly recomend this movie. Recently gdavidg made me a nice new sig which I have posted here in my profile. It's of Misaski-Chan from the great anime Welcome to the NHK. He did a fab job on it. And now that I'm back home I've been doing alot of hanging out with my friends. Nice to catch up with people you haven't seen in a few weeks or months. Yesterday I bought Tales of Vesperia for myself due to not getting a damned thing for Xmas this year which I don't mind but I needed a new game to keep me busy for awhile. Being a fan of anime and RPGs I had to give it a go which I have to thank gr33n for because he suggested it after he got it and said how amazing it was. He was right. I played it for 6-7 hours straight last night. I'm gonna have a good time with this I know it

With it being New Years Eve tomorrow, I hope everyone goes out and has a nice time whether it be sober or not.

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