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San Andreas Didn't Age Well

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...There I said it. Feeling nostalgic after seeing the new GTA V trailer? Well pop in the fourth game or even the third, but not San Andreas. The graphics are terrible by today's standards, but even if you take into consideration that it's a huge PS2 game they're still sub-par for the time. The story and dialoge is just goofy, sure it's meant to be parody and satire, but at times it's extremely nonsensical. Some aspects seem like they belong in a new Saint's Row game, not Grand Theft Auto. Finally, the controls... What were they thinking?! The gameplay is San Andreas' saving grace, but the controls are so unintuitive that it becomes a chore just to get around. It's best if we all just look forward with this series...

Video Game Economics by Critical Score

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If you take all the critical scores of a video game and turn that into an average value of X/100 (the way metacritic does) you recieve the game's Average Critical Response (ACR).

You then take the Baseline Price (BP), which is how much one copy of the game retails for, and divide it by the ACR. This gives the Percieved Cost per Point (PCP). So:


The PCP is how much money the public feels it spends per point of critical response. For example, a game that has an ACR of 80/100 and sells for $60 has a PCP of $0.75.


The less the PCP is the more the consumer feels they are getting their money's worth. Games with a PCP of a dollar or more are going to be seen as a waste of money and are less likely to be bought.

So how does the video game industry make higher profits? Well, they could make games of such high quality that they always recieve a high ACR, which isn't easy at all. Also, even if a company produced perfect game after perfect game the crtics' standards would steadily rise to the point that future "perfection" would be unachieveable and scores on their games would steadily drop. Another, simpler, option is to just lower the baseline price per unit.

For example, consider three games:

1. ACR= 100, BP= 60
2. ACR= 60, BP= 30
3. ACR= 60, BP= 60

Which has the most value for consumers?

1. 60/100= $0.60
2. 30/60= $ 0.50
3. 60/60= $ 1.00

Even though game #1 recieved the highest scores it's PCP is higher than game #2 because of it's higher price. Game #3's scores are the same as #2, but it's PCP is much higher because it's price is the same as game #1. So game #2 has the best value for consumers. It may be only 60% as fun as game #1 and equal to that of game #3, but it's half the overall cost of either, so consumers will see it as a better bargain.

Critcs, the Public, Scores and I

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I don't think I will be putting much thought into what critics say anymore. If I do decide to read reviews it will most likely be after I purchase and play whatever game I want. At the same time it seems the general public is too willing to give up great or abmysmal scores for games that don't deserve it.

I just don't know, it seems like the industry is lost in mediocrity, but the masses either eat up new games or turn their backs on them when they aren't really deserving of either. And criics are so quick to judge something poorly because the public likes it or praise a game that nobody bought. I just don't seem to agree with my peers or professional critics anymore.

When I see mediocre games like RE6 getting awful critic reviews and great public scores I wonder what people are thinking. I mean, it wasn't a perfect game, but I thought it was fun. It certainly some had merits that should have brought it up above a 4.5, in my opinion. And critics praised L.A. Noire when it came out, but that was just a boring, linear, uninspired, crap-walk...

I think I'll just trust my own intuition when it comes to future game purchases from now on.


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There's a lot of great playstation games out there, and lately I've been buying up a lot of ones I've never owned the first time around. Here's to the power of nostalgia and online shopping!

Drunken Zombies

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I have to say, drinking between each round of Call of Duty: Black Ops zombie mode makes possibly the most entertaining drinking game ever. Just more fun than beer pong and slightly more inebriating than Thunderstruck.

Madden 11

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Played the new Madden demo. Huge improvments, which honestly, is what every iteration of the series should have had. I think this might be the first Madden game I'll get before the football season starts in real life.

Money, money, money, money

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I finally got a job and a job = money and money = a new game every once in a while. Finally! It feels like I've been playing the same software over and over and over...

Bringing it Back

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Remember Pokemon? Like, the original black and white (or grey and lime green, whatever) ones on gameboy? Well, Pepperidge Farm remembers... I mean... I remember. In fact my memory is helping me play through the good ol' blue version of the game which I haven't even thought of in many years. I'm even completing the nostalgia by playing it on the original gameboy system, although I might switch to gameboy color because the blurry black and white graphics are making my eyes hurt. Maybe I can get some of my friends to start playing it too, because I really want to trade and turn my graveler into a golem.

Officially Sanctioned Union

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I wasn't even aware that officially sanctioned unions existed in GameSpot until I was invited to one. Supposedly, members of said unions are "hand picked" by GameSpot staff. Not only does this seem weird to me, but I found myself asking why I was chosen to be a member of The Official Fallout Union. Maybe it was the review I wrote for Fallout 3? Hmm... In other news, I'm almost at level 19! w00t! n00bs! Et cetera...

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