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Gamertags for Xbox

I want your gamertags so that i can friend you and we can play online i play ALOT of Black ops 2 so if you do to give me your tags. Mine is Slayer400 add me i will friend anyone.

A serious problem for sony...

I don't know how many of you realize this but sony is in a heap of trouble if these hackers are not caught they would and absolutely could cause non repairable damage to sony's company in general. I am a sony fan and this concerns me that sony didn't use better security measures to prevent something like this. That i guess is my biggest question. I love that sony made the PSN network so that it was free and had all the functionality of xbox live but they really need to raise security on this network. Why should the poor sony consumer has to worry about a stolen credit card because of a sony security issue? The answer is so obvious, they shouldn't. Let's just hope the FBI can get these jackasses caught.