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Badges/Emblems Gone Missing

It has been brought to my attention that my emblems are missing, i was just curious if anyone else was missing these as well..... I lost my Convival (sp?) which is the friends one

Finally got my PSP

so on the launch day for the PSP i headed over too EBgames to pick mine up and was shocked by the sheer number of people there considering it was around lunch time when most of the customers should be at school. There were over a dozen people there but i wasn't worried because i had mine pre-ordered..... i got it with two games, Ridge Racer and Untold Legends. As soon as i got home i put a couple pics, a couple reviews ( gamespot made it so you can put video reviews on you psp) and some music on my new baby. So far there are no regrets and the screen is much bigger in person!!!

NCAA Tourney.... GO UK!!!

so far the tourney has been a mess with top teams like Wake Forest getting beaten and teams like Bucknell (who has ever heard of them?) beating a rank 2 team. Luckily the University of Kentucky Wild Cats are still going strong, just write who you think will be in the final four.

Cell Phone.....

I got a new cell phone yesterday so i downloaded 2 games............ i found out that cell phone games are a great way to pass time and can be fun

UK game vs. UL!!!

i can't believe UK ( :D ) came back from behind to win the game against UL ( :evil: )..... UL deserved to win 110% so i was glad when they started to come back and won. The last few seconds was crazy, you would know what i'm talking about if you saw the game, because UL fouled UK's best foul shooter when he was talking a 3 that would have won them the game. Then with .06 seconds in the game UK got 3 foul shoots and of course Sparks made them all so they won.... that was a great Christmas present

LOTR: Battle for Middle Earth

i just got it and here are my impressions.....

-great game especially the impressive graphics and sounds

-worth getting if you enjoy RTS games

-great campaign and online mode, ok death match mode

-cool heroes and lots of stratagy

please post with any other comments

600 Posts!

This is my first year at Gamespot and i already have 600 posts....... it just seems like yesterday i joined! :cry:
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