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You can now troll and flame at OT!

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New Guidelines for Off Topic Discussion now state you can troll, flame and more! Noticed OT was more rowdy than usual recently? Well, this explains why. Never thought I'd see the day this would be allowed, but GS are trying it, in response to the constant criticism of being too strict and harsh. I'm not sure what to think of it really. I'm neutral. I wouldn't be an advocate for this change, and I know what we had didn't suit a lot of users. All I can say is: we'll see. What will happen to the mods? This is bound to reduce their workload considerably, and thus, less mods will be needed. Even then, are mods themselves individually allowed to express their views on this? Is this a good thing, is it a bad thing? Am I asking the wrong questions? I honestly don't know... :? What I do know is that GameSpot is a very different place from what it used to be years ago. What it used to be when I first joined here simply doesn't exist anymore.

My top ten spookiest game villains of all time *Spoilers*

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Halloween is nigh, and Mischievous Mike is going to frighten you with his top ten spookiest game villains of all time! Anyway, I tried to come up with ten diverse choices, all from different games. Took me quite a while to think of them, but I got there eventually. I really have played too many games when it takes me a good 40 minutes or so to consider my choices... :P Also, I tried ranking them, but I just couldn't - they're all spooky in their own individual way. So they're in the order that I thought of them. *Spoilers* (You've been warned!) Zealots (Resident Evil 4)  These guys and their satanic chants always scare me! But wait, their chants are actually in Spanish, and are hardly satanic... but just plain weird! Their famous one being "To live, is to die." - whatever that means! Adam (Dead Rising)  When we think of clowns, we think of funny little guys that juggle bowling pins or torches, right? Well, this one juggles mini chainsaws! And laughs maniacally while he does, with every intent on killing you! One of the best psycho fights in the Dead Rising series. Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid)  One of my favourite bosses from MGS! He floats around like a ghost and can possess humans, as well as your very TV and controller! Because of his gas mask, he talks with an eerie and feint voice - which I strangely find quite tranquil and hypnotising. First time he started messing around with my TV and controller, I will admit: I was a little worried actually... since your TV screen would go black periodically and your controller would take a life of its own sometimes. Shang Tsung (Mortal Kombat)  "Your soul is mine!" - those very words alone should send shivers down your spine! This shape shifter and soul stealing sorcerer is well known to many gamers for being a recurring boss in the MK games. If you lose the MK tournament, your very soul is simply consumed and becomes a part of Shang Tsung for eternity... not something you'd want happening. Scourge Splitter (TimeSplitters 2)  These mysterious Splitters from TimeSplitters 2 never cease to hunt you down to get the crystals from you. Nearly every story mission in TS2, they appear, just out of nowhere, splitting through time - just to get the crystals in your possession. Talk about dedication, eh? And their appearance reflects their intimidating and alien arsenal that they use as well. Mr Burke (Fallout 3)  Wait, this guy is suppose to be spooky? He's just a businessman... and that's exactly why he's spooky. Anyone who's played Fallout 3, can tell you that this guy has no emotion, no heart and no conscience. If his boss wants something done, he'll get it done, no matter the cost. Not only is he well dressed, but he knows how to talk too. His impressive vocabulary and his straight forward way of expressing himself has always made it clear to me not to mess with him. Quite often actually, I find myself slavishly serving him - he's just too cool and evil not to! Lumberjacks (Zombies Ate My Neighbors)  Might be hard to see, but you can think of these guys as the early versions of Mr Salvador (from Resident Evil 4). In one particular level, they would chase you around in this hedge maze, cutting and hacking down anything that gets in their way to reach you. Want to know the worst thing? You're pretty powerless to stop them. So, there's only one thing to do: RUN! Flood (Halo)  I'm still not sure what they are, but they always creep me out! These creatures, which look quite harmless, possess corpses of humans and aliens, to pretty much amass an army of undead to pursue their own interests... which is just about wiping out all life that exists and reanimating corpses for their own purposes! Never have liked whatever they are. Beserker (Gears of War)  They may be blind, but boy, their hearing is incredible! I had so much fun with these creatures. They scream and scream, charging into anywhere they may think you are. However, I'm afraid the fun ends when they catch you... Sander Cohen (Bioshock)  Definitely the most eccentric character out of the entire game... and that's what scares me. He charms you into being his friend, and unpredictably can lash out at you at any moment, for any reason. He's a pretty good artist though, and he has style. Just wouldn't want to get on his bad side...

Rivalry Rumble and my 2nd visit to Fortune City

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If you liked the Sidekick contest, you'll probably like this: Rivalry Rumble. Basically GameFAQ's version. Also, don't be put off by all the text and lack of images when you go to enter for either challenge. It's really the same thing as what GS does - just GS makes it easy for us. ;) Also, got Dead Rising 2: Off the Record. So I'll be visiting Fortune City again... :)

Some really good games coming out soon!

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I'll be getting these games in October and November: Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends GoldenEye 007: Reloaded The Lord of the Rings: War in the North I really could have done with these over the summer! But eh, I'll try to make time to play them all.

Sidekick results and moderation survey

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EDIT: Updated the results to the proper ones. Allicrombie is now ranked 6th - well done alli! ;) Here's the current results: 254 SlowMotionKarma 63 Companion Cube 647 MudkipMaster30 60 Alyx Vance 6 Allicrombie 56 Launchpad McQuack 2,259 Caddy 55 Alyx Vance 2,765 axelat0r 54 Companion Cube 4,694 Dan_Lero 51 Luigi 7,162 dbz345 48 Yoshi 7,162 Kevin-V 48 Yoshi 9,116 ExoticAnimal 46 Yoshi 11,150 michaelP4 44 Yoshi Stayed pretty much the same. I voted for Dogmeat and Otacon - doubt they'll get through though. Either way, Einstein is getting my vote over Launchpad! No way can we allow one of the greatest minds of our time to be defeated by a duck nobody has heard of before!
Also, just in case you don't know, there is a moderation survey going on currently. Would recommend you fill it in, so your voice is heard. See JodyR's blog for more details.

Me vs my friends in Greatest Sidekick contest Round 3

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Here are the results after round 3: 188 SlowMotionKarma 63 Companion Cube 557 MudkipMaster30 60 Alyx Vance 1,720 Allicrombie 56 Launchpad McQuack 2,147 Caddy 55 Alyx Vance 2,636 axelat0r 54 Companion Cube 4,549 Dan_Lero 51 Luigi 7,003 dbz345 48 Yoshi 7,003 Kevin-V 48 Yoshi 8,954 ExoticAnimal 46 Yoshi 10,986 michaelP4 44 Yoshi I'm now in 10th place on my own leaderboard! Also, on the overall leaderboard, I've went from 13,448 to 10,986! SlowMotionKarma overtaken MudkipMaster30, but both are still in the top 1000, so keep it up guys! Also, make sure you keep close watch on the contest now. The time frame you have to vote now gets noticeably shorter and shorter.

Me vs my friends in Greatest Sidekick contest Round 2

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Here's the results as they stand: Rank Username Score Sidekick picked to win it all 13,448 michaelP4 36 Yoshi 69 MudkipMaster30 52 Alyx Vance 136 SlowMotionKarma 51 Companion Cube 4,274 Caddy 43 Alyx Vance 4,274 Dan_Lero 43 Luigi 5,412 axelat0r 42 Companion Cube 7,905 Dracula68 40 Luigi 7,905 Allicrombie 40 Launchpad McQuack 7,905 Kevin-V 40 Yoshi 7,905 dbz345 40 Yoshi 9,260 Teenaged 39 Chocobo MudkipMaster30 is now in the lead! Not only is he doing very well here, but he's ranked 69 in the overall leaderboard! Bravo! And SlowMotionKarma is ranked at 136 in the overall leaderboard as well - excellent predicting guys! I on the other hand have no chance now of being in the top 1000, but I am pleased to see that I've jumped from 17,396 to 13,448 - definitely unexpected (I usually don't do well at these things :P)! Anyway, now that we're at this stage of the contest, the battles are becoming increasingly intense and evenly matched. Nobody seems to be clearly winning at this stage. I honestly hope Einstein, Dogmeat, Alyx Vance, Companion Cube and Otacon make it through. Out of those, I'd probably want Otacon to win, as he's always been Snake's on-the-field scientist, that is comparable to Q from James Bond in terms of coming up with handy dandy gadgets (my favourite probably being the Mk 2, the miniature Metal Gear that follows Snake around in Metal Gear Solid 4).
But we'll see how things go. ;)

Me vs my friends in Greatest Sidekick contest Round 1

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For the Greatest Sidekick contest, I'm going to hold a little contest of my own. Whoever tops the leaderboard in my own bracket - under me vs my friends, will be displayed in my signature for a week or so (as well as be mentioned in my blog). Sounds good? I thought so too. Might as well make a little contest out of this new feature they added - quite fond of it. So here are the top ten as it stands (might be a little messy, but you should be able to work it out): Rank Username Score Sidekick picked to win it all 17,396 michaelP4 20 Yoshi 168 Dracula68 28 Luigi 601 SlowMotionKarma 27 Companion Cube 601 Dan_Lero 27 Luigi 1,615 MudkipMaster30 26 Alyx Vance 1,615 Allicrombie 26 Launchpad McQuack 5,629 ExoticAnimal 24 Yoshi 5,629 cell_dweller 24 Navi 5,629 dbz345 24 Yoshi 8,425 Teenaged 23 Chocobo 8,425 Caddy 23 Alyx Vance So far Dracula68 is winning. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact he's an admin... hmm. :P But anyway, still early days yet. I'm doing alright I think - these things usually have quite a few surprises in store anyway.

Dead Island - now a dead game *Spoilers*

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After playing it for about three hours or so, I just can't get into it. Now I'm at that point where I'm not really enjoying it and I'm trying to force myself to continue playing it. Here's my problems with it: Fallout with zombies: This is an exaggeration. The only way DI is like Fallout is the fact it has an open world and quests, with a handful of other similar things. It's nowhere near as diverse, expansive or outreaching as Fallout is. For example, most of the items you come across can't be picked up. I wanted to pick up a beach ball and a lifebuoy to throw at the zombies - yet I couldn't. I also wanted to pick up a suitcase to beat a zombie with, yet I couldn't. In Fallout, and even Dead Rising, almost all of the items you want to pick up and use can be picked up and used. DI so far hasn't shown me this - instead only a handful of boring items such as knives, lead pipes etc can be picked up and used. I also find they break far too easily, and I often resort to using my fists. Also, the open world for the most part just feels empty to me. Not a lot of cool things in it, like Fallout or Dead Rising would have had, and it just seems dull. Everywhere I go looks the same and feels the same. This is because there isn't a day and night cycle in the game. So you'll find yourself being in the same environment for the most part I would say. Finally, the quests I've done just aren't interesting. Typical errands such as "get this and that, then bring it to me" - while also risking your life against countless zombies just to collect what seems to be junk that doesn't serve much purpose. Combat: Might be because I haven't levelled up enough (currently Level 4), but I've found myself constantly kicking a zombie to the ground, and beating them up. Any other time I try to fight zombies, I get grabbed or it's just not as effective. I'm not used to first person combat like this - and I don't particularly like it. And it seems as if the game is based around it. Story/Characters: So far, neither have interested me. And the voice acting from the characters is pretty bad, that I've had my volume low. The voice acting from the zombies is good - gets me tensed up every time I hear one of them coming, especially whenever I don't know where they're coming from. The game actually does very well at getting zombies to jump out at you, or to come out of nowhere, just like what happens in the movies. So that's my thoughts so far. Just can't get into the game - I've found it to be disappointing. :(