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Secret emblems revealed!

These emblems have just been handed out. Didn't know about them? Good, that was the whole point! The few users who got these emblems can not only cherish their E3 2012 days in System Wars - but can also stick their cheeky tongues out in joy of possessing exclusive secret emblems they unknowingly achieved! You've won the battle for the SW emblems - but the war of the systems isn't over yet - fight on!  System Wars E3 2012 This emblem is awarded to the warriors who willingly braved the jungles of System Wars just to catch the pre-E3 2012 threads.  System Wars E3 2012 Lucky Dip Ah, the System Wars E3 2012 Lucky Dip Emblem... This emblem is awarded to those users who were simply there at the right place and at the right time. Didn't get it? No need to worry; you can always get it! You just have to wait till next year! trololololololol

The Headcrab Union - New officers wanted in expanding the Headcrab's claws!

GameSpot has recently got their own boards for specific games and even for game genres. GS is no longer dependent on GameFAQs for discussion on particular games. In time, it's believed that GS will develop its own distinct community on its own specific game and genre boards. This got me thinking: is it time for HCU to expand its headcrab claws as well? Seeing as how we haven't had any major HL news in quite some time, I think it's long overdue that we start going beyond HL and Valve. HCU is a long established union, officially endorsed by GS. We are one of GS's most successful unions of all time, with a membership of over 5000 users. It would be a waste not to make further use of HCU. I believe HCU can do so much more than what it already has done. So, I ask for your ideas. I'm open minded, and will consider all ideas, no matter how far fetched or ordinary they are. Even if you do not have any ideas of your own, your discussion of these ideas would be valuable. (Click here to discuss ideas) Additionally, I will be considering reshuffling the ranks of HCU. This means all users have a chance to become an officer at HCU. If you're interested in an officer position, then now is your time to shine, as I will be keeping an eye on users who I think would make good officers in the union. Thank you.

What a thrill...

Got Metal Gear Solid HD Collection there: MGS2, MGS3 and Peace Walker in a disc that only cost me 35 pounds. Excellent bargain. I haven't played MGS2 and MGS3 in years now, so more or less, they are like new games to me. Also, anyone who hasn't played MGS before: now is your chance. MGS2 fills you in on what you need to know about MGS1.

style class blog success

I can create a blog using words style and class, no workarounds. Test complete. PS: Yes, this is random. And no, I can't reveal why I'm doing it, sorry guys. (although you can clearly see the purpose behind it) :P

Now the holder and maintainer of HTG's Emblems Guide

Recently, I've been given the Emblems Guide to hold and maintain. siberian142 has done an excellent job on it. The amount of effort and time he has put into the guide would make you wonder why he's not getting paid, lol. But anyway, due to GS's glitches, I will no longer be able to actually edit the guide itself, as apparently I "do not have permission" to do so and due to the bug regarding links, a lot of the navigational links in the guide are broken. I tried going through it last night, trying my best to fix it and restore the guide, but there's just far too many things to fix and it would be so much easier to instead make posts of the new emblems in the thread (and to edit those posts, keeping them up to date with new emblems). So, I'll be doing a seasonal posting of new emblems. Stay tuned!

My own personal Game of the Year (from a very limited collection...)

Before your jaw drops and you go "lol wut?", first of all, have a look at my very limited collection of games. Dead Rising 2: Off the Record Dynasty Warriors 7 Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Mortal Kombat Pokemon White Version ( I'm ashamed to say I haven't even played an hour of this game, which is probably the best one here! :lol: ) And the winner is... [spoiler] Mortal Kombat!  Why?: Well, it's the best, most complete and funnest from those games listed above, in all honesty. DR2: OTR is more or less a rerun of DR2 (which I really enjoyed, and thought so much of to buy the same game again :P), and DW7 really could have been better (but of course, we all know Koei's strategy of adding good things and removing good things by now). [/spoiler] I'm so sorry my fellow gamers, but I just have so little time now to game like I used to. I know I've missed out on tonnes cool games this year. But why get them if you don't really want them? I'm quite a conservative gamer nowadays - keeping to what I know. I'm taking a leap of faith by perhaps trying out Mass Effect 3 next year when it comes out, but apart from that, the games I'm getting next year will be sequels from previous games I've been playing for years now. Have a good Christmas everyone! ;)