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Schedule 2

College schedule is done.

English Composition

Into Phys Anthropology & Archiology

Western Civ 1

Cont. Math

I am working full time as well. so sleep is not an option.


I did my schedule for next year (my senior year)

English 12*
Drama II
School Aide for Teacher
Gym 10-12
Gym 10-12
Sports and Athletics
Weight Training
Marine Science

NO MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Football Season #4

So I have pretty much stopped watching the NFL and switched over to the NCAA

USC is back to #4

Michigan is going to beat Ohio State on Saturday

Hopefully USC is going to beat Cal

..and my football team ended up going 5-5

Football Season #3

We got killed in our first game 36-0 but we will do better next week.

The only highlight of that game for us was that we blocked 3 kicks.

USC plays Nebraska next saturday and im hoping for a Trojan win.

Both Green Bay and Washington lost last week so that sucks.

Reggie did pretty well for his first game and we started Flag Football in my gym class.

I got a BS penalty for a stiff arm that took away my awsome TD one told me i couldnt stiff arm...and i also caught a TD pass by vick ( aka reggie bush ) i hate that guy.

Football Season #2

Two-A-Days are over and we kickoff our season against Rising Sun on Friday

#6 USC beat Arkansas 50-14

#23 Tennessee beat #9 Cal 35-18


I hope that #19 Penn State can pull off an upset against #2 Notre Dame

Rising Sun Tigers at C. Milton Wright Mustangs *FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS*

The NFL kickoff is on thursday with Miami at Pittsburgh. Miami might come out on top because of the recest Rothlisberger incident.

Chicago at Green Bay....I hope the Packers can pull a win out of nowhere.  With Favre anything can happen.   

...and finally lets see if Reggie Bush can run all over the Browns.

Football Season

Football season is almost here.  That means two-a-days.  Which suck. A LOT.

Preseason is here as well, and some surprises have popped up.  Like reggie bush's 44 yard run, Vince Young and Clinton Portis' injuries.  My Packers lost but most of my other teams won in the first week.

But really all i want are a few things which should be over by the end of the month.


2. Madden 07

3. Paycheck ($300-$400)

4. Another Awsome Reggie Run

5. Both Vince Young and Ben Rothlisberger have their legs snapped.

...okay 5 is probably not going to happen.

NCAA Football 07

I've been playing this game non-stop since I got it yesterday.  I havent played an NCAA Football game since my 06 version stopped working.

AND Reggie is on the Cover:)