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Consumers are price driven. You have 2 products that are pretty much the same thing, so consumers will flock to the better priced item. Its simple economics.

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GS: mgfarmer

Psn: magicmikef

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I got it for my Son to play and have really enjoyed it.

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I've had no problems at all. Mine is working great.

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If you check the sony site its showing the network status as offline.

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I'm getting error nw-31453-6

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You could probably just swap out the HDD. You can find tutorials on youtube or just google on how to swap out ps3 HDD.
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Just wanted to see if anyone had issues with God of War 3 freezing. I admit I purchased that game several months ago, but didnt really get around to playing it until the PSN went down.Everything was fine until I get to the part where I am chasing Hermes(Olympian Citadel). Whats happening is if I die the game freezes at the screen that asks if you want to retry. I have deleted all old gamesaves and still have the same problem. It always happens at the same spot. Its not the PS3 as all my other games are fine.