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Samus Greatest Gameing Hero

Been a long long time since I posted a blog but this whole greatest gameing hero thing brings it out in me lol. OK let get right down to it bub and bob. I am first off sorry for the fans that just voted once and really like these guys and were on the wrong end of the stick. But they got tons and tons of votes off cheating and not playing right. I have never here on gamespot seen so many low profile levels, noobs making new accounts and just random people voting just to drag the madness out. Heck even a few websites got in and started super voting but all in all CHEATERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER CHEAT. The proof is right there of how unfair and uneven the voting was. To all the user who were bashing samus and thinking she lost well where are u now. It was so funny to see samus wina and seeing the forum explode with noob threads and crying all over. What happened was wrong and action was taking. Now if Samus loses I dont care she beat bub and bob and saved everything. She did it and all you haters can cry all u want. BALL DONT LIE SAMUS IS THE WINNER AND BUB AND BOB ARE LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If any of u all wanna talk to me further message or post me here maybe I'll send u my xbl gamertag and we'll really get down.

The Dark Knight

OK simply put AMAZING instantly goes down in my book as one of the most visually stunning movies ever. It does so many things perfect and has so many different elements everything is blended together into this perfect 10 film = The Dark Knight.

DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO SEE IT U WONT BE DISAPPOINTED. 10/10 completely owns any movie this year and all years past present future. It completely destroys Iron Man, Hulk, Cloverfield, Transformers, Spiderman 1-3, 300 anything u can throw at it this movie gives it back 100 dang 1000000 fold. The Dark Knight = PURE PERFECTION

1 year on GS woooooooow

Well yup made my profile one year ago today and well here I am still. Dont get on as much gamespot is boring and I think I might leave. I made alot of friends and met some cool people. Well I hope I get a 360 I want one soooooo bad and yup everything is ok still with my girlfriend and hope everyone is cool peace dawgz.

Update time (been awhile)

Well its time for an update and its been a few months. Been doing ok kinda feel down about not having a 360 around tho :(. I had alot of fun when I rented it Bioshock was just on amazing experience and I might pick up a 360 arcade for 280 its a good deal. I wanna get SMG since everyone is saying "O its the greatest platformer ever! O its better that Mario 64 or its the greatest game ever" I cant wait to get my hands on it. So I hope everyone is doing fine everythings down and if anyone needs anything hit me ^.

Peace 8)