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All the Games I've Beaten #2

i posted oe of these before but I've got more this time. I will mark new


Super Mario World


Batman Returns (NEW)


Donkey Kong64

Ocarina of Time

Yoshi's Story

Star Fox64

Mario Party3

Super Mario 64 (NEW)


Mario Sunshine

Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

Wind Waker

Ocarina of Time Master Quest

Backyard Baseball

X-men Legends

Xmen Legends II


Lego Starwars

Lord of the Rings Two Towers

Lord of the Rings Third Age



Soul Calibur2


Spiderman 2

Starfox Adventures

Starefox Assault

Metroid Prime

Crash Bandicoot Wrath of Cortex

Ninja Turltles

Ninja Turtles3

Cabela's Outdoor Adventures


Mario Party5

Mario Party6

Sonic Adventure

Sonic Adventure2

Marvel Nemesis

Donkey Kong Jungle Beat



Twilight Princess

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Warioware Smooth Moves

Spiderman Friend or Foe

Mario Galaxy (NEW)

Metroid Prime 3 (NEW)


Lego Island2


Fire Embem Sacred Stones

Metroid Fusion

Metroid Zero Mission

Mario Advance2


Zelda A Link to the Past


Warioware Twisted


Justice League Injustice For All

Cartoon Network Racing


Fire Emblem (NEW)


New Super Mario Bros

Warioware Touched



Kirby Squeak Squad


Starwars Batle Front Renegade Squadron

Marvel Nemesis

Crisis Core: FF VII (NEW)

Tekken Dark Resurrection (NEW)

Game Gear

Sonic Tripple Trouble


Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic R

Nerf Blast Arena


Metal Gear Solid (NEW)

Tekken 3 (NEW)

Vote for Mario!

No I'm not talking about the commercials for Mario Party 5. I mean we need to save mario from losing the greatest game hero award which we all know he deservesthis is what i found on google

things I have done

It's time for another blog. I have done lots lots of things since my last blog. First of all I beat Metroid Prime 3 with 100% completion. I also got all 120 stars on SMG. I beat Metal Gear Solid for a second time. Yesterday I went to a huge airsoft war with my friends and got shot lots of times. It was very dangerous and one of my friends got their tooth shot in half but it didn't hurt he said. I am really tired now because I stayed up all night. I might be going bowling tonight at 7:30. Thats all I am doing for now

A Happy Blog

I haven't made a blog in awhile so I'll make one now. I am happy for many reasons. First of all I crawled under my bed today and found my 3 missing items which are my DVD Player remote, my library card, and my limited edition Fire Emblem art cell which there are only 23,345 in existence. I also found 5 socks, the box to my Wii, a broken VCR, a hat, and 2 gloves. The 2nd Reason I am happy is I got a happy new Watchmen sig made by Mario_Brawler and a recyled avy because I had it once before. My 3rd reason isI am almost to the end of Metroid Prime #3. Thats all I have to say about that.

Is Melee Better Than Brawl?

In my oppinion SSBM may be a better game than SSBB. There are several things that I believe make it better.

1. Game Play In Melee you seem to move much faster allowing for better combos. In Brawl the gameplay is slowed down making characters slower and less useful in order to help new players be good. Doing this made it so Brawl could have no master players but more even players.

2. Items In melee hammer were helpful in Brawl they were quite weak and my you vulnerable to falling off ledges. Smash Balls can be unfair because some give you very powerfull attacks and others barely do anything.

3. Characters While this is Brawls major strong point because there are more characters Melee's characters were better. My favorite characters Link and Samus have been depowered and slowed down. Other characters such as Marth have been made easier to use making less characters for people to master by learning how to use all their attacks usefully.

4. Single Player Adding a single player stary to Brawl was supposed to make it better but I believe it made it worse. Adventure made is Melee was challenging and awarded you for beating it on higher difficulty levels. adventure made in Brawl was not overly fun and made unlocking all the characters too easy.

5. Trophies Even though there are more trophies in Brawl their value has dropped. Most are very easy to get leaving only a few really valuable ones. Another thing is the coin launcher never really lets you know if you have all the common trophies.

Thats all I have to say please tell me what you think.

1st Annual Metroid1340 Awards

It's almost the end of the year so I decided to talk about what I liked bout this year.

Best game: Super Smash Bros Brawl

2nd Best game: Mario kart Wii

Best Movie: The Dark Knight

2nd Best movie: Iron Man

Best Game from last year that I didn't play until this year : Super Mario Galaxy

2nd best game from 2007: Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn

Best really sorta old game I just played this year: GoldenEye007

second best old type game: Super Mario 64

Best Union on GS for the year: Video Game Sidekicks Union

2nd best union: Planet Cinema

Best GS friend : Echofoxz

2nd best GS friend: Gara 15

thats all don't get mad if i didn't choose you or your union I only wanted 2 of each

Lots of Stuff

First of All I got Mario Galaxy haven't played it yet though

second I got an acount on Giant Bomb

third I am getting Wifi soon give me friend codes if you have any

fourth please join Planet Cinema union we need more membera

last I think I'm getting a new tagger embem because I did over 500 tags

after last I am still stuck in lvl 20 i hope it ends soon

thats all I have to say

Sorry I've been Gone

Sorry I haven't been on lately. I have plenty of excuses though. First my computer hasn't been working. Second I got Super Mario 64 last weekend and I can't stop playing. And Finally I have play practice everyday this week. Thats all I have to say.

P.S. Don't fire me from any unions