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Woot, just beat the 1st of 3 temples in Twilight Princess, which is such an amazing game! Right now I'm at Death Mountain.

My Wii

So I got my Wii on Sunday...I didn't even have to wait in line (I preordered). But anyways....the Wii is so much FUN! I honestly haven't been that purely entertained by a console in SO long. The Wii Sports is a good party game, Red Steel is a good game once you get the hang of it, and Zelda is an amazing game, so far so good for the Wii!

im a student again

So, I'm back in school...yup after a year off I am attending university...and its a hell of a lot better than high school I'll tell ya what!!! More work tho....  :(


So i broke my wrist a few weeks ago...and ive been sticking to PC games since then cuz i cant hold a controller properly lol...

whole lotta nothing

Well I haven't been up to much lately, cuz of work and there really havent been any good 360 games to come out lately so Im mostly sticking to Oblivion and God of War lately....well that about does it

New Union

Hey all, just created a Metroid Fans Union, for those i sent charter member invites to, feel free to accept or decline....but accepting would be real nice lol thanks everyone!!!:D

oh wow

So its been a while since ive been posting on this thing lol, ive just been crazy busy w/ work and such i havent had much time to do so. Ya in exactly 4 days it'll be my 2 year anniversary being on gamespot....thatll be sweet lol....well im gonna try to be on more...have fun all!


Haha school is soon and I finished last year! I laugh at everyone that has to go back! jks...


Well its been awhile since i last posted on this thing, lately i have been working and hanging out with friends this summer so i havent really been on the 'net frequently. But anyways I'm pretty stuck on playing GTA San Andreas so thats it i guess..

splinter cell

Well I bought the new Splinter Cell a few days ago..and its really a fan of the whole series...but this one seems to stand out a little more than the rest...due to small additions like giving Fisher a knife....I think Gamespot could have given it a better score than 8.6
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