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5 years later

My account turned 5 today. Well actually yesterday, since it's a little past midnight here. I haven't really been using this account since 07 since I had registered an account with a much better username during a suspension.

I actually first discovered Gamespot well before my August 2004 sign up date. I first heard of it in December 2001 from a 2001 Video Game Yearbook magazine put out by Gamespot to promote the site among people who still got their game information through magazines, like me, and it worked! I didn't even know it was from a website until I saw an advertisement on the back cover showing one of those guys standing in the middle of a busy sidewalk wearing a sign that usually reads "the end of the world is approaching!" This guy had a sign that read "No one can stop Mr. Domino" and then there was a url posted somewhere in the ad. I had no idea of the game it was referencing, apparently a Ryan Davis favorite, but it got my attention and caused me to log onto the site.

On a side note, November 2001 marked the point where I really got into video games. I've been playing video games ever since I was a little, little kid. I can remember playing Sonic 2 when I was a kindergartener. So I've been interested in games since at least 1995, but I've always been a bit behind the times. In late summer 2001, I decided that I wanted to get a Gamecube at launch and stay current with the video game times. On November 18th 2001, my current interest in the industry was born.

So back to the whole Gamespot thing, or at least getting back on track. I began reading video game magazines in late 01, and EGM came out as an early favorite. It probably had something to do with the fact that the great January 2002 issue 150 was the first that I got. It included a Top 100 Games of all-time list (with Super Metroid taking #1), Seanbaby's 20 worst games of all time (with ET taking #1), a holiday buyers guide, and reviews for some of the top holiday games, including Halo, MGS 2, and GTA 3. I had no idea of the magnitude of these games. What a killer issue.

So EGM remained as my main source for video game info until July 2004, though I stuck with the magazine until early 2005. The big thing about this month was that I got a new computer, and high speed cable internet. Like I said earlier, I first started checking out Gamespot around December 2001, but I had to do it on a computer that was using dial-up internet. Even back then we all knew it sucked. It was in July 04 that I regularly began using the site.

Some of my memories from pre-cable Gamespot was looking at screenshots of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Mario Sunshine in 02, regularly checking the site for new Sonic games, celebrating the news of Sonic Adventure 1 being ported to the GC, checking out the first Sonic Heroes screenshots, reading Gamespot's Best and Worst of 2003 awards and finding that the Wind Waker getting GOTY surprised them, which surprised me. It's LoZ, come on. I also remember that reading E3 2004 coverage was an absolute pain in the ass because my computer was absolute crap by that point, so images loaded extremely slowly and then AOL would kick me off.

The July 04 revolution came, and the potential of Gamespot was born. I spent a lot of time reading coverage about the upcoming Nintendo DS and Sony PSP. I was stoked, I couldn't wait for the DS to launch. I watched any and every video for Super Mario 64 DS tons of times. I practically signed up this account so I could post on the forums about the DS. As November grew closer, my involvement with the site grew as well. During November 04, I discovered two things that strongly shaped my view about Gamespot, and turned it into my favorite website. They were On the Spot and System Wars. I first watched On the Spot because they were showing off DS games the Thursday before its Sunday launch. "That's the business" became a household phrase, and Rich Gallup became a legend. I spent the rest of the time on SW, arguing for the DS, Gamecube, and Xbox, against anything Sony. I remember Halo 2 review day being a day like no other. The PSP launch was crushing, and E305 was crushing. It was a losing battle against the cows until August 05, when the one-two AAA hit of Nintendogs and Advanced Wars DS hit, and now the DS was the heavy hitter, and it never looked back. It's all too evident 4 years later.

So my SW stupidity continued past the legendary E3 06 and up until summer 06, where I began to fade away from it. I just lost interest. In fact, Gamespot was beginning to lose a bit of my interest. I regularly checked the site, but I didn't post as much on the forums and I had already stopped following On the Spot by spring 05, for some dumb reason.

My interest in the site wasn't sparked again until June 07, when a friend of mine told me to check out OTS again. I instantly snapped, Jeff isn't a jerk, he's hysterical. So is Ryan! And Rich is still the greatest host of all-time. I continued regularly watching OTS throughout the summer, bidding farewell to Rich as host and all. Once school started up again, my viewing stopped, but my revived interest in the site continued.

11.28.2007. A day that will live in Gamespot infamy. In fact, the day died. I didn't find out about Jeff's firing until 11/30, when a friend told me at school. I couldn't believe it. I went onto the site the minute I got home and yep, it was true, Jeff was fired. I payed my respects by giving Kane and Lynch a 1, and that was that. My interest in the site collapsed. It was a video game site, just like any other. No Jeff, no Rich, no thanks.

I loosely followed Jeff and Ryan's next venture, the Giant Bomb blog through spring/summer 08. When I checked it out on July 24th 2008 to find that the actual website was finally up, I was stoked. I immediately signed up an account, and my new favorite site was discovered. I still check out Gamespot every day, but it will never hold the value it held from July 04-November 07. Who knows how things will pan out in the next 5 years? I'll make sure to make a way too long blog about it in August 2014.

E3 06 was awesome

What a solid E3. Really blew last year's let down out of the water! Even a little better than E3 04!

I watched the Sony conference live on Monday, and it sucked. They showed nothing for the PSP, some good trailers for the PS3, but then blew it by copying Nintendo's controller and having a horrible price for the PS3.

Sony E3 06 rating: 7/10

Nintendo really showed up. I can't express how let down I was last year when E3 passed and no big Revolution news, and no Mario 128! Well, This year had loads of Wii games and Super Mario Galaxy! I really think Wii will be awesome, and Super Mario Galaxy looks amazing! Also, announcing Star Fox DS and Yoshi's Island was great!

Nintendo E3 06 rating: 9/10

Microsoft didn't have much to show. 360 is already out so they don't have the whole "new console to show off " advantage that Sony and Nintendo had. I didn't really care about the Halo 3 trailer and the GTA IV announcement. Gears of War looks amazing though, Killer App right there!

Microsoft E3 06 rating: 5/10

What I've learned: Wii will rule, I'll be getting one at launch, 360 will be a great complement to the Wii, PS3's price isn't worth it at all, PSP still blows, and DS is looking to be as solid as ever!

360 game of E3: Gears of War
PS3 game of E3: 8 Days
Wii game of E3: Super Mario Galaxy
DS game of E3: Star Fox DS
PSP game of E3: Killzone: Liberation
Multiplat game of E3: Sonic the Hedgehog

Game of E3: Super Mario Galaxy

Wii is an awful name

There, I said it. I think Nintendo has now let down all of their consumers with this horrible name choice.

I still can't wait until E3 to see what the Revolution has in store!

Super Bowl XL was a flop

I'm happy the Steelers won, just cause it means Bill Cowher finally gets a ring after 14 years of coaching the team. I never really liked or disliked either team. But I was at least hoping to watch a really exciting game, and that failed to happen.

My hopes for Super Bowl XLI: Patriots vs. Falcons, with the Pats winning   24-21

DS Lite

My thoughts: Nice try Nintendo, trying to make the DS sleek, but PSP is still a better looking system. Heck, I think the normal white DS is better looking, that is one nice looking DS. Good thing the DS wins in the games department. But the DS Lite's new features really don't seem too important. Oh boy, 4 kinds of brightness, I don't care.

Milkage failed. GBA SP was needed, DS Lite is not.

Mario Kart DS: The Ultimate MK

Whoamg, MKDS is so good. So many tracks, and the new ones are awesome! So much to do in this game. And the online is the bomb, always some competition and winning never felt so good. Plus, AIM and MKDS online are the perfect Combo.

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