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me as of 1/31/2011

hello fellow gamespotters.. how are you all doing ?

in a recent decision i have decided to get an imac as opposed to a PC. i did this because it can run windows just fine and i can have mac software so i can learn to develop such for mac and iphone/pod/pad. the IMac ive chose is also good enough to run that games i want to run and then some. so gaming wise im still good because i get most of my games for playstation 3.

IMac specs -

27 inch screen , core i5 quad core processor at 2.8ghz, 8gb of memory, 1TB HDD, ATI radeon HD 5750,

magic mouse and magic trackpad.

as well as the 3 year applecare.

other than that i have been more active on here recently and have been playing some video games ive not

beaten yet. i decided to go ahead and pay off my preoder of dragon age 2 SE.

thats about it, so yeah have fun and be safe gamespotters

not been the most active

well, as you fellow gamespotter's may have noticed i have not been the most active lately and i felt like

i should update you guys on my latest gaming and some on why im not as active as in the past

Firstly i am in college, im doing some drafting, CADD, and paramteric modeling. i upload some images later for you

people that are interested in this such. that has been taking up alot of my time due to the courses having quite a bit

of work to complete along with other general courses such as required math, english, social , and science courses that i

need to complete.

i have been doing some gaming lately, no major buys since august but some downloads from the PSN

1.Deathspank: thongs of virtue - a great games, though a short game it has plenty of dumb humor to keep one

entertained the entire time.For the money i highly recommend this game to anyone

2. Mafia 2 - i purchased this game back in august and still enjoy playing it though the game was rather short. great graphics and pretty good story makes this another high recommendation from me.

3. My Aquarium - i dont really consider this a game, but i have it now so ill share it lol. its literally just a virtual fish tankthat you can customize with whatever fish or decoration avaliable. it has calm music that makes it rather relaxing, you can just sit back, listen to soft music, and watch fish swim around on the tv.

4. Pacman Championship - bottom line, a great new pacman game.

Though this may be late , but to choose my game of the year for 2010 i would have to choose mafia 2 because of how much fun i had playing it. it had its fair share of flaws but i absolutely enjoyed the game, so yeah, it gets the official "metalmaster GOTY award" :P

in future news i have been saving money and will soon get a new custom gaming PC not to just play games, but to do my CADD and modeling work more efficiently. when i get it ill be sure to post some pics and specs for you guys, im really looking forward to getting it. i have also pre-ordered dragon age 2 (today to be exact lol, the last day to get it ). i had

accumulated several dollars on my gamestop rewards card and put that towards the preorder

so yeah, feel free to leave some news/comments/whatever if you fell

later guys

ive decided

that there are many games i want to play that are now cheaper prices

and i think im going to get them...after i get a new HDD for my ps3

im totally going to do so...though i still have some room left...i bigger HDD would be nice

someday gonna get the WD scorpio blue 500gb

1.ratchet and clank future :tools of destruction

2. ^ :quest for booty (off psn)

3. sacred 2

4.fallout 3

5.and god of war 3 is going down in price and ill try to find red dead redemption used

for cheaper

e3 impressions (from watching the live shows)

well..there were alot of things in e3 that i enjoyed seeing and hearing about so i thought

i would discuss it here.

microsoft -

firstly the show was quite boring till the very end when they announced the "slim 360".

though i really like the new design i dont like how little time they spent on it compared to natal/kinect.

kinect seemed to be the only focus this year for microsoft and to be honest it got kinda boring. i did enjoy the showings

of halo:reach and gears of war 3 but cant help but think they seem the same as previous inputs. ill have to wait and get some play time for those games before i can make a fair judgement though.


many great games announced/shown from EA made their show a great uprising so to speak from the microsoft

show. to start off the game impressions is Medal of looks awesome with the same great online(IMO of course) of battlefield:BC2. dead space 2 looked nice as well though i didnt get much time to watch the demos of it. probably the best title announced for me was need for speed: hot pursuit, ive always like that part of the NFS world and really look

forward to playing it ony my ps3 lol.


there were alot more motion-excercising games with ubisoft. i didnt actually enjoy much of this conference but the

titles that were shown were decent. the best of which for me was the rayman:origins announcement. i have always been a rayman fan and have hoped for a game similar to the games in the series before the rabbits took control. the other game on my mind from that conference (along with lots of people im sure) is the ghost recon:future soldier, though the demo they had looked boring at first it changed my mind by showing the different angles in the battles. the third game that caught my eye was "project dust"


in my opinion the best show this year. they had a new kingdom hearts game, zelda game, kirby, final fantasy, and many more great titles. among those was a new donkey kong game that sounds fun. the biggest announcement though had to be the 3DS. that new DS looks pretty cool and it may convince me to finally get a DS agian lol.


had its up moments with the move. there are many great titles shown off that caught my eye- infamous 2, killzone 3, gt5,socom 4, and some move titles such as the fight:lights out even though it was shown much, and sorcery.

the move does look very fun (agian..IMO) to me compared to the WII and kinect. i think it has alot to do with the prices

if the move comtrollers and the games that are going to use it as a function such as socom 4 and killzone 3.

a psp game i liked was the new god of war title, looks alot like chains of olympus so far but that was a fun game.


though i had several issues with buffering from gamespot i enjoyed the show. though i am disappointed about some lack of games such as the last gaurdian and for sure whatever dragon age game is next. also i am surprised i didnt see a new version of the psp lol.

thanks for reading everyone..feel free to comment and what not

what will i want to see at E3 ?

well...there are several things i will be wanting to see


1.3DS (working name/title)


3.rumored psp device ..doubt there will be anything majorly different if there but ill

still look for it lol


1.fear 3

2.medal of honor

3.kingdom hearts BBS


5.fallout NV

6.batman AA2

7.dragon age 2 (if anything for it is there)

8.gta V (its a rumor im hopeful for)



11. whatever the new pacman such is gonna be like

12.socom 4

13. the last gaurdian

14,transformers: war for cybertron

not to sure what else im looking forward to considering all games have not been listed/announced

there are several more rumors like a tekken vs street fighter that i would like to see..but those are so far fetched

ill just have to wait and see like usual lol ill tell you how everything goes for those rumors and my thoughts like normal as well as a "how it went for the games i wanted to see" blog

game collection update ..agian lol

well guys pretty much done with school so i got some new games

1. dragon age awakening

2.dragon age: return to ostogar and darkspawn chronicles add-ons

i still have a few dollars left on my psn so idk what i will get next lol

im back

sorry for the lack of updates and post and such as ive been busy

and will still be busy in the coming week but i thought i would update you guys (the few that read

my blogs that is ) with whats up

firstly i got that new laptop i wanted ..not much of a gaming computer but i didnt want one

for that purpose

its a sony vaio (vpceb15fm) specs:

-core i3 processor (quad core 2.13ghz)

-500gb HDD

-windows 7 home premium 64bit

-4bg ram (which i plan to upgrade with shared memory such)

-256mb of dedicated video of 2250mb with the shared memory

other then that ive gotten a new phone..the samsung impression

ive not been able to get any new games..but i have gotten some money from graduation presents so i might get a

game or 2 ..not sure what to get though ..probably read dead redemption and the dragon age add-ons

i was thinking about borderlands, gta 4 episodes of liberty city, some ratchet and clank games, or wolfenstein

but i cant decide at the moment, what do you all think i should get ?

other then that its been the usual busy junk for me, so talk to you guys later

small update on me

hello, how are you all doing today my fellow gamespotters

anyhow, a few new thing nothing major this time though

lets see, first of all i have a new game in my collection which would be gran turismo 2

for the ps1 everything works on it (both discs) and i was able to get it for a few $

ill also got to borrow dantes inferno from a friend though i didnt get to finish it. it was ok

ive also decided to sell the things in my last blog so i can get a new laptop

was thinking a sony viao. but not sure yet.the ipad will wait for now.

back to gaming ive mostly been playing dragon age (as usual..i love that game and cant wait too

get return to ostogar and awakening) and also have been going back and playing some GTA 4

to get a few trophies that were not available the first time i beat it.

so thats about it. thanks for reading you all

feel free to comment and what not

update of the metal

well..i havent really dont much on here so i might as well

share an update about me.

firstly ive still been working on school work, which is mostly some decent size projects

which is not fun considering i could have been playing more guitar and/or video games

but not all is down, i have gotten several things from my grandparents.

1. a computer that is a tad old but works great


2. a stereo system for my room ..i guess my tv ..havent tryed it out yet

3. a pocket pc thats also a tad old..but kinda neat so i might use it for a calender or somethin..after i update the

windows mobile OS on it

such 4

some other decent news is that i finally got my replacement facehugger that broke in my preoder copy

AVP hunters edition. it took about a month or so to get , but im satisfied.

such 2

im also still saving up for some computers as well as the ipad as i mentioned last blog..havent been able to get

much money saved..but i should soon due to some yard labor im good at doing :)

i believe thats all the new stuff for thanks for reading..feel free to comment if you wish.

Metalmasters month of Feb.

well other then the few research papers i have to do for my english class and my psychology class

there have been a few gaming updates for me this month.

the first was my purchase of AVP for the ps3, i was actually the only one at my local gamestop to get

that version.

hunters edition

hunters edition 3

hunters edition 2

ive also been playing some battlefield 1943 as well as going back and playing dragon age to get some

of the trophies i missed.

i have also decided to save up my money to get an ipad when they are released, im going to get the 16gb model with no

3g plan. wish me luck :)