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A rare update from a fan...

Holy ****! Haven't done one in a while, so I guess Imight as well start with some video game news. Bought Skyrim and have been playing it here and there. I'm unable to get lots of playing in, due to being busy as hell at work, but damn is it ever killer. I've never played any of the previous, so I'm rather excited about this one, and so far it hasn't let me down. I recently saw Slayer and Rob Zombie in August, and it was awesome. Also got tickets to see Megadeth, Motorhead and Volbeat in February. Must say I'm ******* stoked. Other than that, now that hockey is in full swing, I've got lots to watch on tv. Hoping to see a game this year, but with all the lay offs at work, I've been working lots of overtime. I don't mind it, because it means I get more money, but it's havoc on the social life. Yup, that's the jist of it. Look forward to another update about a year or two down the road.

Off Topic Woes...

I know, I don't make many blog posts, so this is a little out of the ordinary. I got off work, and started enjoying a few beers, and decided to make a few witty posts. The first topic I see, has a 1000 posts already! Apparently some mods got banned today. Now, let me start by saying I didn't really know either as a poster or a mod, so I'm indifferent on the matter. However, the uproar is down right astonishing. Many users really seem to be attached to these two. I fear that OT may suffer because of it. At this moment, a handful of users are calling out mods and admin, and I have a feeling that if certain people don't watch what they say, more bans will come. Normally, I don't care when users get banned, but I like the regulars in OT, and it would bea shame if some users that I liked got canned because of their displeasures. Anyways, just thought I'd try and add a little water to the fire under some of you, and to watch what you say. Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? That's my two cents, and although I'm a user that somewhat flies under the radar in OT, maybe some will listen...

I guess I'm back

Hey, I have just recently started posting in OT again. I'm not here all the time, but I show up every now and then. I'm not sure if it's changed at all, but I still recognize a few posters there. Well, that's about it, I'll see you around.

First blog post in two months? :o

Damn, I hadn't noticed that I haven't blogged anything. I guess because I don't really have anything to update you guys on. Well, that's not true. I'm going to see Megadeth on the 16th. It's them with Children of Bodom,In Flames, and Job For A Cowboy. I'm not sure if that's it, but I can't wait. Those three bands will be cool to see, especially In Flames, but for me, none of them compare to Megadeth. I'm a huge thrash metal fan, and Megadeth is one of those classic thrash metal bands. My body is sure as hell going to be sore. :P Besides that, I have nothing to update. I've been watching the playoffs(NHL) and although there aren't any Canadian teams left, I guess I'll jump on the Pittsburgh bandwagon. However, if they don't win, I really don't care. My team(Canucks) didn't even make the playoffs, so I really don't care which team wins, I'm just a big fan of hockey. You guys/gals are all up to date on everything metallica_fan. I know I don't post many blogs, but I'm sure most of you see me in OT. I post there quite regularly.

Metalheads gather round...

Hi there. It's no surprise that I'm a fan of metal. I think we should take the time to see what metal bands I'm interested in. Most kids that like metal nowadays are into all the new stuff. Granted, there are some cool new bands out there:Killswitch Engage,Trivium,Lamb of God,HellYeah and a few others that I like. What I'm into, is the older metal. Yea, the old 80s thrash. I'm going to post some videos of some of the bands I like, and you can tell me if you're a fan or not. Lets start things off shall we:

We will start off with some good ol fashioned Suicidal Tendencies with Join the Army.

Lets keep things going with a band called Metal Church. That right, another great band that seems to get lost in the mix These guys rock. Metal Church.

Saxon, no not Saxophone, Saxon. Ya, another great pioneer of metal. These guys have been rocking hard for years. Check out Princess of the Night.

Hey, Germans can play metal with the best of them. Don't believe me? Accept may change your mind. Here's Fast as a Shark.

W.A.S.P Here's a great band that many of you have probably heard of, but haven't really listned to. Here's a song called Animal. There other part of the title I can't put in, but you'll see and hear it in the video.

We will end things with a band called Anthrax. I know what you're saying, "Wait, I've heard of Anthrax." I'm sure you have, but have you heard Anthrax? Yes, Madhouse is a great tune, but they're so much more than that. Check out Caught in a Mosh.

I hope you enjoyed those tracks. If not, then you aren't a metal head. :P Anyways, I just thought I'd inform you guys about the metal of the past, because that is the stuff I enjoy.

2 years of Metallica_fan on Gamespot

Yep, today, February 6th, 2008, marks my 2 year anniversary. It blows me away that I've stuck around these forums for that long. It's odd, because if you knew me in real life, you wouldn't consider me to be the forum type. I've had a blast here on Gamespot, and it's been fun posting and getting to know some of the unique users. My board of choice has always been Off-Topic, but I've posted in many unions before as well. One of those unions that was deleted for some reason, and I never really found out why. 2 years may not sound like a long time, and it really isn't, but for two years to constantly come to a site and post, must mean something...(Can anyone say Tool? :P) Anyways, just thought I'd share this information with you guys. It's not that important, but I hadn't put out a blog in some time, so this seemed appropriate. I'd like to thank all the cool users I've met over this time, and although some of them have been banned, there are still many wicked users kicking around this site. Cheers!

OTcar Noms. Thoughts...

And the voting begins. What are you're thoughts on the nominee's? I think we have some decent choices. I hope some of my picks win. Sadly, I can't vote for everybody, so don't hold it against me if I didn't vote for you(hey, you didn't vote for me, so maybe I won't feel bad) Some of my nominations didn't make it to the ballot, which I was a little disappointed about. Also, some of the categories, I didn't really know who some of those users were, so I just picked one at random. Anyways, since I didn't get nominated for Best Canadian User, I'm putting my star power behind Megagene. Vote Megagene! :P

A blog about things and stuff

Hey there. As you can tell, I don't update my blog often, but I thought I would today. The OTcars are coming up, yet I think the whole Patchi things was dumb. I would have rather people not vote, than put one user for every category. I'm not up for anything this year(or at least it looks that way from the nominations) but I'll be taking part in the voting. I do miss a lot of OT regulars that I haven't seen for some time. However, there are some newer users that seem to have some potential. Nothing has really changed in my life, although I do have a week off work right now, and we finally have a nice clear, sunny day, however, it's still pretty cold. I bought a game called Gun for my 360 a little while ago, and it's turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It only cost 10 bucks new, and I found that to be a pretty good deal. Other than that, I've got nothing new for you guys. Anyways, I'll be on the look out for you're guys names in the OTcars. Good luck.

IIHF WJHC-4 Gold Medals in a row for Canada!

Yesterday, Canada made history, as we defeated Sweden in the gold medal game. This gives us 4 straight gold medals in a row in this tournament. In three consecutive tournaments, Canada has only lost one game, and that was this year to the Swedes. Other than that, Canada has been dominant. The US was heavily favoured, even going unbeat in the preliminaries, but they were no match for Canada. The gold medal game was close though, as Canada had a two nothing lead going into the third. Sweden ended up getting a powerplay goal, and then it was 2-1. Late in the game, Sweden pulls their goalie, and manages to get a goal. That's right, we have overtime. In the overtime frame,Sean Matthiasdrove to the net with the puck, and Matt Hallischukstuffed it in. We are an unstoppable hockey force when it comes to these tournaments, and that makes it an unbelieveable 4 gold medals ina row. Sweden walked away with silver, and the Russians beat the States for bronze. Next year, the tournament is in Ottawa, which means our country is going to be going crazy for it. I hope we'll make it 5 in a row. :D

I guess I need a new sig?

That's right, I need a new sig. Why? Well, Gamespot has modded my old sig, because they said it had a derogative word in it. Now, I've had that sig since I've joined Gamespot. I put a link to, which is a spoof site that Conan O'Brien created. Basically, it had a bunch of fake stuffed manatee's dressed up as different characters. For example:Manateen,Manatee fetish and so on. I've had that part in my sig for about 7 or 8 months. I guess they found it offensive now, and they have deleted my sig. Yup, no more Chris Farley, he got axed. I'll probably put another picture of him in it, or I'll find something else. Anyways, have a good one.