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List of games that are or were taking forever to be made [UPDATE]

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Hello boys and girls! Here is an update to my last blog named "List of games that are or were taking forever to be made, look no further!" It's been a while since I wrote that blog so I'd like to make an update to the games' release dates if I may. 1. 2 Days to Vegas(TBA Remains) ***Update 2. Alan Wake(Released) 3. AvP(Released) ***Update 4. Battlefield 3(2011 Multiplayer Beta with Medal of Honor) ***Update 5. Black 2 (Renamed to Bodycount Q1 2011) ***Update 6. Gran Turismo 5 (Nov 2, 2010) 7. Half-Life 2: Episode Three(TBA Remains) 8. Heavy Rain (Released) 9. Hei$t(Cancelled) ***Update 10. Max Payne 3 (delayed to Q1 2011) 11. I Am Alive (TBA 2010 Remains) ***Update 12. Postal III (TBA 2011) ***Update 13. Mafia II (Released) ***Update 14. Duke Nukem Forever (TBA 2011) - Acquired by Gearbox. According to Gearbox president Randy Pitchford they are in the polishing stage of the game so look for it sometime in 2011 ***Update 15. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 (Q3 2010/Summer delayed to Fall 2011 since the summer is almost over and haven't seen any updates for it) ***Update 16. Civ 5 (Sep 21, 2010)