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A Fresh Start

Well, it looks like i havent had a blog post in quite some time. A lot has happened since then. Im now a sophomore in high school, its a new year, i had my first kiss, and oh yeah, i reached level 31 finally. It been really fun. I decided now that im starting over. I need to get back on track with my life and just live better. I want to become a better person. Im really going to try to get back in shape, spend more time with family and friends, get serious about school, get a girlfriend, and just to have more fun and be more outgoing. I finally decided that this is my only life, and it could end whenever it needs to. Im going to live how i want to, and im going to have as much fun as possible. Im tired of being shy.

But enough of that. I am getting No More Heros tomorrow! Im so psyched for this game! After playing Killer7 ive been looking forward to this forever. And, on the minus side of things, the Packers lost last night :cry: I really wanted them to win. It wouldve been so epic for them to get to the Superbowl and beat the Pats. But now, im rooting for the Pats to beat the crap outta the Giants.

Also, im going to try to take a break on buying things. NMH is gonna be the last thing i buy for a while. Even though i love my manga, games, anime, and movies, ive just been buying way too much crap lately. I need to get serious, and get a job and start saving my money.

Well, im starting to ramble, so ill be seeing ya. Peace.

Summers Over

School started on Monday for me. Im a sophomore now so its awesome to not be at the very bottom now. Im pretty disappointed that i didnt really get to do all the things i wanted to do this summer. I wanted to at least beat DQ 8 and LOZ TP but i STILL havent beat them. Im pretty ashamed actually. But i did manage to catch up on my backlog of anime and manga that i had. My birthday was sunday too. I got a ton of manga (like 16 or something volumes), some anime, and some games. It was awesome. Im really close to breaking 200 volumes now. I think i mightbreakitSunday when i go to Borders.

Oh yeah i bought Jump! Ultimate Stars a while ago and i gotta say, this game is a MUST-OWN for everybody with a DS. Seriously, go import it now.

Anyway, i gotta go and try to beat these freakin games so see ya later

Dragon Quest!!!

I finally got a PS2 this weekend. Ive always wanted one because it has a ton of great RPGs and other games. The games i got are Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King, Tales of the Abyss, and Final Fantasy X. All ive gotta say is that DQ is a amazing game. Its just a masterpiece, i cant stop playing it. Seriously, since i got it this is like the only time i stopped. The great story, the funny characters, the epic soundtrack, the fun battle system, everything about this game is just perfect. I cant believe ive been missing out for so long.

School gets out for me in 3 days. I cannot wait. Its gonna be awesome. If you havent played DQ go do it now!

2 Years and Level 26

Its been a long 2 years here, and so far so good.

I borrowed Resident Evil on the Cube from a friend and man that game is really awesome. I usually dont get scared when i play games, but that game scares the hell outta me sometimes. If you havent played it you better go right now, your missing out. Also i finally watched Cowboy Bebop. I bought all 6 dvds and finshed them in almost a week. Its the best series ive ever seen, next to Yu Yu.

I wasnt able to preorder Diamond last weekend, so im not gonna be able to get the stylus. I cant freakin wait to get it on Sunday though!! When i get it tell me your FC, ill post mine in my blog.

Also this kid at school is selling me almost all the volumes of Dragon Ball for 30 bucks. Its a really good deal. Well i gotta go play some more RE so see ya.

Yu Yu Hakusho Kicks Ass

I just finished Chapter Black in YYH and i gotta say it was one of the greatest animes ive ever seen. Everything about it was just plain awesome. If you havent watched it and your still watching Naruto, you better freakin watch it right now.

Also, i got a Wii around Christmas. Its one of the best systems ive ever played, as i expected. Im working on Zelda right now. I got a ton of other games and anime too.

I also started to get back into Wifi with Hunters and Mario Kart. My FC is in my sig. Its 3780 4498 0306 if you wanna add me. My names Guts.

Well i gotta get back to some more YYH, so see ya later.

Finishing stuff

Yeah well i havent made a new blog post in a while so id thought id make one. i finally completed my Rurouni Kenshin! The whole series was awesome from start to finish. Its my first manga series i started and completed, so im pretty happy about that.

Also beat Killer7, that game is great. Some people definately wont like it, because its strange and different, but its fun and has you thinking the whole time. I also finally finished watching Samurai Champloo, i freakin love that show. Masterpiece the whole way. Oh yeah i got the MK badge too, it looks real cool.

Level 21!!!!!

Finally i got to Level 21! That took forever!! :D Well i started school, again, and im a freshman. It really sucks i just got the Samurai Champloo Box Set but i cant watch it! But i did finsih all the Rurokens i have left. All i need now is 5 more volumes, and im loving it so far. Also i quit football. Yeah after making a big deal out of it i was pretty stupid. It wasnt the contact or anything, i just dont have the time for it, and i didnt really get the plays. Other then that, it was really fun. Well i gotta go watch some of my Samurai Champloo and my movies while i can!


Well, just to top things off after my Gamecube broke, my cell phone broke. The plasma screen inside cracked, and now you can just barely see any thing. I'm having my birthday party this weekend, even thought my birthday isn't until August 12th. I'm asking for a Borders gift card and money from my friends, and i asked my grandma for Super Mario 64 DS and $20, so i can buy the Neon Genesis Evagelion Platnuim Collection with my other friends money. I also got the last boxset of GT for $40 bucks, it was a good deal. I've never seen any of GT before, so its all new to me.

My next manga buy is going to be probably just 3 or 4 more volumes of Ruroken. I'm only going to have the Borders card to buy manga with, otherwise i would get more. Man summer can't go any faster. I'm already down to just 1 month left! Then school starts...

Also i just beat Astro Boy Omega Factor, that game freakin rules. If you have a DS, GBA, Micro, or an SP, get this game. Its definately on the Top 5 Best game of All time for the GBA. 

Hope everyone is having a good summer!

Bad Stuff and Good Stuff

Well, yesterday my Gamecube broke. It freakin BROKE. It sucks so hard. Its summer time, practically the only time i get to play video games, and it breaks. I turn the power button on, it flashes, then stops. And maybe, if im lucky, it goes ot the title screen of a game, then stops. Yeah it sucks. At least i have my DS Lite! Oh yeah also i can't say sucks in my Titles for blogs or threads?! WTF is that?!

Well, in better news, i'm offically a little more then halfway in Rurouni Kenshin! I'm on Volume 15, and man its getting good. I can't wait to see the final battle agaisnt Shishio!

Also, i recently sold 4 PSP games at Blockbuster and got $45 for them! I know i would've gottne like $20 at Gamestop. The only bad thing being you can't convert the credit inot cash, but whatever. I got Star Fox Assualt, (which i cant freakin play) and Mercinaries. Both games are really fun. Oh i got the new SJ magizine too.

Last, thanks a lot to GazzaB for making me a new banner! Its freakin AWESOME!!! Hope everyone is having a good summer!!

DS Lite!!

All right! I'm so freakin happy! I finally got a DS Lite yesterday! I've been wating forever! I also got 3 games, Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, Mario Kart DS, and Metroid Prime: Hunters. They all are really great and extremly fun with friends. Soon I'm going to get the Wifi Connector, Metoes, and Super Mario 64 DS. I'll do a review on the games soon too.

I bought the first two volumes of Bleach the other day, and i can finally understand why everyone's talking about it so much. It has a lot going for it, like a great story, developing characters, comedy, and action. When you combine them together it is a fantastic mix. I'm definately getting more volumes. I'm also close to halfway with Rurouni Kenshin to, on volume 12. And thanks to BlueLink, i got introduced to a great new manga, Home Tutor Hitman Reborn (or just Reborn). The first volume comes out in October, and its a Shonen Jump title. You can read some scans on

I also got a new emblem recently, Tagger Flirt. It's pretty cool, i'm going for Tagger Maker next. Well, thats about it. Hope everyone is having a great summer, i have to play more DS!