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I'm thinking about doing account suicide...

I don't know what to do. I'm like never on GS anymore. I have to type with my PS3 controller (it takes forever) and my PS3 is my only computer. But over the months, I have been losing interest in GS. I don't know. Sooo, I think I should go out with a bang. I might post a pic of a vagina or something. Does anyone want to talk me out of this? I'm a desperate man... I have nothing to lose. I put one bullet in my gun - should I pull the trigger?

I GOT AN HDTV!!! YAY! (caps!) YAY!

I'm sorry I don't have a picture or a video of my new TV, because I don't have a digital camera. But just telling you that I got a 32" LCD HDTV and the brand name is Vizio. I created a thread not long ago that's "What's the best HDTV I could buy for less than $750" or something like that. Anyway, I mentioned that I also have a PS3. Nearly half the people that participated in the thread told me to get Vizio. It's the best picture for my money. DAMN SKIPPY! This TV plays 720p. I know, you're probably thinking why didn't I get a 1080p. It's because I only saved up $795. BUT, I love this TV already, even though I've had it for one night so far. The picture is sooo smooth on the PS3. I found details in Call of Duty 3 that I've never found before. I'm still trying to get used to playing on this TV, so don't challenge me in COD3 anytime soon. Lol! I have wanted one of these damn things for a year. Now I finally have it. :)

Don't mess with me! IM LEVEL 20! (PARTAY)

W00T W00T! W00T W00T! It took me long enough for my ass to be Metal Slime! I remember: when I first got on GameSpot not wondering what the hell to do, where to go to, or how to do it. I remember: when I was a noob at GS, and how I thought people that were level 20+ were gods. I remember: How I ALWAYS got in trouble by the GS popo (*MODS*) and how over the months I learned to control what I put on the forums (once I posted some pics of Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy almost naked making out, and once I compared Jesus to Michael Jackson *BIG mistake*, and once I posted a pic of an obese woman throwing up, and once...... etc, etc.) I have a LOT of moderations, and I still get some from time to time. But the moderations I got a long time ago, well, each one of those were counted as offensive. Now I just get disruptive posting. Now back to "I remember." I remember: when I received my first mod about flaming, and I felt bad *tear streams down my face*.I remember: when I got my first friend on GS, and we were best buddies. Then I looked at his beautiful profile and it said "YOU ARE DEAD!" and "OH TEH NOES!" He was obviously banned. *TO THE MODS* - Dear Mods, thanks for not banning me... so far. I've been a baaaaad boy for the months that I've been on GameSpot. Sorry for sending Omni Slash a PM saying "I just wanted to tell you that I hate you.:D" Sorry for posting some disgusting and revolting pics in the OT (usually I get my moderations from my pictures). And Im sorry for not getting the mental help that I have always needed. After when I told the therapist my life story, she killed herself. *TO EVERYONE* - Thank you everyone. Now...... LET'S PARTAY! BRRRRRING out the beer and strippers! W00T W00T! 8)

I HATE MY JOB!!! (caps dammit)

If you don't live in Iowa, then you most likely DON'T know what de-tasseling is. Iowa is not very exciting.... it's home of the freaking CORN! Yay. Anyway,$10 an hour seems like easy money, but when you're walking 30 miles a day in the hot sun with corn leaves that leave rashes on your neck, bosses yelling at you, trying to piss secretly in the corn field without being caught, getting your whole body covered in dirt and filth, not getting enough water, etc, etc, etc. All I can think about is getting a big chainsaw, and chopping down the 50 acres of corn they have, screaming insanely "How do you like your corn now, jerk! Muwahagahagahahhaah!" Im regretting that I ever signed up for this job, but I have to get the damn TV one way, or another. If you want to make some good money, come to Iowa, and de-tassel for the summer... if you dare. :o

It's official, Im saving up for an HDTV!

I have been wanting an HDTV for a long time. I need it for my PS3. I need to get the full experiance. I already have a tiny bit less than $300, but I am detasling this summer... $10 an hour for 8 hours a day. I will do it for 2 weeks, then I should have enough to buy one. I would either like to get a 1080i or a 1080p, but I want the 1080p the most. I also want it over 24". Hopefully I'll have sooo much money that I can buy more PS3 games, too. I would like to get (when they come out) Black 2, Mercinaries 2, GTA IV, COD 4, and Burnout Paradise. :D:D:D:D8)

Hell YEAH bi-ach! I got the PS3! I got the last one in Des Moines!!!


I got the PlayStation 3 and Call of Duty 3!!!!!!!!!! You know why? I'll tell you how I got these on Dec. 18, 2006. I was calling all of the big stores in Iowa. I must have called literally over 25 stores. I stopped calling when I called a Walmart Supercenter in Des Moines. They told me they had 8 60 GB PS3's in stock. I was like...hell yeah. It took me about an hour to get from Marshalltown to Des Moines. I was finally there. I ran to the electronics and a guy who looked like an old, homo-sexual dude told me there are currently 3 in stock. I said to him that I want a PS3 right now. He told me to wait my turn, because he needed to get to 10 people first. He said he needed to get to a person who waited a whole 5 minutes so he could talk to the clerk. Wow...a whole 5 minutes. Oviously, he didn't go 80 MPH on the high way for an hour.  2 people said they wanted a PS3 and my heart sank.  Of course the electronics center was jam-packed with people. There was 1 PS3 left. Only 1 PS3. Only 1 ****ing PS3?! We can't have that, now can we. There was a fat kid who told his mom he wanted a PS3 and I walked up to the fat kid and said that they were all out. And then I asked him why and he didn't know. So I told him..." Because Im gonna get the last one you little pigglet! Muwahahagagahagahagaha!!!" Then I ran up to the homo-sexual dude and I said may I have the PS3 now, and he said yes...I'll put it in customer service for you. Then I hugged him and said thank you and he wanted to keep hugging me and I said let me go please, and he let me go. Then I bought Call of Duty 3 and I bought everything. But then every one that was in the line was going up front and peering into my cart. Then they were chatting to their friends, saying I had I PS3. I was afraid I would get jumped. When  I exited the store, I took out my knife and hid it up my sleeve. Then I rushed to my car and left Des Moines. OMFG that was a long night. I retured home at 10:30. Then I made out with the PS3.