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The hole in my wallet grows...

The acquisition of my first car has burnt a huge hole in my wallet. Now I have to give up on some of my games...selling them to random people on I feel so sad...I never wanted to sell my games, but something has to pay the gas bills right? My f'in part-time job right now won't. God I need a new job, and this class is so super boring. I think the last time I wrote, it was in this stupidly boring class too. Sold off Left 4 Dead a few days ago, going to sell Carbon and Fallout 3 soon. Just games that I don't touch on a regular basis. I know I'll want to go back to them eventually, but I need the cash now. God I'm desperate lol.

There's not much to look forward to, which is a positive I guess at this time. I don't have the money to spend on games. I have started renting though. Godfather 2 sucked chicken balls lol. It was fun for the first hour or so, then it started sucking real bad. Ah..need broke...

Holy....'s been a year and change...I'm bored in class...and thinking about games. Sometimes I think I should pay attention in class but god knows how many people are actually paying attention anyway. I actually have games to play for my PS3 now, Killzone, Street Fighter, LBP...thank goodness and of course The Show. Res Evil comes out today, won't be able to get my hands on it until Sunday though. Busy. I always think I play too much games, but I never try to go and change that.

Big games nowadays for me. NHL 09...EASHL with buddies is a nightly thing now. Burnout Paradise is back, and loving it with those same great buds. For those that want to join a community of sports gaming and great discussion with great people, come to and sign up with us. Say you were referred by darktrc. It's an awesome community. You can join leagues, and meet and play with some great people. Anyways, I've been popping in The Show and Killzone 2 in as well. The Show career mode is back to the top with super fast games and such. Killzone is fun, got a buddy to play with and a bunch of people from XBS.

Alright, time to go. This is boring. But come visit us at XBS!

Excitement + Disappointment =?

I don't even know how to describe it. NBA 2K9 is just another year of 2K dominating EA. The game is so nice, the player animations are down to the very last detail, and all this other stuff that makes the game feel so great and gets me to play the game. I get that feeling that I said was missing (see my review on 2K8 ), and I really want to play this game everyday of the week for hours. At the same time, it's so disappointing to see 2K's lack of ability to properly host the online. Half the time I log on I get the "2K server is unavailable" message and the other half I can't even get a game started. 2K has always been known for great online play, but for 2K9 why not?? I don't understand. I've played ONE full 5-on-5 team up game so far, and it was laggy like $hit. All the other times, all I got was "could not connect" and this message that I've read probably a million times.

I love the dynasty mode though. I have my Raptors at 12-2 on a 11 game win streak playing on All-Star difficulty. I wonder if it was a glitch or not, but putting Anthony Parker on the trading block yielded the Portland Trailblazers to offer the future of their franchise in Brandon Roy AND a 1st round pick for AP. Without thought, I took it. I also decided to start Jason Kapono over Jamario Moon. With JO and CB4 down in the post, either of them getting hot at the start of the game, Kapono is the shooter that we need. Kapono's 16 led us to a blowout of the Heat in our last game. With Bosh struggling, Roy picked it up in crunch time with 10 of his 13 coming in the last 5 minutes of the 3rd that really blew the game open.

See I love the game. I'm just disappoint with the online...I wish it would work..because I heard Live is pretty fun.

Get Ready

Another year coming along now, and another year of buying the regular sports games. Madden coming up, NHL, NBA and then back to baseball again in the spring. I have NCAA Football 09 right now, it's not really cutting it unfortunately. It's too similar to 08. As for Madden, I've gotten to play that, and to be honest, besides a couple of graphical flaws, the game is great. It looks great, they finally fixed that horrific presentation from 08 and 07 and it really feels like a actual football broadcast now. NHL is undoubted my most anticipated game right now. Be A Pro Mode, EASHL just unbelievable things in that game that EA has brought on board. Let's just hope the EA servers hold up for the EASHL to actually work properly in a generally lag-free and glitch-free environment. For those that played 08, we all understand what I am talking about. We couldn't get on a 3 on 3 game till at least 2-3 weeks after release. As for NBA, I'm not 100% what is going to be new. But I can't deny the fact that I'm probably, most likely, indefinitely going to buy the thing. I'm too much of a basketball freak not to, and of course, we are talking 2K9 and not Live. Soccer will come around as well, and FIFA 09 looks good again. So I'll probably end up buying both FIFA and Winning Eleven whenever WE comes out with a new one.

Looking further into the future, I hope they fix up MLB 2K9 while I hope The Show 09 just keeps getting better, fix up a couple things in career mode and bring back the fast forward function in it too! I loved that function!! Baserunning is just too boring to not have that function!

While things have changed in my life durastically in the past month and change, I have not, and I will continue to waste lots of $60s to buy sports games that let me live the dream that I'll never get because I'm not athletically gifted enough haha.

Out with the old, in with the new..lots of new

Well, the game everyone has been waiting for is just about to arrive. Super Smash Bros Brawl is ready to come for this Sunday, and I'm working the midnight launch. Halo 3 was pretty disappointing, it was just another FPS and didnt seperate itself from any other FPS. But nothing has been able to match the first Smash Bros on the Gamecube and I don't expect that to change. Brawl looks real good, and I can't wait to unlock Solid Snake!

It's going to be an awful long Saturday coming up, I work from 11-6, and then I'll bum around with my co-worker for like 3-4 hours before we head back to the store and prepare for the midnight launch. I wonder how many people will be there? Better question. are we going to get enough to satisfy all the preorders? Head-office continues to tell us we will, but we have like 120 something preorders as of right now so, I'm never garaunteeing customers a copy when they preorder now....unlike everyone else at EB, I like to stay realistic. I'll probably stay up real late after the launch to play Smash too, so its going to be an exciting weekend no? haha.

Besides Smash, money will be flying out the door these next couple of weeks. I've gotta grab Army of Two, Bully for 360, God of War for PSP, MLB 2K8 for 360, MLB 08 The Show for PS3 alll of that on top of Smash. Man...I'm like, happy and sad at the same time. Well I guess out with the old and in with the new right? Damn...Oh well, thank goodness for Chinese New Yer and red pocket money! =D

Halo 3...its finally almost here

The game every Halo fan has been waiting for. The 3 installment in one of the biggest video game series ever to hit the stands. Since Halo 2 in 2004, fans have been wondering when the story ends. When will Bungie come up with Halo 3. How fast, and will it be on the XBOX. It was obvious it would still be an exclusive, but for those that want to play Halo 3 and are still living off Halo 2 on the original XBOX, it's time to grab some cash, or your debit card, or your credit card and hope over to a video game retailer and grab yourselves an XBOX 360. And if you are hardcore enough, spend the extra $50 and get the Halo 3 edition of the system. It actually looks pretty nice.

I personally was never a Halo fan. I never had the original XBOX (I was a PS2 guy) so I played Halo very rare when I went to certain friend's houses where they had it. But I did grab the XBOX 360 for my birthday this year, and I'm glad I did. It's a great system (besides the fact that it can die at any time) and with plenty of great games. And with the XBOX 360, the notion that I must get Halo 3 is automatic. You almost can't own a 360 without grabbing Halo 3. It's THE game. What's even better is that they added the 4-player co-op, which is great. I'm a big co-op guy.

The store will have a midnight launch tomorrow night for Halo 3, and yes I'll be working. It'll be my first midnight launch, I wonder how it'll be like. How many people will line up and what time the line up with start. And for that matter, will there be a lineup at all? Either way, I'll be working one of the 2 registers tomorrow night, and then go home at around 2 AM and probably play Halo 3. I got myself a copy of the Limited Edition, and I can't wait to see what's actually inside.

I honestly hope that Halo 3 was worth the wait. It'll probably feel a lot better to me and those that never played the other 2 Halos to an extensive degree because it will be like playing a new game. So I guess there's nothing to worry about right?

Two Worlds...Two Opinions

Wow holy, Two Worlds getting so much mixed opinions. No game reviews on it yet, I think I saw a 7.4 from a site on the PC version but not 100% sure. But some say its great and some say its really smash on the ground and use as a frisbee. It really seems cool cuz I personally really hoped Oblivion itself was online. Of course, I wasn't expecting TW to be anywhere near ES4, but I thought it'd be at least a decent game to pick up. I really need to reviews from Gamespot and others before I get it. Thank goodness in Canada the released date was pushed back to the 28th. I got time to see some user reviews, but just to keep in mind that some of the user reviews are just haters of either the game or 360 itself posting to make it look bad. I got time to think it over which is great, I don't want to waste my money on a game that is great for a frisbee. But at the same time, I don't want to miss out on a pretty good co-op RPG. O boy..wat do I do wat do I dooo!

It's been a while

Well, its been quite a while since I've posted anything. Things have really changed, I've next-generation'd myself as I now own a Playstation 3 and a Xbox 360. Both are great systems, 360 is less durable but have more games then the PS3. I only have F1 & MLB 07 for PS3, but both are amazing games. 360 I'm really just waiting on games right now, playing some Tenchu and still playing NBA 2K7 (my favourite) among 3-4 others

The Darkness came out today, not really sure about it. But the back of the box makes it look like a sick game (sick in both ways, good and sadistic sick lol). I think I'll wait for some reviews first, I received it at work today (I work at EB Games or Gamespot for those of you in America) and it flew off the shelves. What didn't actually come in the shipments today was actually Transformers. So many people were looking for the console versions of this game it wasn't even funny. Overload was also missing from the shipments today, I got a couple questions for those too. Another Harry Potter came out today for all systems, not overly popular. Lastly, The Bigs from 2K Sports came as well, I sold a couple for 360 and that was about it. It looks alrite, but I'll stick with The Show.

Thats about it, summer is here, school is done and I'm moving onto University next year. I wonder how much time I get for gaming next year...hmm...I hope I'll have a good amount of time...hopefully..


After a long debate at work, I finally spent a good $60 on Bully Collector's Edition. It was worth every one of my pennies and dollars and I've been playing it for a long while since last night. An unbelievably fun and addicting game, I've been debating if I should get the Collector's Edition or not. It was a difference of $10. But early morning at work, just when I thought nobody really knew about this game, a customer comes in an gets a Collector's Edition. This was what jumpstarted me to get it, and I was still debating throughout the day, then couple hours before closing, I sold the 2nd Collector's Edition. Leaving me urged to get one. After a long debate with myself and with the help from my co-worker, I finally spent the money and got my Collector's Edition of Bully. What an amazing game, and well worth my $60. Go Bully!!

In comes Tekken: Dark Resurrection, out goes NBA Live 06

It's been a long while since I last wrote one of these, but getting a game like Tekken: Dark Resurrection is worth posting a blog just for the game itself. It was yesterday I got this game, and I'm totally addicted to it. I went to EB Games to get this masterpiece, and even the cashier there said that he couldn't wait to try and told me to tell him how it is. Yesterday (July 26th) was the first day that it shipped into that certain EB store and so I felt real good being able to get one. Usually, games like these are all re-ordered and he asked me if I pre-ordered it. That made me nervous, and made me think "Holy, is there not one left for me because I didn't reserve it?". But fortunately for me, there was one for me. I traded in NBA Live 06 too, and it got me $13.00 in store credits. But I had to use $5.00 to renew the EB Edge card, so Tekken cost me a bit more then I thought it would. But in the end, it was all worth it.

As for NBA Live 06, its really not a bad basketball game on the PSP. Obviously the best choice out there for the handheld system, but the superstar thing just makes the game totally arcady. The realism in the game is taken out of it completely by the superstar moves, and the graphics aren't really great either. All in all, I've decided to get my gaming basketball fix from consoles and stay away from PSP. And Tekken: Dark Resurrection was worth every penny of the $47 something I paid (Canadian currency). Amazing game, great graphics, great gameplay!