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Back after almost 3 years now!

Oh my gosh, I realised my last blog entry was almost 3 years ago! Well who needs to blog when you have facebook and twitter these days to share your thoughts? Then there are the new upcoming social websites like Pinterest and Google +, who are attempting to create the next new social medium. :)

It's not that I haven't been coming to gamespot, I still do check out on game reviews here every now and then. I just didn't think of logging in anymore - until today. I 'saw the sign' maybe?

Currently gaming on Kid Icarus on the 3DS, love it but don't like how you can use the Circle Pad Pro for aiming. How could the developers not take that into consideration when the CPP came out before the game was release? They could have make a few programming tweaks to the game to allow it.

DSi Rambling and Xbox Live Terms that S%^K

I've had my Nintendo DSi for a couple of months now and I've gotta say I'm loving it despite some "disagreements" from some. :lol: The camera function with graffiti drawing and funny frames are just plain fun and even all my friends love it! I bring it along with me for outings and just take funny photos of them! I also bought that Imagine diary thing to pen my thoughts, but as usual have gotten rather lazy lately. It has heaps of scraps and icons to use, but I reckon the page font size should be editable so I can fit more in one page. :D

Anyway was rather pissed of after talking to a customer service officer on xbox live earlier. So I have an offline account and an online account. And the silly me didn't know that I couldn't merge the two profiles together after I connected my xbox to the Internet! Okay I know I'm a newbie on this, but how stupid is this?! :evil:

Now I have two accounts, one with the desired gamertag and 0 points and the other one with another gamertag which I don't want with all my points on it. :x And I called them to cancel the account with the 0 points so I can at least pay them #%$& 800 points to change my gamertag to my desired one. But they said no as the account was a free one and apparently you can't cancel free memberships and the system will only delete the gamertag 6 months later if no one logs in and uses it.

Not a happy camper! :evil:

Pre-ordered the DSi + bits and stuff

Grafkhun's probably gonna sigh and say all that explanation was of no use. :P I couldn't resist and placed a pre-order on the Nintendo DSi which will be released in AU on 2 April. It is $175 if you trade in your old DS Lite console and I thought to myself, "Why not?" since mine has a small tiny flaw on it. (Hands over mouth and hopes no one tells on me.) Other retail outlets haven't put a price on it yet. I'm guessing now the price would be up to the same as the PSP?

Anyway apart from playing Secret Agent Clank on my PSP, haven't been gaming much lately. Have too many other problems to attend to like consoling a friend who had just broke up with his fiance. They are still trying to sort out the relationship but I guess it just won't be the same anymore? Apart from that, also been looking around for a wireless network adapter for our xbox 360 and haven't been able to find a reasonably priced one. I saw on ebay that you can hook up your laptop and use the wireless from there but it sounds too complicated.

Nintendo DSi - to get or not to get?

Play-asia sent me a newsletter with the latest Nintendo DSi a couple of months ago and I wasn't really interested in it at the time because I was still kinda loving my new PSP. But after awhile I realised I'm back on my DS once again as there are more games on the DS that interest me and morever they are "free" in some sense (you know I can't mention).

The PSP is better known for it's graphics and ability to play movies and music. But the new Nintendo DSi has in-built camera, larger screens and slimmer dimensions. I'm not too sure about whether graphics are improved or not. Anyway here's a pic:

Nintendo DSi

They currently only have white or black. But I'm sure they will release them in other colours later. Bad news is the DS price has now risen to be on par if not more expensive as the PSP. They are about AUS$380, already released in Japan. If I don't already have a camera, I would say it's a pretty good buy. Or on the other hand I could just sell my PSP and my camera to buy the DSi. Hehehe...:lol: Hmmmn thinking thinking thinking...

Share your views with me if you've got one or know someone who's got one or you have played with it before. I wanna know if I should burn my pocket for it.:P

I caved in and bought an xbox 360 on New Year's eve.

Happy "Belated" New Year people!

As some of you might know I have been debating between a Nintendo Wii and a PS3 for a long time and never did I think of getting an xbox before. I had the Wii on layby once but then we cancelled it because we just had too many other stuff to pay for. And PS3 was even more out of the question. :| Not only that, you really need a HD-TV for the PS3. A friend once brought his PS3 to our place and plugged it to our normal CRT TV and the graphics was pretty horrible.

Then on New Year's Eve after all the bustle in the week before, the better half and I decided we want a quiet night. I actually saw the xbox arcade pack on offer: $228 (I think) for the standard package and Sega Super Star Tennis including xbox arcade games at Big W. But when I called it was too late and they were all sold out. Never did we know we were gonna get a better deal at JB Hi Fi. They had the same package including Gears of War II for $259! :D For $30 more and we get G.O.W II, it was certainly worth it, and so we got it from them instead. Gotta say for that price, it's really not a bad console!

The BF is busy with the G.O.W II of course, but we're also playing Eragon together. That game didn't seem to have good reviews, but I find it kinda okay so far ANd I started a bit on Elder Scrolls IV: the oblivion. And oooh I just won the Lego Indiana Jones cum Kungfu Panda game earlier this evening on ebay!

Just rambling...

No one commented on my previous post. Boohoo... :roll: Nevermind, am just kidding. On another note:

I so want a PS3! But have nooo money. :(

Game bargains from stores and new games that keep piling up...

I have the tendency to walk in to stores like Target, Kmart, and especially EB games and JB HiFi just to have a look at what games they have on sale or clearance. And at certain times I do find something on sale and cheap like for example I picked up Valkyrie Profile going for $29.99 from Target and Beowulf which went for $20 at JB Hifi. Now these games cost like double the price at the other stores, so I'm pretty surprised at the variety of prices the different stores have. :roll:

I mean for example Secret Agent Clank can vary from $49.95 to $59.95, Final Fantasy Crisis Core can vary from $54.95 to $69.95 in different stores! It just surprises me how the stores can have such huge differences in pricing. Well it indirectly could be a good or bad thing. Bad thing is we have to scout round different stores just to find the game we want at its cheapest price, good thing is we might come across some other cheap bargain while browsing the stores.

EB games OZ currently has an offer for PSP going on.

BUY 1 GAME GET 1 FREE from the following games:

WWF Smackdown VS Raw 2008 / Worms Open Warfare / Virtual Court Tennis 3 / Tom Clancy's Rainbow Revolution / Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire / Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories / Crash Tag Team Racing and a couple more I can't remember.

Otherwise there's also the

BUY 2 PREOWNED GAMES GET 1 FREE from a variety of them. I do admit sometimes these offers are really tempting. And even though I don't have the time to even finish playing the games I have at home, (I have 5 games I'm not playing now and 2 are new) I'll still grab new ones on a good bargain.:lol: Now how many new games do you have at home that haven't been touched yet?

Great new layout of GS, currently playing and GOW Kratos Figure

Finally came on gamespot and found a whole new layout for the site. It's totally good and seems to load much faster. It was quite a pain in the pass when the pages took so long to load. Am liking the new layout too, seems more refreshed and easier to find information.

Tried out Harry Porter and Order of Phoenix on my PSP the other day and didn't quite like it. The spells seemed silly in that you couldn't aim your spell on an item, hold on to it and move it to another place (as in the Nintendtooo DS version). You just zap and the item moves in one direction. I got pretty bored after moving furniture in the first round and went on to start on Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade. I read mixed reviews about that game, but I'm loving it for the moment.

Kratos 7'' Action Figure

Anyway after playing GOW for the first time on PSP, I am absolutely "besotted" with Kratos. His is a pitiful story and now I wished I play GOW on the PS2 when I still had that console. Well I decided to get the 7'' figure of him anyway. It's still at my friend's hand, so I'll put up a clearer shot when I get him. Apparently they have much larger size figures of him in different costumes too.

Till then, stay on the bright side people..

Oooh... loving my PSP more and more...

Once again thanks for the PSP game recommendations and I guess it's because it's a new gadget thingy, I've been happily browsing the web for new wallpaper, videos and music for my PSP. I have also downloaded some Demo games from the PSP store but for some reason some of them can't seem to work. But unlike the "naughty move" I have made with my DS, I have decided to "stay clean" with my PSP and support the game developers by buying games from stores instead of downloading them. ;)

Probably the fact of the huge ISO files is one reason, but the other is also because it's more fun and interesting to go out to the stores and search for games you like and having the game guide to help you when you need it. I also like some of the inset cover graphics some of the games have like G.O.W and Transformers.

Sony PSP Grip

Anyway the playing too much has probably gave me sore fingers and I'm currently looking online for a PSP grip. What I'm confused is how does it work? Because some of the listings that I saw on ebay mentioned about rechargeable battery grip and stuff. Isn't it supposed to be just a plastic grip to better support your hand? What does the battery have to do with it?

I'm also looking for other cool applications and gadgets that I can "doll-up" my PSP with, so any recommendations would also be good. Is there any good software of some sort that we can use to play WMA files without having to connect to the Internet? Is there any accessory that you think is a "must-have"? Things like that.. Thank Q first.. :D

Bringing myself back to the world of gaming

Thanks for all the comments people, I'm so glad I didn't stray too far away from gaming. Target(Oz) has a toy sale that is currrently running at the moment since last Thursday. And from it I got the Nintendo Wii, extra Wii Controller, Wii mote and Carnival Games on layby. Legos Star Wars also came together with that bundle. I'ma selling my PS2 on ebay now and the money can go towards paying the rest of it. But in the meantime, guess what? I couldn't resist the wait and bought this:

PSP God of War Bundle - Silver Version

After playing the DS for 2 years, I never knew the PSP could be addictive as well and man God of War is so awesome! Love the graphics and the extricate details of the buildings and artefacts in the game, although the sudden monsters that appear tend to give me a scare once awhile. :P And that put me off getting Silent Hill for the moment since it's horror and with the seemingly real details, I'm probably gonna scare myself to bits playing it, though the game looks good.

So people, any recommendations on good PSP games to play?:)