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Nothing can go wrong on public transport... right?

Hello everyone. As you may know, there are some people who are adepts of public transport or simply are too lazy to drive like me. We all know public transport is a cheap and somewhat safe (depends where you live) way to get transported, also if you can drive, public transport are a good way to avoid the stress that can be produced by the chaotic traffic of big cities, in resume it's a moving wonder, right?

Wrong, today i just experienced something that many of you readers possibly already had experienced. It was a day like any other, i just went to pick my Bus to go the University like i do almost everyday, the problem... i got up a lil' more late this day, so something unnexpected happens, the bus is totally crownded, and i really mean it, crownded in a way that no human being can pass without being squished into death by the passengers. Oh well... there we goes.

I just picked a place to stay and awaited as the bus does its usual route, so far so good, ignoring i was being squished into death. Now the worse, a man just came in and was standing at my right side, ok, no problem, but then... suddenly i feel a weird smell at the air, holy... the man was stinking really bad, and it was that type of stink when you sweat a lot then keep yourself a few hours on a hot place, then after a while let the sweat get absorbed again by the skin, yup, its simply disgusting.

I had to stand there for a while because i couldn't go anywhere without being squeezed to a painfull death, I'm not the type that get nauseous, but it was very hard for me to support the smell, i almost got off the bus just to wait for another... almost.

Just wanted to share the experience with those people who sometimes suffer at public transports because there are those who never heard off bath or desodorant in their lifes. :P

For the god sake... Pokemon Platinum "askers".

I just keep wondering why people keep asking all the time:

"Should i wait for pokemon platinum or get diamond/pearl?"

I mean, it's not that hard to choose, if you ever played any of the previous pokemon versions, you know that the last one to be released ALWAYS have new and interesting features, and it's only like one month 'til pokemon platinum release (if it was six months, ok, but only one?), not really a hard choice to make, right?

What will make me laugh is if one week before Platinum release someone just pop out of random air asking that same question.


It's like asking: Should i get 200g of M&Ms today or wait 'til tomorrow to get 600g of M&Ms?

Stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

Humanity is bound to make mistakes at times, but sometimes these mistakes are far worse that any human being can even imagine.

Micro$oft is shutting down one of their best studios: Ensemble.

I wonder why they make such barbaric thing and are turning their back into PC gaming.

Possibly one of those dumb mistakes that Micro$oft makes from time to time? Or they want to cut expenses because of $$$$?

At least i really hope that the new studios that Ensemble old employees are creating can surpasse the quality even of the original Ensemble, so micro$oft can really kill themselves in despair after seeing how stupid this mistake is.

It all started when micro$oft started making multi-platform gaming, that ruined the market on the PC, they're paying for that and are blaming ensemble for their own failfure, later they will pay for cutting out ensemble too.

A good life

Looking at the winodw you can see snow...

Currently at night, too cold to go out.

At least i have my DS with me.

What a good life.