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Error invalid board

Glitchspot stroles again, now wherever i click on a topic on the DS boards i get this error message..:?

Anyone else having this problem? Its annoying...

Who is going to pick Knights in the Nightmare on the launch?

Knights in the nightmare, also called KitN is the fourth episode of the Dept. Heaven saga launched by sting.

KitN is a real time strategy DS game that seemsto have a quite different gameplay. Based on a wisp that the player controls to control your allies and stuff, but the wisp will be under enemy fire, so you need to avoid the enemy attacks. Kinda like if your stylus was part of the game and they could damage it.

The game graphics seems a bit weird in my opinion, but who have played Riviera or yggdra union will feel familiar with it.

Pre-order also get an artbook and a CD as a bonus.

Knowing sting, i say it will be a fun game, however i`m not very fond of real time strategy on the DS, lets see how this will turn out.

I hate how my sister is behaving lately.

I wonder how much your friends can influence you. My little sister (she is 15 years old, almost 16) is a calm and collected person, and rarely she acts a bit coldly, but i also has this trait, hehe. So yeah. But lately she is acting like a fangirl to a boy`s band called MCfly.

I`m not a fan of this band, nor i care about it. But i really think its weird, if not unhealthy how her friends keep influencing her. I mean she do sacrifices just to keep near her friends, and what her friends start to like, she also starts too. I have yet to see a thing that her friends like that she dislikes. When she goes to their shows, she doesn`t like to stay at the lines near the place where people keep jumping like crazy weirdos, she originally planed to stay with her cousins at hm... i forgot how they call those seats, that stay away from the "lines", but yeah, when she heard that her friends are going to the lines, she changed the plans, even with the fact that she had already bought the ticket to stay at those seats.

Also everytime this band appear at the airport, she normally doesn`t like to go out to crownding places but her friends easily convice her to do so. I noticed that even with this, she is still the girl who acts more calmly when they step out of the plne, possibly because of our shared cold nature. Don`t take me wrong, its ok to try to stay near your friends, but when you have to do some sacrifices or go to places you seems to not be enjoying for it... it isn`t a bit too much?

Or am i just worrying too much? Maybe my opinion could be a bit biased because i`m her big brother and stuff? I don`t go messing with her life, but i`m just worried about this behavior.

WOOHOO!!! I won against jerell, 2nd place at least.

My mood was a bit down, because i lost to soul, i still have much to learn to be able to defeat the master, hehe. However i at least attained the 2nd place after defeating Jerell, yay.

Well, 2nd place is not bad, i wasnt expecting to reach this far, guezz... and defeating jerell is quite a feat. Because the guy is good at battles.

Now the championship is over, i wanted the main prize (shiny eevee, dont post here asking for trade)... but oh well. Now we can go back to our lives. hehe. XD

I lost my match... but a serious doubt is on my head...

Well, i lost against soulreavercross in my match of the pokemon tournament. Congratulations to her, because that makes her the champ now. I fought pathetically, but there was one thing in battle that seriously called my attention.

Before saying anything, i`m not charging soulreavercross of cheating nor i`m being a sore loser. It just that this fact is too much weird for anyone to believe.

Soulreaver Alakazam survived my sucker punch hit that my hitmonlee used. When i hit her alakazam, i through: "haha, dead". But then, suddenly, there it was. Standing like always, and with the hp around 1/4. I was like "WTF did just happened here?" =O

In addition, my hitmonlee had a life orb, which boost his attack by 30%.

Not that saying that her alakazam is hacked... but obviously there is no way that an alakazam can survive a strong physical hit. The thing defs is too low (45 base stat) and hitmonlee has a very strong attack stats, also sucker punch has a power of 80, and is dark, in other words, super effective no item was used, no focus sash or the berry that lower the damage from dark moves... her alakazam had a petaya berry...

I have serious doubts about that, maybe soul got that alakazam on a trade..or maybe soul trained that alakazam too much defensively...well anyway, i`m not going to fight about this, so its an honor to recognize her as a champ.

Edit: After checking soul`s alakazam,there is nothing wrong with it, it just was trained defensively... t just because its so much weird to see things like that happening... oh well.

Woohoo! I`m at the gamespot pokemon tournament finals! XD

Oh yeah! I finally hit the podium. I`m at the gamespot tournament finals. Yay.

However, it won`t be easy from now on. I`m up against Soulreavercros and Jerell_rast, i know they are very good players, gonna guess i will have a hard time against them, but i also know that they are not invincible, so yeah, i`m not giving up `til i hit the floor. :roll:

Wish me luck my dear readers, cuz i will need it. :P

Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier

I`m quite surprised with Super Tobot Taisen OG Saga. Recently i was dissapointed due to Valkirie Profile: Covenant of the Plume, it failed to surprise me, the original was so much better... so i was a bit indiferent about Super Robot Taisen before i got it... now that i`ve got it... i just can`t put it down!!!! =O

The game is so amazing, its actually a turn-based rpg with lots of action and moves. Not the habitual final fantasy single slash or single shot attacks, but a load of combos unleashed at an enemy. A very fun game.

The story is quite confusing at first, i`m thinking about posting about all the terms in the story to make it easier to undenstand, because the story is great once you get it. What confuses people is some people use different names for things as robots. It makes sense, since the game is set on the endless frontier (also know as gamespot`s off-topic forum, lol), that is basically a place where different people from the universe gather together.

If you`re a girl, you will have a nice rpg with lots of action, great music, voice acting, good story and great fun.

If you`re a boy, you will have a nice rpg with all that plus some huge girls with nice racks! @.@

So yeah, i`m assuring you, get this game. Once you start playing you wont put it down.

Some gifs to you readers, courtesy of my friend thomassmash.

Going to the gym recently...

I believe a question that we should make to ourselves is if we are taking care of our body correctly. As the ages passes, humans are more prone to get diseases if they don`t take care of their body correctly.

Well, so recently i`ve started to go to the gym. Like in every activity we do, laziness is an old companion... and enemy. We always start eaguer to do our exercises, but as time passes, a sudden wave of laziness stop us from going so frequently. I had myself struggling to beat my own lack of enthusiasm as the time passes.

I think the goal is everything. I have to ask myself "What i want to archieve here? Muscles? Better shape? Strenght? An healthy body?". Setting what one really want is the first step to raises the courage and beat the laziness. Managing time is the second step, a hard learned lesson for me is to never let things to do accumulate. I guess a lot of people have issues with this as well.

It has been a month since i started, i must say, the results are great so far. Before my arms were thin, just skin and bones, i wasn`t thin nor fat, something between them, through i looked more like thin than fat. My arms are now starting to develop and my body is way better than before. I`m not a woman hitter type that try to pick on every womanyou`ve just meet (people that know me, know this). Maybe i don`t look like much but i`m a bit timid at real life, nevertheless, having a more beautiful look is always welcome. :P

I`m usually not the narcisist type either, unfortunately to start taking care of your body you must be at least a little narcisist. Well, it can`t be helped. To take care of it, you must love yourself at first place, am i right?

My friends are on gym more time that i`ve been, but they took more time to get the same results. I guess its because they drink a lot. For some reason universitaries are more prone to drink lots and lots of acohol (and in the weirdest ways). I don`t drink alcohol, so i don`t have problems. Well thats a funny story, when i was seven, there was a glass on the table, i believed that it was soda, so i took it, but it was beer instead, i don`t remember much but people said that i was drunk, and with only one glass of beer. :O

So i made a vow to never drink alcohol and i managed to keep this promise. For some reason, people who doesn`t drink socially are not very welcome inside some circle of friends who drinks a lot, but that same kind of people likes to talk to me. I guess its because i lighten up their moods, weird world, uh?

Well, thats one of my stories, it has been a while since i`ve updated my blog. :P

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