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Company Of Heroes Online, Will Be Closed In 31th March!

Company Of Heroes Online

Hey Everybody, i was away for a long time. i'm kinda back :)

A few Days ago, Relic Entertainment Announced that Company Of Heroes Online (beta) project will be Shut down in 31th March, After all of their Clear announcements before that "There won't be any data wipping or database restart" and "you can train your Heroes and buy COH Cash, and use your army items without a worry", this last announcement came out of nowhere and made thousands of fans Angry and confused.

Well, Since COHO was a Beta version, and beta versions are not meant to be playable forever, so it had a limited time, the least they could do about it was to inform the Players that this game will be shut down at this one time, when they put up the Game at the first place. but that lack of information made the players think that this'll be a long time project game, so people started buying COHO Cash, i know some of the people that has bought so much, and there's no Refund for them. instead Relic entertainment and THQ are doing a deal with most of the players, those who signed up before 1st Feb 2011 can have a Redeem code, which allows them to buy the GOLD Edition for only $4.99, which is pretty cheap, the game used to be around $69 when it was released. but it will be the same vCOH, that we used to play before COHO, which means No heroes, no Army Items, and No Commander to Level Up. Meanwhile a THQ staff informs the players that the day after 31th March is 1st April, and that means a new version is coming, probably a COH2?

THQ and Relic are not Announcing any further information about it, which means they're holding us in the shadows.

Along with the Closing announcement, a few players, who were also active at Relic Forums, which are pretty Hot these days, have been Banned, because of the fight that is being up at the Forums still. players are both angry because of Relic and THQ being not reliable about their announcements and policies, and also because of the COHO Cash that is Not Refundable, players want their money back, while its not Refundable. this Can be an illegal act that THQ is performing.

The Game has been up for 6 months, people's been Ranking up their Commanders, and Heroes, army items etc, they are complaining that their time has been Wasted, if they knew that THQ and Relic will be Shutting the game down at such a short time, they wouldn't have bothered getting the game and Spending so much time on ranking up their units, along with almost the 7GB download file, which can be a nightmare for a lot of people around the world.

We have to wait and see what their next Announcement will be, hopefully they will tell more details this time.


Mehrdad :D

Army Items and Abilities

COHO Ingame

Mafia II New DLC - Coming Soon!

Hey there, i Wish you're all doing good!

This Post Contains Spoiler Content!

Well it's been a few hours since 2K's announcement of a New DLC titled "Joe's Adventure" for Mafia II, from what it looks like, its gonna be really awesome, as the player's gonna play as Joe Barbaro, Vito Scaletta's best friend, actually his Childhood friend. its Story will follow the events during Vito's Action at War, and his prison Time. the things that happened during those times, such as what went on Behind Vito's Sentence and how Vito's Sister got married, how Vito's Mom died, and also what happened to Henry and Clemente Family while Vito was Away.

Joe Barbaro

There're gonna be several new Locations, new Clothings, new objects such as Train, Cathouse, new buildings, and new missions such as a Boat yard mission, lakefront and etc.. which none of'em were visible before. Rumors say there's gonna be a few new Vehicles either.

2K added, the DLC contains Dramatic storyline with intense Arcade S-T-Y-L-E Gameplay, which is gonna be Just like the Original Title, with the same Dramatic Theme.

and Maybe there'll be some moments in the DLC where the player will finally find out what Trully happened to Joe at the End.

Joe's appearance in mafia 1Joey

Clemente Family

Thank you, Mehrdad Out

Mafia 2 Review

Hey everybody, i hope you're doing well, :)

i wrote a Review for Mafia 2, yesterday. and i wanted you all to look down my profile and click on the Review link, and Read it, then tell me what you think, it'd be So great if you would tell me if i have said anything wrong or not Fair.

i Hope you all enjoy the review tho. ;)

Henry Mehrdad Out! :D

Mafia 2, Another GTA IV?

Hi everybody, Wish you're all doing alright.

Its been a few Weeks since Mafia 2 Demo release, and it was a brilliant Demo, actually made people more interested. But ever since so many people started by thinking that Mafia 2 is like another GTA IV.. the engine, game invironment, Vehicle graphics, crash physics (which is not really like GTA IV)...etc, are the Same with GTA IV's. Personaly i dont think its true, since GTA IV never had the Shadow graphics that we are having on Mafia 2, and we Dont have the same Crash Physics (Vehicle Crash) in Mafia 2 as we had on GTA IV. Also.. the Clothing graphics and Physic elements of a Mafia 2 Character is a whole new level into Game Industry.

Mafia 2


I have to Admit, GTA IV Engine had Better Explosion graphic, Better Car Crashes, better performance on making it when Niko or anybody gets shot, like when Niko would shoot in a Guy's Knee, the guy would lay down, although he was still Alive. GTA IV had better Sounds.

After all, GTA IV's Engine was last Updated in 2 years ago, Mafia 2 is too Fresh, we havent played the original Game yet, but Demo was Wonderful enough. i Bet a 10 Gamespot Score for it.

Gonna Play Mafia 2, for Sure. even if its the Last game i will ever Play. whad Do you think about this thing, GTA IV or Mafia 2?.. or both?

Mafia 2.

Mafia 2 gta IV

Mehrdad Out! :D

Gonna Be away for 20 days.. :S

Hello Everybody, i'm sorry i wasn't active enough in the past month,

but hopefully i'll get over with all this in the upcomming month. in about 25th of june or 26th.. i'm not sure.

so i just wanted to say Sorry and everybody Keep Safe, i'll get back to you, to the union guys, gamespot guys and my dear friends. ;).

Take Care everybody, and Enjoy your life :)

Mehrdad out

Splinter Cell Conviction Coming Today.. and I Just Cant Play IT!!! OMG!

its Really sad to say that.. i was the one waiting several days.. Dreaming and living with this game until it releases, but now when its gonna get released tomorrow.. or lately today i just dont have my 360 with me.. :S.. thats called being unlucky i guess. But i will be back to my place, and i will play my 360 in 2 months.. i know thats too late, i have no other choice to be honest.. 1st: my 360 is broken and i have to send it for repairs, it'll take 2 weeks itself, 2nd: i cant play 360 even if its repaired, because i dont have it with myself, its at my bro's, and he has packed it, because he has his final exams this year, and so suddenly i dont even own a TV.. lol. but i will be checking with you guys and will do my really best to get back active to you and discuss splinter cell topics.. game walkthroughs and such things. :)

if things went good enough for me, and i could make enough money to buy a 360 for myself sooner than 2 months, i'll let you guys know, and we'll get it playing Co-Op and its a lot of fun ;).

Sorry for that, See you guys at the Union.. ;)

Mehrdad Out! :)

2012... The End?

Hey There, i'm here again with a new and 'separate of gaming' topic, so here it goes "Will The World End In 2012?"

i've read a lot about it, on the forums, news sites, blogs, and heard about it from many professors and highschool teachers, and even seen videoes about it on Youtube...and...etc, So i'm gonna tell you a little of what i've read, i wanna bring you into this topic, and PLEASE tell me what you think, and if you have any proof and reason for your thoughts, i will be really happy to hear it, because i'm here and just looking for beliefs, i wanna know what other people think, because if it is really gonna happen, then Man!! thats Horrible!!.

well, here i go with Mayan Calender, in Ancient age, Mayan Ancient had their own Calender, they had computed their calender for many years to go, like they had formulas to compute the time, the days, years and even seconds, and the time of the events, like exactly in what day what thing is gonna happen, and some of'em has been proven, and really happened in time. Mayan Calender has been computed since 21 Dec 2012 A.D, and then stopped, like it is the end of the world. they had computed every minute before 21 Dec 2012, but when it reaches this day and time, everything stops, nothing comes after that.

in Mayan calender, and beliefs some theories are mentioned, like the Ages. we're living in the 4th Age by Mayan Calender, and the 4th Age is the last age, i mean the last age they could compute, many think something happened and stopped them from computing more days, but the thing that makes it more complicated is Aztecs Calender.

in Aztecs Calender, 2027 is the year that all the supplies, such as Oil, Water, Meat...etc, will be over, and mankind will have to get through finding and Making all the resources they need. and the other thing is, we also have 5 ages in Aztecs Calender, according to the researchs we're living in the 5th age, the last age. there's still another thing... the Egypt Pyramids..

the Egypt Pyramids are made in a Center place, where wont change during the earth axis, like when the north goes south, and souths goes north, i mean when the earth poles will be changed by eachother..,

egyption writers at the old ages has wrote many about it, which backs to almost 7 thousand years ago, every age is about 5,100 years in Mayan Calender, so it means Egypt Pyramids are in a really safe place, that wont get hurt during the Age change. there will be a explosion, a big one, for every age end. egyption writers ahas also wrote that these Ages will End one day, it means there wont be a new age after that special age, they didn't say which age, but they said the last age. so that is exactly what Mayan and Aztec calender is about, the last age, the 4th in Mayan calender, and the 5th in Aztec's. they all also mentioned that history repeats! and even if the ages end, there will be a new one, a new Begin, a new civilization..

here this comes to mind:

if they had a calendar that ends and then restarts, Why not just let it run forever? or would the Mayan priests, in Dec 2012, have said to their people "nope, nothing special, carry on as you were. No party. No sacrifices. No meaning".

Either it is completely random and meaningless

  • or there is a meaning, which we are just unaware of it
  • or there is a meaning and the Mayans were unaware of it.


here some people say, "Calendar ends because it's relevance ends", so it may mean the calender died or something happened to'em which made'em stop writing and computing the time, OR there was a reason.. maybe there's something going to happen in Near future, which ends the Mankind civiliztion, and starts it over...

please tell me what you think, i still dont believe in what i wrote, i just read them and liked to share it, and.. so just tell me what you think, and ask me anything comes to your minds. Thanks a lot.

Mehrdad Out. :)

Splinter Cell Conviction New Update

Hi there,

here i am with some interesting new and old (but important) information about Conviction, lets get started..

about the Release date, that we believe it is the last promise they're giving us. Splinter Cell Conviction will be out on 23th Feb in north America, and 26th Feb in Europe. and that if you Have pre-ordered this awesome game you'll have an unique Shotgun in Sam's hands in game. after 6 years of ubisoft Montreal working on Conviction, 2 times team change, and 1 time producer change, 1 time Cover change, 1 time Engine restart, and plus 5 delays, I'm sure that Splinter Cell Conviction wont be only the Best Splinter cell, but it will be the Best game in 2010, other than that we're having the Best game hero on this game, (so many believe so). Splinter Cell Conviction's Musics and Songs, are up toKaveh Cohen and Michael Nielsen that are joining the Groove Addicts music house, which made all the Previous splinter cell song tracks and musics at all. and about Sam's Outfits,After each successful mission, you should be rewarded with a new outfit based on your performance (still a Rumor), and here's a new gameplay videohere. i hope you like it.

Comment how you think, and what your questions are.

Thanks for Reading, Mehrdad out. :)

Sam Fisher In Conviction

Just A Little Update, For Splinter Cell Conviction

Hi Everyone, there're a few Updates from my sources, i thought you would like to know :

1- DirectX 11? for Splinter Cell Conviction

Well, Since this game is being released around the same time as Windows 7, there may and will be a new Directx as well, but we still dont know about Splinter Cell Supporting this Directx, btw, i can say, Yes, there will be a New Directx, not exactly 11, but there Will be a NEW directx.

2- The (new) Graphics Of Game doesnt look as good as before, Why?

hmm, It's an early build, so dont worry, the game will release with the Graphic which we all expect.

3- How Much Locations are in the game and where they are?

as i know there will be at least 2 locations, because in the E3 trailers we saw Sam in Malta, and i know he will be in Washington D.C also, and we can expect some other places in game, so Sam's a Fugitive, he can scape everywhere, btw, "Who Said Anything About Hiding?" huh?, :D

Thank you,

Mehrdad Out, :)