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Lara Craft and the guardian of light.

New Lara's game

For many years I played all tomb raider's games It was my first game in my pc back to1997.

That was on the past now Enix Square (the new publisher) announced that there is no more

Tomb Raider's game after 15 years they will change this game's name to (Lara Craft And The

Guardian Of Light).

I really didn't know why Edois sell its most successful series and What changes will happen in this


From the news Crystal Dynamics the developer for the last three games of tomb raider (legend

annaversairy and underworld) will be the developer of the new game and they said that the

game will be very different to what people might be expecting.

The game will be release later this year on PC , PS3 and Xbox360.

Now all I can do is waiting for the realese date of Lara Craft: GOL and hopping that Square Enix

manage to make this game as great as Square Enix games and take its original place as one of

the greatest adventure game have ever release.

Resident Evl is comming back to PC.

Chris Redfield in (RESIDENT EVIL 5)

This series is the greatest ever horor game untill now there is no game can even reach resident evil level.

This series is connecting with its parts from Resident Evil 1 to 5 unlike most of other horor game like Silent Hill .

So i was excited when they annouce of Resident Evil 5in PC. I can't wait untill it be available to play it.

Final Fantasy: the greatest series in games history.

This game for generation prove that it is the gratest R.P.G games all over the time.

From the beginning SQUARESOFT put every thing it had in this game to make it a great game coming to the part No 14.

It grophic is perfect and he sounds and music are so great.

So I hope that if it just going on this high level for ever.